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Friday, February 18, 2011

I Live In A Cool Place!

I took this picture on my way to work the other day. Thats Court House Butte and Bell Rock as you drive into the Village Of Oak Creek in Sedona, AZ. The next one is some of the locals checking me out. As seen over at Red Rock State Park, in Sedona. Nothing special just another day going to work. Oh yea, and our weather has been in the 60s in mid winter. Life is rough here in central AZ. This one is less than five minutes walk up a trail off a residential area on Soldiers Pass Road
We once had a problem here with graffiti about 800 to a 1000 years ago. This rock is just sitting on the side of Salt Mine Road in residential Camp Verde. This classic Kokopeli Pictograph I found near Sedona out towards Loy Butte and the Honanki Ruins. And then there are some run down abandoned structures here and there. But I'm not complaining. This one is called Palatki. Note the cool medicine wheel pictograph on the cliff above the ruin. Ruins like this are all over the valley here.
This next one is called Montezumas Castle. It pretty well known in fact its one of the National Monuments in my little valley. And once in a while it snows. But really it just makes it more beautiful and it melts by the next day. This shot was taken right from the road, on Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona. Oh and did I tell you that I can trout fish a five minute walk from my house? Yea, I live in a cool place!


  1. Hi Great photos ,beautiful place. I've been out there and loved it and hope to get back some day

  2. Bellisimos paisajes, felicitaciones.
    el día que puedas venite para el Ischigualasto, Talampaya y El Bolsón, te van a encantar.
    Un abrazo de Enrique

  3. Me alegro de que te gusta mi blog, Enrique