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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Shawn Lane - Powers Of Ten Demos. Kiva Studios, Memphis, 1990-1991 (SBD)

Shawn Lane - Powers Of Ten Demos
Solo recording, 1990-1991,
Kiva Studios, Memphis
Track Listing:
01. Esperanto (3:38)
02. Tri 7/5 (4:15)
03. Hardcase (4:37)
04. Not Again (3:33)
05. Get You Back (4:23)
06. Rain (5:03)
07. Augmento (3:08)
08. Illusions (4:17)
09. Not Again (second version) (3:52)
10. Illusions (second version) (4:08)
11. Mental Minor (3:50)
12. "Green Onions" solo (live) (:38)
13. Jazz Solo (live)(5:34)
14. Unknown (5:41)
15. Demo for Mark Varney (2:00)
16. Meeting of the Spirits (:41)
17. Allegro BWV 998, J.S. Bach (1:01)
18. Tri 7/5 (second version) (5:07)
19. Stratosphere II (1:54)
TRT (62:54)
Shawn Lane (1963-2003) had insisted that he record what would become "Powers Of Ten" by himself and his label agreed, so armed with
a sizable equipment budget he purchased an entire multitrack recording set up (in the pre ProTools days) and sometime in 1990
installed himself in the conference room of Memphis' Kiva Studios. What you hear are preliminary mixes of compositions that would
make up the bulk of "Powers Of Ten", plus one track from Shawn's other solo studio effort, "The Tri-Tone Fascination". Several
tracks' titles were unknown by your humble servant as they didn't make commercial release, these tracks are interesting in that
context as they represent musical directions Shawn himself felt for whatever reason didn't merit a public audience. Also included
are snippets of Shawn playing solos of various styles, showing his enormous diversity of musicianship. Lastly included is
"Stratosphere II", an unaccompanied solo piece he had recorded for Shrapnel Records' (long out of print) compilation "US Metal
Volume IV".

Another one from the Dave Sez archives.  Thanks Dave!



  1. if you guys are posting shawn lane, i'm DLing him!
    listening to him it's all about how he conceived the structures within his music. absolutely mindblowing shit.
    this archive has been fantastic dave sez and AZ.

    thanks so much!

  2. A great talent that passed far too soon

  3. I guessed you were having a break from Shawn lane for a while, AZ, and am happy to see that the posts have resumed - thanks for the insightful commentary and thanks too to rocdoc for the appreciation. Lots more Lane to follow; I'd be interested to hear what people think of the unreleased Windigo Band album that I sent over to AZ a while back, bit of a change ... cheers for now, Dave Sez.

  4. Thanks again AZ and Dave Sez. You made my day as Power of Tens is one of my fav CDs. I never listened to that unreleased Windigo Band album, so I hope AZ is uploading it soon. Cheers!