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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Robert Plant, 10-29-2010

Well I know this is not unique to my blog but when Robert Plant starts singing songs about Jesus and doing los lobos covers it has to be a part of my blog. This is new, only last month and it has a new sound that sounds a bit like the Alison Krauss stuff he did. I like it, but I'll let you make up your own mind.

Robert Plant & The Band of Joy
29 October 2010
The Roundhouse
London, UK
Radio Broadcast

01. Introduction
02. Down To The Sea
03. Little Angel Dance
04. House of Cards
05. Please Read The Letter
06. Misty Mountain Hop
07. Tangerine
08. Somewhere The Devil Don’t Go
09. Satisfied Mind
10. Move Up
11. Satan Your Kingdom must Come Down
12. Central 2-0-9
13. Monkey
14. Houses of the Holy
15. You Can’t Buy My love
16. Tall Cool One
17. Gallows Pole
18. Harm’s Swift Way
19. Rock & Roll
20. Twelve Gates to The City
21. Goodnight

Download Link
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=20FWQA6J Robert Plant - The Roundhouse 10.29.2010.rar


  1. AZ
    I haven't listened to him in years (still holding on to the bad feeling from their Bay Area visit where they beat up a young Bill Graham employee). But in the spirit of God's Grace and the fact that musically I've always appreciated him, I'll give a listen. Hope his sentiment in the songs goes deeper than his merely singing about Jesus :} Thanks for your hard work brother!

  2. Well Chuck. God is in the business of transformation. He changed me at age 42. I'm a different person now (born again). If He can change me He can change anyone. After all hanging out with Alison Krauss might have ome impact.

  3. AZ
    I hope I didn't sound like I was judging him, I was certainly as proficient at sinning as Robert Plant ever was and Jesus has made me a new Creature :} This concert is fantastic! I love the choral arrangements. I'd go see them, although fat chance they travel too the sticks near me.

  4. Zdravím.
    Moc ste ma potešili týmto postom.
    Urobili ste mi veľkú radosť.
    Led Zepp je moja srdcová záležitosť a toto ma moc potešilo. Ďakujem

    Zdraví Ken01

  5. Anyone know what language that is so I can use google translate to know what was said? Ok I think it is Czech.

    Zdravím, Ken1. Jsem rád, že se vám líbí dar hudby Robert Plant.

  6. A truly wonderful show. the great man singing better than ever.

    But reading the comments make me happy I belong to a 'religion' where everybody is divine no matter what they do or don't do. And where no one is a 'sinner'. That horrible concept that have poisoned so many lives and made people affraid of their natural urges and wishes.

    om shanti!

  7. Sin only means imperfection. In olden days sin meant to miss the mark in archery. So are you saying you have never missed the mark of perfection? Wow. I must meet you because you would be the first. . . . outside of Jesus. Some people have the urge for violence. Some for sex with children. Some to take what is not theirs. So I guess they should not be afraid to act on their natural urges and wishes?

  8. heeren
    Everyone has a divine spark, and everyone's a sinner to some extent. Sinner is a slave of his bad karma, if you prefer Hindu vocabulary, and there's NOTHING good in being a slave. Ultimately, the best thing a slave may wish is liberation. Moksha, you know. By the grace of God and by your own hard work. And shutting your eyes to your own imperfection is the first step in the opposite direction. AZ Jones is completely right in his arguments.

    And still, I get your point about the comments. I would never value less the music of Led Zeppelin or Miles Davis because of their sins, as if they were nazis. No, they weren't. And their music is truly divine (think about Gandharvas punished to be reborn on Earth). It's just as silly as if a Hindu discarded all the art of non-vegetarians.

  9. Well said Mr. serpent. Sometimes the people who wear the so called Christian label are the worst representation of Christ. But we are to follow Christ not people. A flawed follower does not make the belief flawed, just that follower. And I'm one of those who are flawed. Heeren has come here many times with the same arguments against Christian faith, pointing out the flaws of the followers. I always ask him if a follower of his faith makes a mistake is his faith then mistaken.

  10. Thank you, Mr. Jones. There's also a widespread misconception of faith, on the one hand, and organized religion as a social phenomenon, on the other hand. The latter - and it can be said about any religion - is the followers' business. That's why it is subject to criticism. But then it is easy to forget about the substantial foundation which stands behind the phenomenon...

    BTW, it is strange but blogspot doesn't allow to comment using a facebook account among the available authentication options. Left a couple of comments anonymosly just because of that.

  11. Yea, Blogspot has some problems. But it's free and that gives me opportunity to have this blog. Use Anonomous and just sign name in the message also works.