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Monday, June 30, 2014

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Big Sur 1969

Someone requested I upload this one again, so here it is.  This recording is just part of a music festival that included Joni Mitchell, and Joan Baez. It took place in beautiful Big Sur on a bluff overlooking the ocean. The stage was set up in front of a swimming pool and the crowd looked acoss the pool to the stage with the Pacific Ocean as the background. The recording has some unusual moments with crowd participation, where there is a heckler and then some children who are heard. It gives it a unique feel and is an interesting document of the late 60s. There is also an apearance of Dave Mason that makes this unique. Just thinking of Big Sur brings back fond memories of the years I spent living on the Cental Coast of California just south of Big Sur. Beautiful does not even describe this area where you have a combination of cliffs meeting the ocean, the groves of costal redwoods, the Big Sur River, and secluded beaches and coves.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Big Sur Folk Festival,
Esalen Institute
Big Sur, CA
September 13 and 14, 1969

Disc one:
01. Helplessly hoping (Stills)
02. Guinnevere (Crosby)
03. Lady of the island (Nash)
04. Birds (Young)
05. 4+20 (Stills)
06. You don't have to cry (Stills)
07. World in changes (Dave Mason)
08. Only you know and I know (Dave Mason)
09. Suite: Judy blue eyes (Stills)

Disc two:
01. Pre-road downs (Nash)
02. Long time gone (Crosby)
03. Bluebird revisited (Stills)
04. Sea of madness (Young)
05. Wooden ships (Stills/Crosby/Kantner)
06. Down by the river (Young)

September 13, 1969: disc 1, tracks 1-8 and disc 2, tracks 5-6
September 14, 1969: disc 1, track 9 and disc 2, tracks 1-4
The best quality version from Italian bootleg CDs "Long time gone" (Oil Well RSC CD 094, 1995) and "Bluebird revisited" (Oil Well RSC CD 095, 1995)


Here are a couple of photos of the Big Sur region, just to get you in the mood.

In the first one you can see a small waterfall that drops onto the beach. And the second one is of the same cove just from the south side on the bluff above the waterfall.
The third is just a typical view of the coast from a highway viewpoint. The last is along the Big Sur River at a place called the Big Sur Inn. Note the bench where you can sit with your feet soaking in the river. What a nice place to hang out.


  1. An interesting musical document. There's an official movie out (although not officially released) that gives a vivid glimpse of this monumental occasion. With Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, John Sebastian a.m.o.. Whenever I see it I always think these people may have been better off if they havn't been so rich and famous later.

    For the record: "Lady Of The Island" is a (beautiful) Graham Nash song, not Crosby.

  2. The movie has no official release of a DVD or video format but there are lots of youtube type clips found around the web. As for the song ad who wrote it. Yep. It is Nash. I just cut and paste. So thus the mistake. As for being better off not so rich and famous, we will never know. But if they were not famous by this time already they would not have been at events like this and we might not know their music today.

  3. I have this as a boot called sea of Gladness - that was not as complete and had some even more serious sound issues than this one - great fun - thanks

    Do youby any chance have an audio version of CSN&Y on the Tom Jones show doing Long Time Gone? Its on You tube and is so cool - Id love to get an MP3 of it somehow.


  4. Dwight to get this just play the You Tube clip. With audio cables feed the speaker output back into your line in and record on roxio or whatever. I've done it a few times and it works pretty good.

  5. Thanks for this. This show is great. The fact that CSNY gave up part of their set to "introduce" Dave Mason is so admirable. I'm a huge fan of CSNY and pf Dave Mason and, as this is Dave's first-ever solo show, this is essential. Thanks again!

  6. Beautiful photos! Sorry to see all these dead links. Any suggestions on where else I might obtain CSNY Big Sur? Thanks very much. --David <welshdk@ucsd.edu.

  7. Can you please re-up this? jimg

  8. I had this years ago, on an 8 track. Been hunting for a long time. Your pictures are really professional. Thanks, & God bless. Have a great day. jimg