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Friday, February 25, 2011

Albert Collins & the Ice Breakers, 2-15-1985

This is a pretty good sounding set of one of the Blues greats, Albert Collins. It did not come with a setlist so if you know the songs help us all out.

Albert Collins & the Ice Breakers
Chestnut Cabaret,
Philadelphia, PA
February 15, 1985

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  1. Hey AZ:

    I found this set list at

    1. Talk
    2. Hideaway
    3. Albert Collins Intro
    4. Nothin' But The Blues
    5. Talk
    6. The Moon Is Full
    7. Brick
    8. Mastercharge
    9. Angel Of Mercy
    10. Angel Of Mercy (continued)
    11. Frosty
    12. Reconsider Baby
    13. Instrumental

    I have not listened to it yet, but the site mentions the same date and venue.

    Also look forward to hearing Big Mama Thornton. She seemed like a figure from the 1930s, but as I found out recently, she lived until 1984.

    Thank you for this great music, and some great pics of AZ.


  2. Hey AZ. Thanks for the Albert music. Fine stuff. And also thanks for the photos you post. The composition is excellent, as is the lighting. You clearly take your picture-taking very seriously. Wish I could join you on one of those trips. Have a great weekend.


  3. Great #9/10 is called Lights are on but Nobody's Home, I think.