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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Van Morrison, San Anselmo, CA, 8-08-1971 (SBD)

Here is a nice soundboard of some early Van Morrison.  It has both the early and late shows and repeats many of the songs.  Some nice acoustic versions of songs to start each set. 
Van Morrison
My New World Crystal Ball
The Lion's Share
San Anselmo

Disc 1
Early Show
01 Sweet Thing (Acoustic) 7.50
02 I Wanna Roo You (Acoustic) 3.25
03 Tupelo Honey (Acoustic) 8.11
04 Que Sera Sera 0.53
05 Hound Dog 2.41
06 These Dreams Of You 4.08
07 Let It Be Me 4.53
08 Tennessee Waltz 3.52
09 Moonshine Whiskey 8.40
10 Just Like A Woman 8.49
11 I've Been Working 5.57
12 Domino 7.11
13 Buena Sera Señorita 3.31
Total time: 70:08

Disc 2
Late Show
01 Sweet Thing (Acoustic) 8.40
02 Street Choir (Acoustic) 6.55
03 Tupleo Honey (Acoustic) 6.07
04 Que Sera Sera 0.19
05 Hound Dog 2.37
06 These Dreams Of You 3.59
07 When That Evening Sun Goes Down 3.02
08 Let It Be Me 5.01
09 Moonshine Whiskey 7.13
10 Just Like A Woman 8.20
11 I've Been Working 5.21
12 Gloria 3.50
13 Domino 7.44
14 Buena Sera Señorita 3.45
Total time: 72:59


  1. Nice Van shows, AZ. What an enduring example of excellence he has been. The definition of timeless in person. Thanks so much.


  2. Thanks for these awesome Van Morrison shows! Could you please repost the Al Green show from 1974. thanks!

  3. Thanks very much for your continued eclectic posts-great music