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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Emmylou Harris, Santa Cruz, CA, 6-15-1979 (Pre-FM)

Here is a very fine recording of Emmylou Harris. This is an all acoustic show with Ricky Scaggs helping her out.  Someone requested I re-post this and it seemed like a good idea. 

Emmylou Harris
Solar Cal benefit show
"The Fat Fry"
The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
June 15, 1979

01 To Daddy
02 My Songbird
03 band intros by Emmylou
04 If I Could Only Win Your Love
05 The Angels Rejoiced In Heaven Last Night
06 talk by Emmylou & Ricky Skaggs
07 Could You Love Me One More Time?
08 Green Rolling Hills
09 talk: Emmylou intros next song
10 I Believe - Land That Lies Up Yonder
11 talk: Emmylou intros next song
12 If I Needed You
13 talk
14 Satan's Jewel Crown
15 talk by Emmylou: intro to next song
16 Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life
17 talk by Emmylou about Carter Family + intro to next song
18 Bury Me Beneath The Willow
19 Sleepless Nights
20 Where The Soul Never Dies
21 Here There and Everywhere
22 Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight
23 Hickory Wind
24 final thanks + crowd noise

Acoustic show with Ricky Skaggs (guitar, mandolin , fiddle, vocals) & Brian Ahern (bass)

The first song and 2 minutes of the second song are from an "off-air" KFAT-FM recording, the rest is prebroadcast soundboard. Much better sound quality on the SBD but still listenable enough on the FM source.

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  1. Hey AZ. With heavy snow on the way to my beautiful Oregon, I couldn't ask for a better companion than Emmylou (and my lovely bride, of course). Thanks for your keen observation and kind generosity. Best to you,


  2. Thanks so much. What a show.

  3. I reeeeeeaally want this but for some reason megaupload page is not loading! Please help!

  4. CHM. Good idea! Yes all the megaupload links are dead. The Mega site went down. I lost hundreds of links. Sometimes if I feel nice I re-post old stuff. It is your lucky day.

  5. I appreciate it very much!