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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Show The Glory To All

Show The Glory To All

In the Old Testament the priests were the ones who could come close to God. They were the only ones that could bring sacrifices for others and enter the holy places of the temple. After Jesus came all who believe in Jesus have the opportunity to come close to God and to show others God’s glory. The Bible says that today those who believe in and follow Jesus are a "Holy Priesthood" (1 Peter 2:5)

If we look at how the Old Testament priests were prepared we can see a picture of how we the priests of today can get prepared to come close to God. The priests were to be consecrated, consecrated means to be set apart as holy to be devoted to serve God. If we want to show others God’s glory we too should be set apart or different than the rest of the world and devoted to serve God. A picture of how this is done can seen in Leviticus 8.

In Leviticus 8:6 Moses washed Aaron and his sons with water. We too need a bath. All of us are dirty from sin but no amount of bathing with water will do the job. Only the blood of Jesus can wash us of our sin. So the first and most important step is to accept the sacrifice of Jesus for your sin and ask Him to be the Lord of your life.

The next step was to put on special clothes as seen in Leviticus 8:7. We too need special clothes. Special clothes are seen in Ephesians 6:11 “put on the whole armor of God”. The armor of God is the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, helmet of salvation, shield of faith, and shoes that are the gospel of peace. Psalm 132:9 says “Let your priests be clothed with righteousness”.

Moses was to then anoint them with oil. This anointing with oil speaks of the Holy Spirit. We need the anointing of the Holy Spirit to help consecrate us or set us apart from the world. Without the help of the “Helper” or Holy Spirit we cannot do this in our own power. The Holy Spirit is the thing that enables us to stand up to temptation, and gives us the right words to say, helps us love in a unique way, and is the only thing that will make us different than the rest of the world as we interact with others.

After this clothing was on the priests, Moses was to consecrate the priest with blood. He was to place it on their ear, hand, and toe. The blood represents to us the blood of Jesus that cleans us. You may say I thought accepting Jesus (step one) made me clean so what’s this additional cleaning? After we take a bath or shower periodically through the day we get our hands dirty and need to wash our hands. We don’t need a full bath again just our hands. Just like this as saved Christians we come into contact with the imperfect world we get some dirt on us and need a touch up cleaning. We don’t need a full bath again just a touch up. Jesus said in John 13:10 “He who is bathed needs only to wash his feet”.

We need to have help from Jesus to clean up our ears, or what we hear or listen to. What type of music do we listen to? Is it full of sexual content? What kinds of people are we listening to? Do they speak the truth or do we listen to sources of information that pollute us? Do we surround ourselves with people who speak language that is not pure? If so we need to be cleansed of this stuff.

We need Jesus to help clean what we do with our hands or how and what we work on. Is the work we do something that brings glory to God? Or are we handling something that should be left untouched? When we use our hands to go online do we go to sites that Jesus would be ashamed of? If our work and what we touch with our hands is not clean we need Jesus blood to wash our hands of it.

And last we need Jesus to help us clean up our walk. We all sometimes go off the path and stray into temptation. We need to walk close with Him and go where God sends us. When we get too far from Jesus the “light” it is hard to see what we are stepping in. So our feet get dirty and we track what we have stepped into where ever we go. Jesus was willing to clean the feet of his disciples and He is willing to wash yours. Only the blood of Jesus can clean up our walk.

In the next step the priests were to remain in the tabernacle seven days. The tabernacle is where God’s presence was. They were to spend time close to God. We too need to spend time close to God. We need to take time to read the bible. This is Gods word and through it we hear God’s voice and desires for us. We need to pray and meditate with God in this way God gets to hear our deepest desires and gets to know us better. Seven is the number of perfection or completion. We need to do this until His work in us is perfected or completed. In other words we need to always do this because we will always have some room for improvement.

Then they were to make offerings or sacrifices of sheep and cows for themselves and for others. This culture placed a great value on these animals. So the sacrifice was something of value to them. We too are to sacrifice something of value to us for ourselves and for others. This sacrifice could be money with a tithe to a church. The sacrifice could be time, or some activity we love to do. It may be giving up some time with friends or time talking on the phone to our friends and instead going out and serving others. It may be giving up time playing video games or watching TV so you can have time to read the bible or pray for others needs. We need to give up something for God that has value to us. Giving up something that does not have value is not a sacrifice.

