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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Amazing Complex Creation

My God is an amazing creator. He created you. And you are different than anyone else. The instructions he gave to one little cell to make you (your genetic code) if read one letter per second would take 97 years to read. But somehow that little cell put you together in all your complexity in just nine months. The average person spends about one half an hour as a single cell. By the time you are fully developed your body contains around 10 to 50 Trillion cells. On the average 300 million cells in our body die per minute and as that happens our body will make that many new ones (we hope). The human brain is estimated to have the memory storage of up to 1000 terabytes and uses the amount of power that it takes to run a 10 watt light bulb. The body has an estimated 60,000 miles of blood vessels and the surface area of our lungs is estimated at that of the surface area of a tennis court so oxygen and CO2 can be transferred into and out of the blood. It is estimated the human body uses around 200 muscles to take one step. There are over a million nerve cells that connect the eye to the brain so you can even see this to read. And some how it all works together to make this! A beautiful child.

But yea I know this just happened by random chance!

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