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Friday, March 20, 2015

Superpickers (bluegrass allstars) The Birchmere. 3-03-1990 (SBD)

This is one of my favorite bluegrass recordings.  This is one of the best groups of talent you will ever see on one stage at the same time.  All of them could be considered in the discussion for the best at what they do.  Truly an all star line up.   But not only a great group of individuals but they play together as one group so well.  And then we are lucky to have it all in a really great soundboard recording.  It does not get any better than this for bluegrass fans. 
The Birchmere
Alexandria, VA
Sam Bush
Tony Rice
Jerry Douglas
Bill Emerson
Mark Schatz
Vassar Clements

 Disc #1   42:52
 1. Instrumental   8:23
 2. Nine Pound Hammer   5:10
 3. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight   3:56
 4. Cincinnati Rag   3:11
 5. Sunnyside Of The Mountain   5:58 
 6. Gonna Settle Down   4:20
 7. Flinthill Special   4:06
 8. You Don't Know My Mind   3:52
 9. Salt Creek   3:52
 Disc #2   72:01
 1. A New Day Medley   6:21
 2. Sailin' Shoes   7:44
 3. Instrumental   3:13
 4. Pushed To Far   6:06
 5. Wayfaring Stranger   5:38
 6. Blue Railroad Train   4:37
 7. Molly And Tenbrooks   2:49    (cuts off)
 8. Me & My Guitar   14:17
 9. Home Of The Red Fox  5:35
 10. Cold On The Shoulder   3:15
 11. Little Sadie  3:35
 12. Little Maggie  3:01
 13. Instrumental  5:45


  1. I haven't said this before, but I was so gratified that you came back. Because of a show like this. Because of your passion for it.

    Even at a reduced schedule, as you have now, this is one of the great music blogs, to me.

  2. Ken. Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad someone enjoys what I share. Posting music on a blog is empty without some type of response or interaction. Thanks for leaving a comment

  3. I can only humbly echo Ken's thoughtful words, AZ. He knows whereof he speaks. I literally can't wait to listen to this amazing concert. You have, once again, made my entire weekend!


  4. Thanks for these wonderful bluegrass concerts!
    Luc from France

  5. Adding to the previous comments, I too thank you for posting the most amazing new grass/bluegrass shows. I don't know where you get these incredible shows from Telluride and elsewhere but I too love what you are doing and am thrilled you are back online. BTW, I think the first instrumental in this show is Kissimmee Kid which Vassar does on the first O&ITW.

  6. This is smoking! Thanks for sharing.

    1. This is a great recording of some of the best players in bluegrass! Thanks so much!