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Friday, January 7, 2011

Sea level, 2-02-1977

If you don't know Sea Level it was formed by Chuck Leavell, Lamar Williams and Jaimoe all who were playing with the Allman Brothers. The Allman Brothers were going through a break up of sorts in 1976 and these guys formed this somewhat of a fusion band playing combinations of rock, jazz, and blues. The name Sea Level comes from a play on the band leaders Chuck Leavell's name (C. Leavell). The picture is just from my old vinyl album cover from back in the day.

Sea Level
Ivanhoe Theater
Chicago, IL

Tidal Wave
Rain in Spain
Scarborough Fair
Hot 'Lanta
Patriotic Flag Waver
Grand Larceny
Statesboro Blues
Midnight Pass
I'm Ready

This is a guess on the players from a lineup they had in 1978. But this could have George Weaver on drums and Jaimoe because they play on the 1977 album Cats On The Coast and I'm assuming that Causey and Bramblett are in the band by this time.

Chuck Leavell: Keyboards
Jimmy Nalls: Guitar
Davis Causey: Guitar
Randall Bramblett: keyboards, sax, percussion
Lamar Williams: bass
Joe English: drums

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  1. First live concert I ever saw dating back to 1975 at the University of Maryland. Chuck Leavell and his buddies and I had never heard of them. Good stuff though; thanks

  2. Thanks. Hard to find stuff that more should appreciate. Saw them in CT during the 70s. Great show.

  3. Re-up please. Thanks.

  4. I believe the correct date is:http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/sea-level/1977/ivanhoe-theater-chicago-il-3bfe4894.html