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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hot Rize, Boulder CO, 6-11-1988 (SBD)

Here is another blistering set by Hot Rize and their alter egos Red Knuckles and The Trail Blazers. This one has dobro legend Jerry Douglas and violin expert Mark O'Connor as guests. Again great soundboard recording.

Chautauqua Auditorium
Boulder, CO

01 Blue Night, 02 Hard Pressed
03 Like A Lone Tree Standing, 04 band intro
05 Rolling On Rubber Wheels, 06 Coleen Malone
07 Intro Jerry Douglas
08 You Don’t Have To Move That Mountain
09 Shadows In My Room
10 Late In The Day, 11 The Lumberjack
12 Intro Red Knuckles And The Trailblazers'
13 Goin’ Steady
14 intro of Trailblazers
15 Have A Nice Day
16 On Monday , 17 pause for the cause
18 I'm Getting On The Old Turnpike
19 Intro Elmo Otto
20 If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin'
21 Red Remembers The 60's
22 The Golden Rocket, 23 Wigwam Wiggle
24 Return of Hot Rize
25 Tim & Pete
26 Intro Hot Rize Plus (with Jerry Douglas & Mark O'Connor)
27 Just Like You, 28 Rocky Road Blues
29 thank yous, 30 Sally Goodin
31 applause, 32 High On A Mountaintop

Total Time: 99:32.61

Hot Rize is:
Tim O'Brien - mandolin, fiddle, vocals
Nick Forster - bass, vocals
Charles Sawtelle - guitar, vocals
Pete Wernick - banjo, vocals

Special Guests:
Jerry Douglas - dobro
Mark O'Connor - fiddle

The Trailblazers are:
Red Knuckles - guitar, vocals
Wendell Merchantile - guitar, mandolin, vocals
Slade - base, banjo
Waldo Otto - pedal steel, vocals

Special Guests:
Colonel Mel Sharpie - management
Elmo Otto - fiddle

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