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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Jimmy Herring and Justice League Of America, 1-22-2000 (SBD)

This is a show from a short lived band that had Jimmy Herring, T. Lavitz, and Richie Hayward. There are some great jams on this to be sure with musicians like that. After all it's half of the Jazz Is Dead band and a member of Little Feat. It is sad that both T. Lavitz and Richie Hayward passed away last year. The sound quality is outstanding and it comes with some cool and creative covers made by Boogie Woody that just adds to the package. Jimmy Herring as Batman cracks me up. If you like Jimmy Herring or T. Lavits this is a must.
Justice League of America
Van Dyck Restaurant
Schenectady, NY
January 22, 2000

Disc 1 / Early Show
01. Swamp
02. Head
03. Cissy
04. What If
05. Yin Yang

Disc 2 / Early Show cont.
01. Dark Star
02. Justice

Late Show
03. Swamp
04. Head
05. Circus at the Bijou
06. Morning Dew

Disc 3 / Late Show cont.
01. Day or Night
02. Time Loves a Hero
03. Yin Yang
04. Day at the Dog Races
05. T's Ballad

Justice League of America is:
Guitar: Jimmy Herring (Jazz is Dead/ARU/WSP/etc.)
Keys: T. Lavitz (Jazz is Dead/Dixie Dreggs)
Drums: Richie Hayward (Little Feat)
Bass: Adam Nitty

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  1. WOW! Pull that one out of no where! What a great line up cant wait to hear what they sound like. Is it a sign that they never made more music together?

  2. No sign. It's hot! Just Richie had another band called Little Feat to play in and did until his death.

  3. You made me me happy again, Mr.Jones. This show is a killer. If I loved the Jazz is Dead recordings, this one is a must! Thank you again.

  4. Yea. This has the vituosity of Jazz is Dead mixed with a southern ceole greasy feel in some spots. I just wish there were some more shows. Anybody out there have some more Justice League soundboards?

  5. The tune called "Justice" appeared on the 2001 CD titled Endangered Species, an studio project by Jimmy Herring, T Lavitz, Richie Hayward and Kenny Gradney.

  6. THANK YOU. This was part of my musical childhood. A MUST.