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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters 3-17-1988 and 5-04-1990

Here are two super fine recordings of a great blues band, Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters. If you want to put a smile on your face listen to this. This is how the blues should sound. And the recording quality of these is just top notch.
Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters
OT Price’s
Santa Cruz, Ca.
March 17, 1988

Ronnie Earl- guitar
Steve Gomes- bass
Richard Reed- organ
Per Hanson- drums
Darrel Nulisch- harp, vocals

2nd set Guests
Grady Gaines- sax
Joe “Guitar” Hughes- guitar/vocal
James “Thunderbird” Davis-vocal
Big Robert Smith- vocals
Teddy Reynolds- vocals
And more…Paul-trombone..John Terry-drums, Michael Dorgan-bass….

Disc One (first set)
1. Backstroke
2. Blues For Bone
3. It’s My Soul
4. Ships Passing In the Night
5. I’m Just a Bad Boy
6. Come See Me Early In the Morning
7. T-Bone Boogie
8. Lucky Man (I Want to Shout About It)
9. It Was Never There
10. Tell Me Pretty Baby (Love At First Sight)( title?)
11. I Found Me a New Love (end cut)
12. I Don’t Believe
13. Instrumental set closer / band intros

Disc Two (second set)
1. Instrumental (featuring Grady Gaines-sax)
2. Further On Up the Road (featuring Joe “Guitar” Hughes)
3. Blue Monday (featuring James “Thunderbird” Davis)
4. ??????? (featuring Joe “Guitar” Hughes- vocal)
5. Shake Rattle & Roll (featuring Big Robert Smith)
6. Stormy Monday (featuring Big Robert Smith)
7. She’s Dynamite
8. I Just Play It Cool
9. Stop Your Runnin’ Round On Me
10. Shaggy Dog (featuring Teddy Reynolds) END CUT

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Earl, Ronnie and the Broadcasters

Ronnie Earl: guitar
Darrell Nulisch: vocals
Steve Gomes: Bass
Per Hanson: Drums
Tony Simonni: Organ

Bobby Radcliff guesting on tracks D1,#14 and much of set 2.

Disc 1
01. I Wish You Could See Me Now
02. My Soul
03. Piece Of Mind
04. Got Me Where You Want Me
05. How Long, How Long
06. Wayward Angel
07. Lucky Man
08. The Only Thing I Know To Do
09. T-Bone Boogie Woogie
10. No Use Cryin
11. Just Can't Cry No More (Start Cut)
12. Soul That's Been Abused
13. What Have I Done Wrong
14. I Just Got To Know

Disc 2
01. Guitar Blues 1
02. Guitar Blues 2
03. Love At First Sight
04. You Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone (Encore, start cut)
05. Inst.
06. Regal Park Blues
07. Soul Serenade
08. I Need You So Bad

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  1. Seems You've Taken A Real Liking To This...Mr.Earl Fellow!...Ha Ha!......."BLUES RULE"!

  2. Stuart in AustraliaAugust 17, 2011 at 10:54 PM

    Great gig from a great guy. Thanks for sharing Mr Earl with us.

  3. can you please repost in zippyshare or ziddu ?

  4. I feel a bit embarrassed but can you repost those two Ronnie gigs please in zippy when you find the time. thank you.

  5. Thanks for all that you do for us

  6. I saw this tour in San Diego in 90. One of the all time shows I ever saw period. So glad to see a recording with that outstanding Band. Darrell Nulisch was awesome on vox. Mr Earl was flat out fantastic,, Never heard of him when we saw him at the SD street scene. End of show Ronnie mentions they would play at this hole called Winstons in Ocean Beach the next night. Of course we went and watched another barnburner with maybe 60 other people. Met the band between sets. This and Stevie in 85 are the best live sets I ever saw. THanks. I have been trying to find a recording of this for 30 years! Cheers Andy

  7. Repost, PLEASE?