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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tim O’Brien, 12-08-2007

This one is for all the bluegrass fans or people who like good acoustic music. This has the talented Tim O'Brien with the great guitar player Bryan Sutton. This makes for some fine musicianship and makes this worth a listen. The recording quality is very good as well.

Tim O’Brien
The Station Inn
Nashville, TN

SET ONE (58m)
01 Introduction
02 Early Morning Rain
03 Down In The Willow Garden
04 The High Road
05 Little Sadie
06 99 Years & One Dark Day
07 Old Paint
08 Let’s Go Huntin’
09 You’re Gonna Change Or I’m Gonna Leave
10 Boat Up The River
11 Chameleon
12 Where’s Love Come From
13 Crooked Road

SET TWO (85m)
01 Raleigh & Spencer
02 Ireland’s Green Shore
03 Brother Wind
04 The Garden
05 Evening
06 Hold On
07 Moses*
08 Arkansas Traveler**
09 Fiddle Tunes in D**
10 Satisfied Mind
11 When This World Comes To An End*
12 Like I Used To Do
13 Look Down That Lonesome Road
14 Gentle On My Mind
15 Blue Night

*Odessa Settles – Vocals
**Tim/Stuart/Kenny only
Darrell sings lead on Porter Wagner’s “Satisfied Mind”

Tim O’Brien – Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar, Fiddle
Bryan Sutton – Acoustic (1940 Herringbone) & Electric (Gibson Hollow Body) Guitar, Mandolin
Stuart Duncan – Fiddle, Vocals
Dennis Crouch – Bass
Kenny Malone – Djembe
Darrell Scott – Banjo, Dobro, Vocals



  1. Hi AZ. What a wonderful Tim O'Brien posting. This is musical perfection, at least as far as I'm concerned. As happens often, you have made my day. Thanks for your kind generosity. All the best,