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Monday, October 17, 2011

It's All Over Now Baby Blue

It has been an interesting experiment. In the last year I have shared my love of music, the outdoors and my faith in Jesus. And even shared some of my old artwork, and my feelings as I went through the loss of my father. But the experiment has to come to an end. The blog while a release for my creative expression has taken time away from me being the father, husband, and leader of my home. So it is time I practice what I preach and prioritize my time for the more important things. I will leave the blog up so the music and other things will still be available. At the end there was an average of 8 or 9 visitors at every moment during the day and people coming from around the world to the tune of a couple of thousand a day.
Over the last year there have been many events but the loss of my father stands out for me. Thanks to all who prayed for my father, my mom and my family during that tough time. When people pass away we are reminded of the grim fact that we all are going to eventually come to an end. That realization can leave us with a hopelessness and emptiness when we realize there is no true lasting value in much of the things we work for.

 If I could leave you with one last thought it would be that though there is despair and hopelessness in death, there is a place to find hope. It is the fact that 2000 years ago a man made a promise. He predicted that He would be put to death and put in a tomb, but he would return to life in three days as a sign to us all. Jesus did just that and it shook up the world and is still shaking up the world today. And in that kept promise He lead the way for us all to defeat death too. Because He made another promise that those who believe in Him and choose to place Him as Lord in their lives shall also be resurrected and have everlasting life.
    What will that look like? Well when Jesus came back we saw that relationships still mattered in fact he asked Peter three times "Do you love Me?" In the end that's what it may be all about.  Relationships and how we impacted others may be about all there is that is lasting of these short lives we live.
Being a follower does not come with a promise of an easy life. In fact it comes with trials and hardship and suffering, but in being a follower there will be purpose and meaning found in our difficult times. And those things will be used and turned to good to grow us and change us and shape us into something better. Hopefully we get changed into someone who is better at this relationship thing, because we will be together for eternity we will need to be good at it I guess.
     If you are on standby for a flight wondering if you are going to get on the flight it can be very unsettling, but once you have that boarding pass in hand you can rest and relax. Well I'm happy to say I have my boarding pass for that "final flight" and I can take rest in that realization. But for those who don't isn't it time to get it in order, because this is one flight we just never know when it departs.  Could be tomorrow!
Adios and Happy Trails!
Thanks for all who came here and I hope there has been some value in this little experiment.
Bless Ya!   from Arizona Jones

All Over Now Baby Blue


  1. Arizona,

    I can understand your decision, although the new activity and wonderful music on your blog will be missed. I agree that there is much more out there than this part of our life, so I applaud your decision that it is time for new horizons.

    Thanks for all the music! Best regards to you and your family.

    - Leon

  2. I liked your blog and i wish you well

  3. AZ
    It has truly been good getting to know you, Thanks for the music, but more Thank you for "casting your bread on the water" for the Lord Jesus. What you have here will not come back void for the Kingdom, I'm praying to that end for all who will continue reading the blog. I understand and applaud your priority too your family. The Lord is working on my priorities as well if I may in closing share a video He just used to get my attention: http://www.desiringgod.org/resource-library/conference-messages/from-every-land-to-every-land-the-internationalization-of-missions-its-potential-and-the-price#ooid=lhZDF1MjqbpoikfE8gz8mip-Ryv8JENc

    All blessings to you and your family in Jesus name!
    See you when He returns, soon I hope. Maranatha!!

  4. The music you shared was fine, but good live shows can be found on numerous blogs, what was most impressive here was your superb photography you kindly posted for us to view of places and things most of us have never had the good fortune to visit and experience in person, and maybe even more importantly, the good vibes, and peaceful kind nurturing and support you offered to cyberspace: never lowering yourself to the negativity that seems to be flowing frequently on the 'net. Good Work All Around! A fine legacy for people who drop by here for a visit, AZ: Well Done!!!!

  5. AZ -- I wish you only the best my good friend. I Know full well the time a blog takes, and how difficult it is to balance work, family, and all the other demands of life. We will miss all you had to share, but support the decision you've made to move on. Hopefully you'll stop by my site and Dino's place to visit and share. May life bring you all the best.


