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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Emmylou Harris and The O'Kanes , Camp Mather, CA, 9-01-90 (FM)

Here is a cool Emmylou Harris show along with an opening act The O'Kanes, that Emmylou sits in with for a few songs. It's from the Strawberry Music Festival and sounds great. For me Emmylou is an American treasure. I have seen the Emmylou set in a few collections but not the O'Kanes set with Emmylou to go with it.
Emmylou Harris & The Nash Ramblers
Strawberry Music Festival
Camp Mather, California
September 1, 1990

Emmylou Harris – Guitar
Sam Bush – Mandolin, Fiddle
Roy Husky Jr. – Bass
Jon Randall Stewart - Guitar
Al Perkins – Banjo, Dobro
Larry Atamanuik – Drums

1. Intro
2. Roses In The Snow
3. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
4. Beneath Still Waters
5. Heartbreak Hill
6. Amarillo
7. Instrumental
8. The Other Side Of This Life
9. Green Pastures
10. Two More Bottles Of Wine
11. Hello Stranger
12. If I Needed You
13. One Of These Days
14. Born To Run
15. Price I Pay
16. Band intros
17. Sweet Dreams
18. Leaving Louisiana
19. crowd
20. Poncho And Lefty
- Enter Jamie O'Hara, Kieren Kane & Jerry Douglas -
21. Jambalaya
22. goodnight...
Time: 76:08
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Here is the O'Kanes set that opened the show.  This is mastered off of a first gen. tape I have had since 1990.  I'm pretty sure you can only find it here. 
The O'Kanes
Strawberry Music festival
Camp Mather, CA

Line Of Least Resistance
That's Allright Mama
Blue Love
Daddys Need To grow Up Too
Blue Grass Blues
Can't Stop My Heart
When We Are Gone*
If I Could Be There*
One True Love
I'm Tired Of Running
This Aint' Love
Tell me I Was Dreaming
Why Don't You Care For Me No More?
Lovin' Me Lovin' You
w/Emmylou Harris*
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