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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Acoustic All-Stars Super Jam, Hickory, NC 10-13-1995 (SBD)

Here is yet another great Bluegrass All-Star jam. This one is loaded with the "A" list bluegrass talent. It is another great quality soundboard as well.

Acoustic All-Stars Super Jam
Catawba Valley Arts& Science Center
Hickory, NC
October 13, 1995

Tony Rice Guitar
Sam Bush Mandolin
Bela Fleck Banjo
Jerry Douglas Dobro
Ricky Simpkins Fiddle
Ronnie Simpkins Bass

Disc 1 43:22
1st Set:
1.Nine Pound Hammer
2.Ol’Joe Clark
3.Little Sadie
5.Cincinnati Rag
6.Band Intros
7.I Know Your Married, But I Love You Still
8.Red Haired Boy
9.White House Blues

Disc 2 77:02
2nd Set:
1.Poor Richard’s Blues (Tony & Sam duet)
2.Grant’s Corner – played off mic
3.Steam Powered Aereo Plain
5.Foggy Mountain Top
6.Molly and Tembrooks
7.Ginseng Sullivan
8.Sam banter
9.Cheeseballs In Cowtown
10.Band Intros, Sam gives thanks
11.Freeborn Man

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