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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Van Morrison, Montreux 7-10-1980

A very fine show from Van Morrison, and a nice recording.  It sounds like it is a radio broadcast or soundboard. 
Van Morrison
01.Wavelength (7:41)
02.Kingdom Hall (4:22)
03.And It Stoned Me (3:59)
04.Troubadors (5:52)
05.Spirit (9:06)
06.Joyous Sound (2:51)
07.Satisfied (6:57)
08.Ballerina (7:10)
09.Summertime In England (10:03)
10.Moondance (4:03)
11.Haunts Of Ancient Peace (7:48)
12.Wild Night (3:23)

01.Listen To The Lion (7:01)
02.Tupelo Honey (8:17)
03.Angelou (9:11)
Bonus tracks:
Lions Share
San Enselmo, CA
04.Everybody's Talking (6:35)
05.Help Me (6:15)
06.I've Been Working (6:02)
07.Into The Mystic (scat version) (10:48)
08.Caravan (8:47)
09.I Just Want To Make Love To You (8:46)
10.Hard Nose The Highway (7:13)


  1. Real super clean audio quality. And the Man is in great form here, too.

  2. A wonderful show, thank you so much. So happy to see you back in action !!!!!. Keep posting the Newgrass & Bluegrass shows, love them.

  3. Great show - thanks for sharing Just learned of the site an hour or so - and know I will be returning. Tried to follow but am not familiar with the procedure. Send me a note and give me the how and so forth to follow. Beautiful scenery and I'm somewhat jealous looking at the photos. Again - thanks for the time you spend sharing your music - or, as somebody from Belfast might have said in a song - :Thanks For The Information!

  4. Awesome share - thanks AJ!

  5. Well. Hello there AZ. I've thought about you over the years, but had no idea that you're back. What a great surprise for the Autumnal Equinox. I've lots of catching up to do, so I'll get started. It's really great to see your fantastic images and superb offerings again. As always, good wishes to you and yours.


  6. This is one of my all-time favorite Van concerts. I watched the video several years ago with a friend, and kept him amused by commenting on all the horns Mark Isham was playing. After a while he said, "My God, how do you know all this stuff?!?"