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Monday, June 30, 2014

Steely Dan, Toronto, July 22, 2011 (soundboard)

Steely Dan July 22, 2011
"Shuffle Diplomacy - Twenty Eleven"
Molson Amphitheater
Toronto, Canada
Quality A++
Disc 1
01 Dizzy's Bidness - Jazz Intro
02 Aja
03 Black Friday
04 Hey Nineteen
05 Your Gold Teeth
06 Time Out of Mind
07 Show Biz Kids
08 Bodhisattva
09 Dirty Work
10 Godwhacker
Disc 2
01 Neighbor's Daughter(James Brown cover)/Band intros by Walt
02 Monkey in Your Soul
03 Josie
04 Peg
05 My Old School
06 Reelin' in the Years
07 Pretzel Logic
08 Kid Charlemagne
09 Last Tango In Paris - Exit Music
Donald Fagen: Vocals, Fender Rhodes, Melodica
Walter Becker: Guitar, Vocals
along with, The Miles High Big Band featuring The Embassy Brats (2011)
Keith Carlock: Drums
“Ready” Freddie Washington: Fender P-Bass
Jon Herington: Guitars
Jim Beard: Acoustic Piano, Nord Electro, Hammond
Michael Leonhart: Trumpet, percussion
Roger Rosenberg: Baritone Saxophone
Walt Weiskof: Tenor and Alto Saxophone
Jim Pugh: Tenor Trombone
Carolyn Leonhart-Escoffery: Vocals, percussion
Cindy Mizelle: Vocals, percussion
Catherine Russell: Vocals, percussion


  1. Simply fantastic post!! Thanks AZ!!

  2. Superb sound, a fantastic offering, thank you so much for this. Steely Dan stills sounds grand! And glad to see your site is happening again, this a a special place.