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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Crusaders, Seattle 1973

I became a fan of the Crusaders in the mid 70s and was fortunate to see them at what I consider their peak. This is the best unofficial recording I could find of this exceptional band. These guys played on albums by Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Michael Franks, Ronnie Laws, and Tom Scott And The LA Express. They created their own soulful and funky southern style jazz fusion sound. This is a very nice recording of some extremely talented musicians.

The Crusaders, with Larry Carlton
Hec Edmundson Pavillion, Seattle, WA, USA
Spring 1973

1. Introduction (0:27)
2. Put It Where You Want It (6:07)
3. Watts Happening (6:32)
4. Message from the Inner City (10:54)
5. Treat Me Like You Treat Yourself (6:31)
6. Eleanor Rigby (7:53)
7. Young Rabbits (3:14)
8. Don't Let It Get You Down (4:20)
9. So Far Away (14:56)

Joe Sample - keyboards
Wilton Felder - tenor sax
Wayne Henderson - trombone
Larry Carlton - guitar
Robert 'Pops' Popwell - bass guitar
Stix Hooper - drums

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  1. thanks a bunch for this quality recording of one of the best 70s bands.
    greetings from berlin

  2. Thanks again, I think I have this somewhere, I remember it being really good, what a band. I'm getting it again just in case. Glad you're back. ONWARD thru the fog!

  3. Thanks AZ Jones. I was a fan of the Crusaders back in the 70's and was glad to see this upload. Its an awesome gig.


  4. Very nice recording indeed! Thank you so much!

  5. very nice. tell me, was the 2lp set 'Best of the Crusaders' ever released on cd? jj

  6. I would say no. But all the tracks from that would be available on other CDs. When they went from Vinyl to CD they released other best of type offerings like a two CD set called Crusaders Gold.

  7. Amazing, never seen this recording before. Many thanks for sharing.