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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bill Monroe, four shows from 1954 to 1969

William Smith Monroe (September 13, 1911 – September 9, 1996) Bill Monroe was one of the most influential persons in the development of bluegrass music, which takes its name from his band, the "Blue Grass Boys," named for Monroe's home state of Kentucky. Monroe's performing career spanned 60 years as a singer, instrumentalist, composer and bandleader. He is often referred to as The Father of Bluegrass. Here are some great recordings of this more than legendary artist. These are historical documents of the most influential musician of bluegrass music. These have Doc Watson on one and Del McCoury on another
Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys
Brown County Jamboree
Beanblossom, IN
Unknown radio source rebroadcast

1. Watermelon Hanging on the Vine
2. Band Intros
3. Bile Them Cabbage Down
4. I Ain't Broke, but Brother I'm Badly Bent
5. I Hope You'll Learn
6. Bugle Call Rag
7. Cry, Cry Darling
8. Ya'll Come
9. Changing Partners
10. Blue Moon of Kentucky
11. Get Up John
12. Down Yonder
13. Just a Little Talk with Jesus
14. Boat of Love
15. I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling
16. The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band
17. White House Blues
18. Rose of Old Kentucky
19. Uncle Pen
20. Rocky Road Blues
21. Muleskinner Blues
22. The First Whipperwill
23. The Little Girl & the Dreadful Snake
24. I'm Knocking on Your Door
25. He'll Set Your Fields on Fire
Considering the age of this show, the sound is very clean.
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Bill Monroe
Oak Leaf Park
Luray, VA 7/4/61

Watermelon On The Vine
Panhandle Country
I Gotta Travel On
Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Put My Rubber Doll Away
Linda Lou
Carter Intro
Carter Ripping off Flatt and Scruggs
Sugar Coated Love (1)
What Would You Give (1)
Mac Weisman Intro
Can't You Hear Me Callin (2)
Travel That Lonesome Road (2)
Whitehouse Blues
Yall Come

Bill Monroe
Bessie Lee Mauldin
Billy Baker
Bobby Smith

1 w/ Carter Stanley
2 w/ Mac Wiseman

This show was the first event that used the words, "Bluegrass Festival," and was promoted by the legendary singer and recording artist, Bill Clifton. The location was Oak Leaf Park in Luray, Virginia, and the date was July 4, 1961. This was also the first time that more than two well-known Bluegrass acts were booked on the same show. Prior to that occasion, one or two Bluegrass bands would be booked on a country show of that period. The festival was a one day event that featured Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers, The Country Gentlemen, Jim and Jesse, Mac Wiseman and Bill Clifton. This was also the first time that Bill Monroe called former members of The Blue Grass Boys to the stage to play and sing. When 2,200 people attended the show, it opened up a new venue for Bluegrass music.
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Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys
Mechanics Hall
Worcester, MA

Watermelon Hanging On The Vine
Panhandle Country
Dark Hollow
On And On
Devil’s Dream
Love’s Gonna Live Here*
I’m Dreaming Of A Little Cabin*
Muleskinner Blues
Footprints In The Snow
Blue Moon Of Kentucky
John Henry
I Saw The Light
What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul **
Uncle Pen
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
Y’all Come

* With Melissa Monroe On Vocals
** With Bea Lilly (of The Lilly Brother) On Guitar And Vocal
Bill Monroe - Mandolin and Vocals
Bessie Lee Mauldin - Bass
Joe Stuart - Fiddle
Bill “Brad” Keith - Banjo
Del McCoury - Guitar and Vocals
Link is deleted. Someone claims this is official.
David Grisman appearently is selling it. Why it is his to sell I have no idea.
I guess because he claimed he taped it. So tapers if you tape it you can sell it?

Bill Monroe & Doc Watson
Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival
Bean Blossom, IN

Deep River Blues
Peach Pickin’ Time In Georgia
Watson Blues
Midnight On The Stormy Deep
Paddy On The Turnpike
Feast Here Tonight
East Tennessee Blues

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  1. What a treat, AZ. The MAN himself. I only saw Bill live a couple of times, but I remember every note of each concert. Thank you so much.


  2. Hi AZ
    I'm sure you probably got the mechanics hall concert from midnight cafe, but it looks like it has been released by acoustic disc- grisman's label (hopefully the source isn't from them).
    Thanks for all the great music just trying to work with you to keep it all on the up and up :}

  3. I had not known about the Grisman Label source. 17 tracks vs. 19 tracks. Appears to be different source?

  4. 2. Band Intros
    15. Waiting For Bea
    Not on your track list.
    Definitely the same source and:
    "From the archives of Acoustic Disc comes a Bill Monroe concert recorded live by David Grisman at Mechanics Hall in Worcester, Ma. on 11/16/63"

  5. Well I guess I should delete the link. Why is this show also on e-tree?

  6. The into is included in track one, and the part waiting for Bea Lilly to come to the stage is included and not cut separate from another track. Since this appears to have those but is tracked different not excuding any part but is 17 tracks to do the same job that the official took 19 to do it does appear to be from a different source.

  7. Wonderful !
    One more words about Dawg and Bill on my blog. have an eye...