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Monday, September 26, 2011

Strange how things happen sometimes

I was over at Grateful Breed blog and he had posted about a significant illness he is going through. And because of this people have commented to show their concern, and several have said they will pray for him.

Well the strange thing is he is a self proclaimed atheist, but beacause his blog has google adds, this interesting add showed up on the post about his illness. It's called "Grace Prayer". It's an online site that links you up with a group of Christians who pray for your needs.

Kind of cool if you ask me and somewhat ironic that it showed up on an Atheists blog, while he is going through a serious illness. Anyway, I sure hope he gets better, and if you could go over there and offer some prayers it couldn't hurt.


  1. Hi AZ!
    This is really why were here, isn't it? Good to hear from you, after a week I was praying for you, hope all is well.

  2. Chuck, my friend, thanks. I'm OK. Just need to focus on more important things than my blog. It really IS the only reason I strated this blog was to see if it could be used as a tool to reach people with the "Good News".