  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, pictures and the music. I really enjoyed your site and visited often.
    Best regards,

  7. My dear friend AZ. Thanks for the great trip, photographically, musically and spiritually. The three of those are inextricably linked in my heart and soul, and you added to my appreciation of each. If you're ever wandering in the wilderness near Portland, please drop me a note so that I may buy you a frosty beverage by way of appreciation. Every time I listen to the very special bluegrass that you posted - and I know that some of it was just for my benefit - I will think of you with a twinkle in my eye. All the very best to you, my good amigo.


  8. Never say never.
    take a month or so off then see how you feel.
    if it's still your decision to end this blog then so be it.
    best of luck in all your endeavors

  9. Fare thee well, AZ............................ *

  10. Blessings to you ... fine sir! You will be missed.

  11. Thank you for sharing your music, art, photography, and thoughts! All will be missed. Be well and enjoy that playground in your back yard :-)

  12. AZ it was a blast thank you for all the music thanks! and very glad to meet you!!

  13. Hi,
    Thank you for VERY interesting blog. Definition of Atheism I immediatelly copied on my computer.
    Thanks for music & pictures, many times breathtaking. If you like you can have a look at my site: www.torzecki.net

    You're right, being a family man it amazes me how could you run the blog at all. Computer is such a devilish addiction.
    All the best,

  14. AZ,

    You brought wonderful music into my life, great photos and stories to brighten my soul, and the reaffirmation of the Power and the Glory and the Grace of God our Holy Father and his Son to my being.

    Bless you, bless you, bless you!!!! You words and efforts have meaning and have had effect. Know that you made a difference, please.

    My most heartfelt wishes to a wonderful journey ahead for you and your family. May God hold you and keep you. You will be missed.


    John Daniel Hanavan

  15. Thanks for the great blog. Have a happy life.

  16. Okay,buddy. I hate to see you go, not because of the music offered, but because of your wise and considered commentary. Thank you for the words of solace and message of grace. - E. Murphy

  17. AZ:
    Thanks for letting me be part of your blog experiment. It certainly made a difference to me.

  18. For me, it was the whole package: your music shares, your amazing photos, your faith-filled comments. I will miss it all!

    Grace and peace and all blessings, AZJ.

  19. Thanks for your blog, including everything you have posted on it; music, art, philosophy.God bless and hope you find peace and happiness ( and Sucess) in your future endevors.

  20. thank you very much for sharing. its been a good ride. don't eat no dirt. mumbles

  21. Darn! I'll really miss your well-considered musings and glorious photography. Look after your family. The best to you and thanks for your experiment. -GM

  22. To quote ABBA; Thank you for the music! I'm saving some of your art for PC backgrounds,
    you are a talented artist!

  23. Your blog has brought me much peace of mind from way out in NYC. Those southwestern landscape photos & paintings are sights for sore eyes and the dead booties are sounds for seared ears. I will miss checking in for new posts and wish you all the best in all your pursuits. Of course, I don't know you, but still I feel a certain kinship, even if this is but a passing reflection in the steam of time. "As in water face answers to face, so the heart of man to man." (Prov. 27:19)

  24. Go with God, my brother. Damned sorry to see you close up shop, I will count it as a loss, personally.


    Romans 8:38,39

  25. Wow! I am a relative late arrival to your site, but have benefitted greatly from your generosity musically, as well as your spiritual insights. I don't always agree, but am grateful that there is someone out there with a broad perspective and a kind heart. I hope we run into each other sometime, here or over yonder, and can chew the fat for a while. I will think good thoughts for you and your immediate and extended family as you go on down the road.

    If you decide to open up the blog again, or even sublet the place, let us know, OK?


  26. Hey Mon, have loved all that you've given us music folks and will miss all your drawings and stories of your trips. I have saved your posts of where to travel out west, I will try not to intrude on your walks, but thanks for sharing. I'm not a religious person but God Bless.
    Peace & Love,

  27. Thank you for all. May God Bless you and your family.
    Roberto from Iyaly

  28. I can't add much to what has been said, but must offer my sincere thanks for all that you have given. You will be missed, but I understand. I trust that God will continue to guide & bless you.

  29. Une année à te connaître... Et déjà c'est fini...

    Merci pour tous ces sons américains que nous français on aime!!!!

    Vous me manquerez... Plus de visites quotidienne sur votre blog aux pépites d'or!!!!

    Vincent de Paris.

  30. Thanks for all the good stuff. Your blog was a welcome oasis of good music and commentary, in a land of pretentious brats. (internet music blogs)

  31. This is surely sad news. But I for one can understand. And I' m not the only one around. Thanks again and again. This was and always be a great place to visite. Thanks once more.

