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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Tedeshi Trucks Band, Cumberland, MD, 5-27-2016 (Matrix:FM and Aud)

A very nice matrix recording of The Tedeshi Trucks Band.  Since there are not a lot of FM or soundboard recordings of this band this matrix recording is one of the better recordings you will find outside of official releases.  This band is probably my favorite live act that is out there touring today.  Check it out!
Tedeshi Trucks Band
Grandstand Stage
Allegheny County Fairgrounds
Cumberland, Maryland
May 27, 2016 – Friday
Matrix: FM + AKG 4000's > Tascam DR-680 [24/48]
Mics 12' high 15' from the left stack 
Recorded by Casey Coniff mastered by Bill Koucky
Derek Trucks – Guitar
Susan Tedeschi - Guitar & Vocals
Kofi Burbridge - Keyboards & Flute
Tyler Greenwell - Drums & Percussion
J.J. Johnson - Drums & Percussion
Mike Mattison - Harmony Vocals
Mark Rivers - Harmony Vocals
Kebbi Williams – Saxophone
Maurice Brown – Trumpet
Saunders Sermons – Trombone
Tim Lefebvre – Bass Guitar
1. Tuning
2. Laugh About It
3. Don't Know What >
4. Keep On Growing
5. Sky Is Crying
6. Don't Drift Away
7. Bound For Glory
8. Crying Over You
9. Color Of The Blues #
10. Idle Wind
11. Done Somebody Wrong
12. Don't Think Twice It's Alright @
13. Jam > Let Me Get By
14. encore break
15. The Letter
# with Del McCoury
@ with Ronnie McCoury
Part One
Part two

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  1. Hey AZ Jones. Thanks for tracking this one down. I was at this show - and all of DelFest 2016 - and would highly recommend the festival if you ever get a chance to venture back East. Lineup this year isn't entirely my cup of tea, so I'm staying away for the first time in 4 years, but there are plenty of good acts and it's a great vibe. . . . Thanks for this one (and the Earls of Leicester, which I'm checking out next!). . . .