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Friday, March 20, 2015

Seldom Scene, Winterhawk Bluegrass Festival, 7-18-1987 (SBD)

This is a real nice recording of one of my favorite bluegrass bands of all time.  These guys were amazing musicians and had great vocals and harmonies and there is also a sense of humor in their shows.  It all combines for a really enjoyable listen.  This is a must for any bluegrass fan.  Sadly John Duffy and Mike Auldridge have passed away.  Truly a great loss.  At least their music lives on in recordings like this. 
Seldom Scene
Rothvoss Farm
Winterhawk Bluegrass Festival
Ancramdale, New York
July 18, 1987 - Saturday
John Duffey – Mandolin
Lou Reid - Guitar
Mike Auldridge – Dobro
Ben Eldridge – Banjo
T. Michael Coleman – Bass
Disc 1  52:14
Early Set:
1. Intro
2. Only A Hobo
3. Darling Corey
4. Sittin’ On Top Of The World
5. California Cottonfields
6. Two Instrumentals G minor
7. A Small Exception Me
8. Say You Lied
9. Doing My Time
10. Crowd
11. City Of New Orleans

Disc 2  69:29
Late Set:
1. Intro, Tuning
2. Pan American
3. Old Train
4. Wait A Minute
5. Sunshine
6. Sweet Baby James
7. This Morning At Nine
8. Hobo In A Freight Train To Heaven
9. House Of The Rising Sun > Walk Don’t Run
10. White Line
11. I Know You Rider
12. Crowd
13. Blue Ridge
07/19/1987 - Sunday Gospel Show
14. Will You Be Ready To Go Home
15. Working On A Building
16. Pickaway
17. Body & Soul //


  1. Looks like yet another knockout from the great Scene. Hearing John and Mike again is such a treasure. Thanks and great weekend to you, my friend.