  32. You will be missed. I want to thank you for all the great music, but most of all for the shearing of your faith. You are a wonderful human being. Go with God and may you find peace and happiness in all that you do.

  33. Sorry I'm late with this, but I'm sorry to see you leaving the blog world, but of course I totally understand. I hope your life is full of wonder and awe no matter what you do.

  34. I miss you already. Not only for the music, but for the way you shared your faith along with it. I do understand the importance of being there for your children. We lost our youngest daughter 3 and 1/2 years ago; now we are raising her 6 year old son. I am trying to be there for him in ways I wish I had been there for her. In some ways it is easier now, being older, supposedly wiser, having more patience, financially more secure, but I definitely don't have the energy I had 20 years ago. Good for you for making the right choice at the right time. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  35. hi AZJ we'll miss you
    good luck to you
    thanks for the great spirit

  36. bye
    thanks for sharing music pictures feelings....

  37. AZJ,
    Thank you in oh so many ways.

  38. Gonna miss the music and the commentary. Thanks for making this such a fine blog. Enjoy the future and all that it brings.

  39. Hey Az

    Ive been away both actually away and away form the downloading music scene lately - listening instead - so I just saw this. I'm sad to see you go but encouraged by your willingness to change and move on - we get so tied down to things - I think yours was the second of these sites that i found - the first was midnight cafe - so carry on my friend with your message and the gospel and your family - enjoy the journey - Dwight

  40. Peace Be With you Brother~ thanks for all the time you put into this wonderful corner of the internet for us all to enjoy.

  41. Many thinks, and I hope you got a chance to check out that C.S. Lewis book I reccommended.

  42. Well AZ, thanks for all the good music and some fine art you have shared with us. While I love blues and rock, the Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington stuff (some from 1950) you posted was very cool music. The Michael Burks and Ronnie Earl stuff was great, too.
    Good luck, enjoy your family, and best wishes to you.

  43. you did here a great job !
    thank you for amazing time !!!
    thank to u im enjoying a great music every day.
    ישמור אלוהים אותך ובני משפחתך
    A Friend From Israel.

  44. Dear Mr. Jones,

    The Bard said it best:

    You raise up your head
    And you ask, "Is this where it is ?"
    And somebody points to you and says
    "It's his"
    And you says, "What's mine ?"
    And somebody else says, "Well what is ?"
    And you say, "Oh my God
    Am I here all alone ?"
    BOB Dylan, Ballad Of A Thin Man

    Well, you are not alone! For The One, for the millions, Bless you Sir for all that you have done here. I have enjoyed the experience. Best wishes to you and all glories.

  45. Dear AZ, thanks for the music, thanks for your thoughts. God bless you.
    You will miss me.
    Alex Field from Rome, Italy

  46. Hey Man, You have excellent taste and obviously a big heart good luck down the road.


  47. No,this is still not the end of comments!
    This is at least one Dec.2011 comment!
    Thanks AZ for all the music and spiritual stuff.
    You made my music world become richer...
    Just the best to you and your buddies...
    Little Wing

  48. Az Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hope you are well in Him, who made the season

  49. Guess I haven't checked in for a while - you'll be missed but good for you for not just talking the talk, but walking the walk as well - not an easy thing. As an old friend told me years ago, 'commitment requires strength of will and a steady nerve'. Good luck down the road and God Bless!

  50. Adios Mr. Jones. Your blog activity is hugely missed here. My very best wishes,

  51. Happy New Year AZ! Wishing you many blessings for you and your family. I stumbled on your site a year or so ago and can tell you that you've provided myself and others with great music that we might never of heard without your efforts. Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy 2012. Thanks!

  52. God bless you and your family....thanks for the closing message and all that came before.

  53. Hope you still drop by to read comments...

    Hi AZ, I want to wish you a very happy New Year. I'm sorry to hear that you are giving up your blog but understand completely. Family and life come first.

    My best wishes to you and your family,
    Andy (Hrothgar)

    PS. Hopefully you can drop by BTW some time and say hello. We miss you.

  54. hey man,
    i just need to thank you once again for sharing all the wonderful, life-enhancing music!!! you've turned me on to so many magical musical moments....so THANK YOU and good luck with everything in your life. :)