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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Waterdeep, 9-15-2001

Someone said that music is the inarticulate speech of the heart that cannot be comprised of words because it is infinite. I think it's true. Music can speak to your spirit or heart in ways that words alone cannot. This band gets that and they speak about spiritual things in a deep and profound way.

University Church at Purdue
West Lafayette, IN

Disk 1: 57:26
01. Scared
02. Two Gunslingers
03. Rest In You
04. Special Delivery
05. Wayfaring Stranger
06. Soon And Very Soon
07. Take Jericho
08. All Along The Watchtower
09. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
10. Whether Or Not

Disk 2: 61:20
01. Don's Sermonette
02. 18 Bullet Holes
03. You
04. I Could Run Away
05. I Will Not Forget You
06. When The Cold Wind Blows
07. You Are So Good To Me


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