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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Remember those who lost their lives.

Today being memorial day, I just wanted to give notice to those who have lost their lives in the service.  Weather you agree with the different conflicts or wars or the politicians that start them, I think we all can say the loss of life is a tragedy and so many families have lost so much. 
This image is of my friend Dave who served as a military Chaplin in the Army.  He did tours in Afghanistan and Iraq during some of the worst of it.  This was a memorial to two of the guys in his platoon that died in Iraq in 2006.  I'm sure the guys in that group remember that sad day still, and always will.
After Iraq, Dave was stationed at Arlington National Cemetery where he had the tough duty of presiding over military funerals.  Often at a rate of two or more a day.  I have no words for what I believe that must have been like, as he had to meet the families of lost soldiers and attempt to say something meaningful at their graves.  I hope we all can realize what we have today and give our loved ones a hug.  Some will never see theirs again. 


  1. God bless you, AZ. My brother served in both places and was a platoon leader and lost guys. All who serve deserve our utmost support and respect. Steve

  2. Thanks AZ. Today we should also think of the families and friends who have lost some one. It is not just the one in the service that serves, the entire family serves in many ways. I was lucky, my son (a Marine Sgt) came back from Iraq okay. My heart and gratitude goes out to all who serve.

    You can hate the war, but not the soldier.

    Bob W.

  3. Is this site still alive? jimg

  4. Sort of. . . . . I have been busy being a father and husband.

    1. Thanks, for answering. I will keep checking. have a nice day. God Bless you, jimg

  5. Unrelated to your post. I hope all is well with you and your family.

    Did you go anywhere this summer? I miss your photos of the various spots you've been to. Having limited mobility, I vacation vicariously through others pictures, and yours have always been outstanding.

    Bob W.