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All of the music recordings on this site are recordings of independent origin (ROIOs) Music that has not been officially released. If you are an artist or a legal representative of an artist and you do not want your ROIO shared on my site for free among your fans (and creating new fans), just tell me in the comment area and I will remove them. By the way these recordings exist. They won't go away. All of them can be found at various places on line. Sharing just keeps the fans that support the artists from having to get ripped off by purchasing them on auction sites, and it also introduces music to people who would never have known the artist, creating a stronger fan base.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

100,000 visitors

There have been 100,000 visits to my blog. I'm sure in that over 100,000 visits many are just the same people who have visited many times over the last several month. Well thanks to those who have come and enjoyed what I enjoy. The most visited page on my blog to my surprise is the post on West Clear Creek Wilderness. Posts with the Allman Brothers and the Grateful dead are in the top 10 as well as Los Lobos. Number five on the list is the Post on Rick Griffin Artwork. Posts of Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis are also in the top ten. So my viewers have a wide variety of interests, just like I do. The outdoors, rock music, art, and even some of my spiritual pontifications.

If you are one of the only 19 people who singed up to be a "follower" of this blog you will find that I have sent a message to you via Blogger that contains a gift of my favorite Van Morrison bootleg. Van gets uptight about posting his stuff so it will not be on the blog.