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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little Feat with Jimmy Herring, 4-12-02

Here is another great Little Feat show. This time from "Oh Atlanta" with Jimmy Herring sitting in along with Tony Furtado. This show is hot and the sound is great.

Little Feat
Live at the Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, Georgia
April 12, 2002
Disc 1:
Honest Man, Marginal Creatures,
Romance Without Finance, 44 Blues,
Eula, Callin' the Children Home,
Mercenary Territory.
Disc 2:
Oh Atlanta, Spanish Moon >
Day at the Dog Races > Milestones,
Voices on the Wind, Cajun Girl,
Fatman in the Bathtub*.
Disc 3:
Dixie Chicken* > Tennessee Jed* >
Dixie Chicken*, Willin**
Bogart > Willin**,
Under the Radar*
With: Jimmy Herring on guitar** and Tony Furtado on banjo
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  1. If I try to dl from this link,I always get only a Mediafire Site without a link to click.I will not buy another premium account from Mediafire also (I have Rapidshare,Mega,Gigasize and Hot file premium accounts!!).
    I would kindly ask you to upload this amazing show to Rapid or Mega if possible.
    Thanx very much I really love your site,great music everyday.

  2. Dear Anonymous Barnstormer. I won't use rapidshare due to the way they are treating people of late. Mega has deleted my links for Little Feat shows so I'm using this. It works fine, I don't have a premium account. You just wait for the link to appear and it will. I checked all three links and they work.

  3. If you want go to The Archive. The show can be found there in Lossless SHN format.

  4. Can not find in the archive.Downloaded from mediafire disc 2 has two tracks missing. Could you please check the file. Thanks

  5. Here is the link to archive for this show. http://www.archive.org/details/lf2002-04-12.shnf

    I will test the disc two when I have time but it's not a priority. Raising my child and being a good husband will be first.

  6. To Ravenmaniac. I checked its all there. Track two is 27 minutes long containing Spanish Moon > Day At The Dog Races > Milestones. Three songs one track. Thats how it came.

  7. Thanks,I appreciate you taking time out to check the file for me. I agree that your family comes first as opposed to the web site. I to am a born again believer as is my wife and our chidren and grandchildren.God Bless You and your family.

  8. Wow! Thanks I'll take all the blessing I can get. So you are a raving maniac (ravenmaniac) for Jesus perhaps. Who happens to like good music. So happy for you that your children and grandchildren are knowing our Lord. You might be able to give some lessons on how that happened.

  9. I am a ravenmaniac for Jesus and the Baltimore Ravens.