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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grateful Dead, The Frost, 10-10-1982 (SBD)

This is the last music I will be posting. So I decided to give you one of my old favorites. This Grateful Dead show has special feel to it. The second set just flows from song to song. And the set list is great. This is some of the earliest examples of Throwing Stones and Touch Of Grey. If fact this is the first time the band linked Throwing Stones to Not Fade Away, something that would be a part of set lists for years after this. Crazy Fingers had only been brought back into the rotation earlier in the summer making it special for the Bay Area fans. All the songs are played well and it ends with a great double encore of the Rolling Stones song Satisfaction and then It's All Over Baby Blue. And it is all over sorry to say. Thanks for being a part of it.

Grateful Dead
Stanford University
Frost Amphitheatre
Palo Alto, CA

Set 1:
d1t01 - New Minglewood Blues ->
d1t02 - Sugaree ->
d1t03 - Little Red Rooster
d1t04 - Tennessee Jed
d1t05 - Cassidy
d1t06 - Loser
d1t07 - Far From Me ->
d1t08 - Looks Like Rain ->
d1t09 - China Cat Sunflower ->
d1t10 - I Know You Rider

Set 2:
d2t01 - Tuning
d2t02 - Playing In The Band ->
d2t03 - Crazy Fingers ->
d2t04 - Lost Sailor ->
d2t05 - Saint Of Circumstance ->
d2t06 - Touch Of Grey ->
d2t07 - Drums ->
d3t01 - Space ->
d3t02 - The Wheel ->
d3t03 - Throwing Stones ->
d3t04 - Not Fade Away ->
d3t05 - Black Peter ->
d3t06 - Sugar Magnolia

d3t07 - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
d3t08 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue



  1. AZ
    I saw them at the Greek around this time. As you say a special feel. Thanks again for your work. Your photographs and artwork and the music you've shared have been a joy and encouragement on the journey!

  2. AZ - thanks for the great music, and the terrific photography. You have a gift; thanks for sharing it.


  3. I am sad to see the site go. It has given me hours of pleasure--both with the music, your photos and your thoughts. I'll miss it and you. I hope you find what you are looking for (bad U2 theft), will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. By the way, I've used this site to show my students and colleagues what a great site has the possibility of being. Cheers.

  4. Anonymous said, "I've used this site to show my students and colleagues what a great site has the possibility of being." Really? What students and colleagues? Can some one get paid to show others how to do this?