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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Van Morrison, Glastonbury Festival, 6-21-1987, (FM)

This show is in wide circulation under many different names and for good reason.  This is one of my top four or five favorite Van bootlegs and I have a lot of them.  This is on everyone's list as one of the very best Van boots so I'm not alone in my opinion.  If you don't have this you should get it.  Some beautiful and transcendent music.   
Van Morrison
Glastonbury Festival
Pilton, Sommerset, England
June 21, 1987
Audience (1st 2 tracks) and FM for the rest
Disc 1
01. Moondance (5:57)
02. Celtic Swing (2:51)
03. Northern Muse (Solid Ground) (3:37)
02. Vanlose Stairway (4:08)
03. It's All In The Game (6:43)
04. Help Me (6:20)
05. Foreign Window (4:24)
06. Dweller On The Threshold (3:44)
07. Cleaning Windows (4:02)
08. A Sense Of Wonder (5:18)
Disc 2
01. And The Healing Has Begun (7:59)
02. Celtic Ray (2:46)
03. One Irish Rover (3:25)
04. In The Garden (5:04)
05. Summertime In England (10:14)
06. Full Force Gale (2:00)
07. Bright Side Of The Road (3:41)
08. Rave On John Donne / Rave On Part Two / Did Ye Get Healed? (9:29)
Arty McGlynn: guitar
Steve Pearce: bass
Roy Jones: drums
Neil Drinkwater: piano and synthesizer
Richie Buckley: saxophone
Martin Drover: trumpet
June Boyce: backing vocals



  2. Xcellent rercording and performance. A must for Van fans (myself being one)! Thanks Arizona Jones for sharing this booty.

  3. Thanks a lot for this post! All the Van fans would love this article (I am also one of them)!! During our family trip to Brooklyn we had attended their event at one of party space rentals in Brooklyn. It was a memorable event!