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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

God, Why Have You Allowed This To Happen?

As I have been writing this blog I get confronted by an element who has had some type of loss, some type of pain, that is beyond our understanding. And these people are asking, "If God really loves, why would He allow this to happen". "You preach this feel good message but in the end there is pain and suffering that God should not allow if He loves me". And I am here to say, I just don't have all the answers. I don't, plain and simple.  And being a follower of Christ is no guarantee of protection against pain and sorrow.  In fact as we speak my father is sitting in a bed that he will never get out of, and that he has been in for more than 18 months and I have with great sorrow watched my strong "daddy" erode away bit by bit.  And have had to face seeing my mother go through this unending time of difficulty.  And I can't at this moment tell you why.  Anyway this is not about me and my problem but it might be about yours.  So listen to this message by Lou Giglio that does not sugar coat the pain and suffering but faces it in a real way. If you are having a great day and everything is rosy in life maybe skip viewing this one today.  because there are some tears to be had if you are at all alive if you watch this.  But if you are hurting and can't forgive God for what has happened to you,  if you are being held captive by bitterness of loss and pain that you have suffered,  I beg you to watch this and maybe you can find hope when life hurts the most. Because in the end how you handle this painful event in your life will define the value and meaning of your life more than anything else. Either you suffer for nothing or you suffer for purpose, it is up to you. I put this out because I feel for these people and I don't pretend to have the answer or the ability to make it better.  In fact I have fallen short and failed these people and often lacked compasion, and I ask for forgiveness. 
Part one:

Part Two:

May God Bless you and yours, and may you draw closer to God and allow Him into your circumstance. And may you really honesty pursue Him, and may He show up in a profound way and put reason, sense and purpose with time into your life. He has for me and I have faith He will again. 


  1. i was in nyc on 9-11 so this hits home and not in a good way, i lost what little faith i had left on that day...

  2. Satan is at work. Luke 13:4 Jesus said "Those eighteen on who the tower in Silome fell and killed them, do you think they were the worse sinners than the other men who dwell in Jerusalem?" "I tell you no." You see it is about eternal life not physical life. Your spirit will live on forever. Physical life is just a short time. So physical we all will die today or on another day. What matters to God is what happens to your soul after that.