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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Meters, New Orleans, LA, 4-27-1993 (SBD)

This is some real hot and spicy stuff from the masters of New Orleans funk the Meters.  Live from the famous Tipatina's, a super great show that will get you movin'.
The Meters
New Orleans, LA
Art Neville
George Porter
Leo Nocentelli
Russell Batiste
Disc 1
Set I
1  Intro -> Jam -> Funky Miracle -> Jam -> Drums ->
2  Africa -> The Real Funk ->
3  Hang Em High -> Bass Solo ->
4  Look-Ka-Py-Py
5  Just Kissed My Baby
6  Blues ->
7  Jam - > They All Asked For You -> Jam -> Soul Island -> Drums ->
8  People Get Ready ->
9  Here Comes The Meter Man ->
10 Love The One You're With -> 
Disc 2
11 Change (Reform) -> Bass Solo ->
12 Fiyou On The Bayou
Set II
13 Tuning, Set II Intro
14 Come Back Jack ->
15 Cissy Strut ->
16 Cordova -> Jam ->
17 Saturday Night Fish Fry -> Tipitina ->
18 Love Slip Up On You
19 Big Chief -> Drums
Disc 3
20 Do You Want To Dance ->
21 Jambalaya -> Hey Bartender ->
22 Iko Iko ->
23 People Say -> Midnight Rider
24 Liver Splash
25 Ain't No Use
26 Hey Pocky Way 


  1. luv The Meters.

    caught them in 2005 in NYC, still looking for that show. they were better than the Cream reunion 2 months prior.

    thanks for this.

    your time and effort in spreading the music far and wide is highly appreciated...

  2. Stunning, simply stunning !!!!!!!!!, thank you so much for this beauty

  3. The Meters - A Definition Of Funk.