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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Van Morrison & Dr. John, Hilversum, Netherlands, 6-22-1977 (FM)

Van Morrison & Dr. John
The Wonderland Tapes
Vara Studios
Hilversum, Netherlands
June 22, 1977
FM broadcast

01 Hallelujah I Just Love Her So
02 Nobody's Fault But Mine
03 Fever
04 Foggy Mountain Top
05 I'll Go Crazy
6 Baby Please Don't Go
07 Santa Rosalia
08 Announcer
09 Joyous Sound
10 You Gotta Make It Through The World
11 I Just Wanna Make Love to You
12 Shakin' All Over
13 The Eternal Kansas City
Van Morrison - lead vocals, piano
Dr. John - piano, organ, back-up vocals
Mick Ronson - lead guitar, back-up vocals
Mo Foster - bass
Peter van Hooke - drums


  1. I got a dvd of them (prob. from guitars101) 1977-??-?? Hilversum, but I'm pretty sure there are different songs, so I guess they must have either played more than one night, or maybe the dvd is the edit for broadcast. Come to think of it, I don't remember any audience on that DVD... I'll watch it again, and listen to this, tonight.

    thanks for this, and the other Van shows

  2. [at home now] The video is 1977-06-22, and there is an audience. Here's the setlist:

    01. Joyous Sound
    02. You Gotta Make It Through The World
    03. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
    04. Shakin' All Over
    05. The Eternal Kansas City
    06. Cold Wind In August
    07. Fever
    08. Foggy Mountain Top
    09. I'll Go Crazy
    10. Baby Please Don't Go

    So, there are a few songs here that aren't on the vid, and one song on the vid that isn't on this. Thanks, this will make a good companion set. The DVD is on guitars101, let me know if you want it but can't get it.

  3. There is another version of this out there but the sound quality on it is not as good as what I posted. It however has a complete set list that looks like this.

    Sources: FM broadcast (CD 1), mono video feed (CD 2)

    CD 1:
    01. Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So (2:37)
    02. Nobody's Fault But Mine (2:13)
    03. Fever (3:49)
    04. Foggy Mountain Top (5:03)
    05. I'll Go Crazy (2:59)
    06. Baby, Please Don't Go (4:19)
    07. Santa Rosalia (4:11)
    08. Announcer (0:39)
    09. Joyous Sound (2:46)
    10. You Gotta Make It Through The World (3:12)
    11. I Just Wanna Make Love To You (5:17)
    12. Shakin' All Over (4:10)
    13. The Eternal Kansas City (4:48)
    14. Announcer (0:21)
    15. Cold Wind In August (5:56)

    CD 2:
    01. Santa Rosalia (4:56)
    02. Cold Wind In August (6:10)
    03. Joyous Sound (3:01)
    04. You Gotta Make It Through The World (3:19)
    05. I Just Wanna Make Love To You (5:26)
    06. Shakin' All Over (4:36)
    07. The Eternal Kansas City (6:53)
    08. Cold Wind In August (8:23)
    09. Hallelujah I Just Love Her So (3:28)
    10. Nobody's Fault But Mine (2:44)
    11. Fever (4:15)
    12. Foggy Mountain Top (5:45)
    13. I'll Go Crazy (3:17)
    14. Baby Please Don't Go (5:04)