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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

John Abercrombie & Ralph Towner, 5-08-1984

This short recording is of two great guitar players, just playing as a duet. Another nice German radio show.

John Abercrombie & Ralph Towner
The Art of the Duo - live
NDR studios
Hamburg, Germany
Pre-FM or Radio Broadcast

John Abercrombie, guitar
Ralph Towner, guitar

1. Late Night Passenger (John Abercrombie)
2. Timeless (John Abercrombie)
3. Waterwheel (Ralph Towner)
4. Nardis (Miles Davis)



  1. Good Morning AZ
    This is some beautiful pickin' & a strummin' to wake up to and sip coffee to, as I line up my day. Thank you today and always for all your efforts.

  2. http://img828.imageshack.us/i/img1353hv.jpg/
    Here's a place I go often. Bash Bish falls. Only a 3/4 mile hike, but it's peaceful, thought inducing and satisfying on many levels. One fun thing is crossing from NY state into MA, before reaching the falls. This picture was taken about a week ago with lots of snow melt. Stay happy, AZ

  3. Nice place. Thanks for sharing! So this iis on the border of NY and MA and you live near there. I once lived in upper Westchester county in a small place called Amawalk near Yorktown Heights and Baldwin Place, and Somers. I was in 7th grade then. It was just for two years. Liked all the water (ponds, lakes, etc.) and the woods.

  4. You're posting some of the coolest live music on the web, and I for one sure appreciate it!

  5. Thanks to all. This is a nice one. Just sharing what I found.

  6. Thanks again, Mr. Jones. Exact date is 1984-05-08. Best,