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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Delirious?, two shows from 2000 and 2007

I did not think there were Delirious? shows out there to post but I found a few. This is my favorite Christian "worship" band. These shows are not bad but still pale in comparison to the official releases of live material on the CDs, Access D and Now Is The Time. You can stream all the Delirious? CDs at their web site http://www.delirious.co.uk/flash

Flevo Fest
Radio Broadcast

01. Bliss
02. Not Ashamed
03. Did You Feel The Mountain
04. Sanctify
05. Mezzanine Floor
06. Band Introduction
07. Lord You Have My Heart
08. Promise
09. Heaven
10. King of Fools
11. Obsession

Download Link

NEC Arena
Birmingham, UK
Radio Broadcast

Track list:
1. We Give You Praise
2. History Maker/God is Smiling
3. Paint The Town Red
4. Majesty (Here I Am)/Instrumental
5. Our God Reigns
6. Talking (incomplete)
7. God is Smiling
8. Investigate

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