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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

VAN MORRISON, Point Depot, Dublin Ireland, 12-17-1995 (FM)

This is one of the finest Van Morrison recordings you can get.  It rivals even the commercial releases of live Van Morrison.  This show has a great set list, and was performed really well, and the recording is very good.  All combined to make this a must have Van bootleg. 
Point Depot
Dublin Ireland
FM Broadcast
"From Dublin Up To Sandy Row"
Disc One:
Ain't That Loving You Baby? (3:37)
No Religion (4:41)
Days Like This (3:03)
Raincheck (4:56)
That's Life (4:27)
Wonderful Remark (4:10)
Saint Dominic's Preview (5:41)
Listen To The Lion (5:05)
Slim Slow Slider (5:15)
Vanlose Stairway, TransEuro Train (4:11)
Irish Heartbeat (4:06)
Ballerina (6:52)
Total time: (56:04)

Disc Two:
Tupelo Honey, Why Must I Always Explain? (7:24)
Moondance (7:04)
Whenever God Shines His Light (3:34)
In The Garden / You Send Me (7:03)
Star Of The County Down (2:33)
Satisfied (6:08)
Melancholia (3:59)
I'm Not Feeling It Anymore (7:03)
Madame George (5:51)
Brown Eyed Girl (3:29)
Have I Told You Lately (6:05)
Total time: (60:13)


  1. I find the sound quality, less than great. Seems to be an audience recording. Not bad, for an audience, but, still...

  2. Timmy. Van Traders did a poll of the greatest Van bootlegs of all time. This was at number ONE. Second was 7-11-1990. Third was 7-19-1997. Fourth was 6-21-1987. Fifth was 12-19-1998. And the statement " It rivals even the commercial releases of live Van Morrison" came from a well known Van Morrison trader review. So you are entitled to your opinion, but it goes against what many think. And the recording is well circulated and known to be of a FM source.

  3. I have to say that I think it sounds great and moreover, so is the music - I don't understand the 90s van haters.. there are some great songs and great performances in the 90s - 80s is kind of boring, even late 70s are. For me it is early mid 70s and much of the 90s

  4. Just seat back and enjoy,great recording