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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dixie Dregs, Winston-Salem, NC, 2-12-1993 (SBD)

Dixie Dregs
Winston-Salem, NC
(SBD)(90 min)(A)
01 - Road Expense
02 - Assembly Line
03 - Holiday
04 - Country House Shuffle
05 - Steve Talking
06 - The Hereafter
07 - Kat Food
08 - Vitamin Q
09 - Perpetual Reality
10 - Bloodsucking Leeches
11 - Steve Talks
12 - The Bash
13 - Aftershock
14 - Cruise Control
15 - Kashmir
16 - Take It Off The Top / The Big Medley
Guitar: Steve Morse
Drums: Rod Morgenstein
Keys: T Lavitz
Bass: Dave Larue
Violin: Jerry Goodman


  1. This one looks to come from Heath Barratt's "Tumeni Notes".

  2. my band opened this show... would be cool if someone had that SBD too. an amazing experience and a great night.