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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Waybacks and Bob Weir, 2006

Here are three shows of the Waybacks with Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead as a guest. There are also other guests like Sam Bush on mandolin, and Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. I'm sure the folks at Merle Fest were quite surprised when the Waybacks set got extended into these fun jam sessions. Friday night on the main stage, the group, along with Bob Weir, performed a great set of Waybacks originals, Grateful Dead songs and covers including the Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows", the Rolling Stones "19th Nervous Breakdown." and "The Last Time" and Bob Dylans "Like A Rolling Stone". The "St. Stephen" > "The Eleven" > "Last Time" all jammed together for me is the highlight. The second show was played Saturday night on the Hillside Stage The 45 minutes that were scheduled turned into almost two hours of jamming. Again they play Waybacks originals and Greatful Dead songs and some great covers including Led Zeppelins "Kasmir", The Bands "The Weight" and Dylans " All Along The Watchtower". This time with Sam Bush on mandolin. And all recorded from a nice FM radio broadcast. Need I say more? You need to check this out!

The Waybacks are:
JAMES NASH: lead guitar, mandolin, vocals
STEVIE COYLE: rhythm, fingerstyle & lap steel guitar, vocals
JOE KYLE, JR: standup bass, vocals
CHUCK HAMILTON: drums & percussion
WARREN HOOD: fiddle, mandolin, vocals

The Waybacks with Bob Weir
Merle Fest - main stage
Wilkesboro, NC
FM Broadcast

01 Announcements & Intro
02 From The Pasture To The Future
03 Jack Straw
04 Big Iron
05 19th Nervous Breakdown >
06 Big River
07 Tomorrow Never Knows
08 Casey Jones
09 St. Stephen > The Eleven
10 The Last Time
11 Going To New Orleans (Walter Haitt)
12 Cumberland Blues -> Bid Syota -> Cumberland
13 applause
14 Like A Rolling Stone ^
15 Outro
Special Guests:
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
^ Gillian Welch - vocals
^ David Rawlings - vocals
Download Link

The Waybacks
Merle Fest - Hillside Stage
Wilkesboro, NC
FM broadcast

01 Intro
02 Petrified Man
03 Hot Kranski
04 El Paso ^
05 Kashmir ^*
06 Brown Eyed Woman ^*
07 Bright Place ^*
08 The Weight ^*&
09 All Along The Watchtower ^*&
10 Brokedown Palace ^*&
11 applause
12 Like A Rolling Stone

Special Guests:
^ Bob Weir-guitar, vocals
* Sam Bush-mandolin
& Gillian Welch - vocals,guitar
& David Rawlings - vocals,guitar
Download Link

Here is a third Waybacks and Bob Weir show. This one is an audience recording but still pretty good. Again this show has some fun surprises and lots of fine musicianship.

The Waybacks
Speedway Meadows, Golden Gate Park
San Francisco,CA
Audience recording

01:The River
02:New Orleans
04:Jack Straw*
05:Big River*
06:19th Nervous Breakdown*
07:Dupree's Diamond Blues*
08:Petrified Man*
09:Dire Wolf**
11:Saint Stephen* ->
12:William Tell Bridge*
13:Last Time*
14:Casey Jones**
15:Like a Rolling Stone**

* with Bob Weir
** also with Gillian Welch, David Rawlings
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  1. thanks for the waybacks shows -- what a treat to have ones with bobby and Gillian and Dave as well! And Sam Bush is just a monster on the Merlfest shows - these are great!