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Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie, You Will Be Missed

One of the most creative musical artists of our time has passed away.  David Bowie.  I first heard of Bowie in high school in 1972.  The Ziggy Stardust album was getting some air play and we all were seeing images of Bowie's persona Ziggy.  And as we listened to songs like Space Oddity, Starman, Suffragette City, The Jean Genie, Panic In Detroit, Rock and Roll Suicide we all knew this was something different.  In 1974 Diamond Dogs came out and a song called Rebel Rebel basted the air waves with a raw, edgy and infectious guitar riff .  I knew I had to see this.  I heard that Bowie was playing The Universal Amphitheater and I went and stood in line to get tickets.  With tickets in hand I asked a girl in my science class if she wanted to go and she of course said yes, not because she wanted to date me but because she wanted to see Bowie.  I was just 16 and I was anticipating the show thinking I would see the Ziggy persona but by late in 1974 Bowie had retired Ziggy and now was now taking on a new persona of the "Slim White Duke" and Bowie traded the raw hard edge sound for a more soulful sound.  The great news was that the show did not disappoint.  It was full of old and newer songs played with a flair and creativity all with a fantastic stage show with amazing props and dancers.  And Bowie made it a theatrical event.  This was more than rock and roll.  I will never forget that amazing show.  Thanks David, you opened my eyes to something new and different.  And just like that you changed again.  And you continued to always change and be fresh and new.  Ch-ch-ch-Changes.  Always changes, always those strange changes.  A true creative genius.  You will be missed.  So here I give you that show that I saw as a 16 year old.  

David Bowie
Universal Amphitheatre,
Los Angeles, CA.
September 05, 1974
Source: Ex Stereo Soundboard Recording
Lineage: BOW-742 Boot 2CD > EAC > FLAC
* Anlog bootleg record source.

01: Intro
02: 1984
03: Rebel Rebel
04: Moonage Daydream
05: Sweet Thing
06: Changes
07: Suffragette City
08: Aladdin Sane
09: All The Young Dudes
10: Cracked Actor
11: Rock'n Roll With Me
01: Knock On Wood
02: It's Gonna Be Me
03: Space Oddity
04: Future Legend
05: Diamond Dogs
06: Big Brother
07: Time
08: Jean Genie
09: Rock'n Roll Suicide
10: Band Intro
11: John I'm Only Dancing (again)
12: Outro
The Band
Mike Garson: Keyboard
Earl Slick: Guitar
Greg Enrico: Drums
Doug Rauch: Bass
David Sanborn: Alto Sax
Warren, Gui Luther, Diane and Anthony: Backing Vocals    


  1. Thanks for this, AZ. Never been a fan, but my love of weirdness and whimsey should have made it a no-brainer. Can't wait to play some catchup. All good wishes,


  2. Thanks for this one. I loved this period, what a band! Of course the same could be said for any period that David Bowie was in. What a chameleon! Did you see the young lady again? ONWARD thru the Fog!

  3. disc 2? thanx! great sound

  4. So you were at this one. Bravo! I saw him on the same tour at Madison Square Garden. The sets were amazing. One of my MAIN favorites. Out of all the rock stars that died, his death affected me most. It's too bad he was a Buddhist as he will not be with us in Heaven. My biggest regret when one of these artists dies is that most of them don't know the Lord. But I still love David's music. Some Christians act like I shouldn't listen to him but hey , I have to answer for my own life. God Bless Brother.