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Friday, March 21, 2014

Jeff Beck, Japan Tour Rehearsal 2000

The sound quality of this is amazing!
Jeff Beck - Rollin And Tumblin
Japan Tour Rehearsal 2000
Guitar: Jeff Beck
Guitar: Jennifer Batten
Bass: Randy Hope-Taylor
Drums: Andy Gangadeen
Roy's Toy
The Pump
Brush With The Blues
Blast From The East
Dirty Mind
Psycho Sam
Rice Pudding - Jack Johnson
Loose Cannon
Angel (Footsteps)
Star Cycle
You Never Know
Rollin' And Tumblin'
A Day In The Life
Where Were You
A Day In The Life
Unknown lineage


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  5. I most likely won't be returning to the level or frequency I once was. This Jeff Beck has been on the play list for a while and I could not resist sharing it. I might post a few more here and there if, we will see, but my family and other things are priority. My child is playing two sports at the same time and that keeps me busy. Off to a big volleyball tournament today to watch my star 13 year old put it to the best 16 year old players in the state.

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