The fact is that what ever we give up seems to have value now. When we give up this stuff we often find that it is of little true value. Paul said he gave up a life where he had a high position and after saw it was all just garbage.

When they sacrificed animals they placed it on the alter and it was consumed by fire. This was a “sweet smell to the Lord”. In this sacrifice the flesh was consumed. It says in Romans 12:1, 2 we are to “present our bodies as living sacrifices”. Romans 8:8 says “those who are in the flesh cannot please God”. We need to sacrifice our selfish lusts of the flesh and let it be consumed and this will be sweet to God. The end of yourself is the beginning of God.

When all this was done Moses and Aaron blessed the people. It says in Leviticus 9:23 Then the glory of the Lord appeared to all the people. I think this is really cool. All the people saw it!
So how does this apply to us? We too need to set our selves apart from worldly things and then bless others. When we do this then those who can't see Jesus for who He is can get a glimpse of His glory reflected by us in the way we love, sacrifice, and care for others like He did.
So do you have a friend that doesn't know Jesus and can't see the truth in the Gospel message? And you are wondering why they don't get it. Well maybe it's because you are a poor image of Christ. After all we are to be the "body of Christ" as it says in 1 Corinthians 12:27. And what they see in your walk and your behavior is how Christ is being pictured for them.


  1. I swear.. you people. You choose to be blind. God does so little for His children here... He sees them raped and murdered and forced to suffer all manner of vile debaucheries in His presences.. Even their little children who He claims to love and cherish. He does nothing…
    when their throats are cut with sodomy the full event.. And all the while they are crying out for His intervention… It’s sickening. But on the other hand, the devil takes GOOD care of his children. Explain...

  2. Rear the bible my friend. it is all explained. But you won't see it because you don't want to. If you saw it then you would have to change. Funny you thing physical death is what is important when we are here for just a wisper of time but you neglect the eternity that follows. That is what God cares about.

  3. Whisper of time...??? Tell that to the parents of the child who has just had what I speak of above visited upon them. Or to the person who lives in a state of unspeakable and unimaginable torment day and night because of a hereditary mental illness. Where it's so bad that they eventually take their own lives. Or maybe one individual who has lived with them both. Whisper of time... What believers like YOU need are fewer blessings and a little bit more of what lurks just beyond where “the Lord will not allow you to be tempted any more than ye are able” (as if that doesn't happen every day). Then you’ll really understand what it means when someone asks “did you lose your faith ?". That doesn’t mean that you stop believing. That can’t happen if you’re really saved. What that MEANS is that when you come out thru the other side, will you still have FAITH that the God you thought you knew before is really a good and decent Father. It means will you still believe that He is good and righteous and worthy of praise, just because the Bible tells you so. Don't look like it to me. Nor to the rest of this suffering bastardization of a world. This is exactly why so very many people choose not to believe or become haters of God. They’re going to hell and it’s not even their fault. The "It" that you speak of above can be very secretive and elusive indeed.
    But despite all of THIS, we are MORE than conquers through Him who loves us. I know. And our sufferings are as sweet incense to Him. More words. More empty, cruel and heartless talk. Whatever, man…

  4. What do you know of what I have suffered through? There are those who suffer and let God in and those who don't. Suffering with purpose and gain or pointless suffering. It is up to you. Some come closer to God in it or are changed and refined and some harden their hearts. God gives us into what we choose. It appears you have chosen long ago. God does not choose to send us to hell we just choose not to draw close to God and since hell is the absence of Him it is where you choose to be. You say "whatever man" but if it were whatever man you would just let it be. But you can't. I'm glad you at least are wrestling with it enough to say what you feel. I'm sorry you don't see it and you have that choice. So my friend what is it you are doing to make this a better place other than just being bitter toward anyone who has a belief in God? Feed any homless people latley, visit any people at the hospital, each out to those in jail, visit an old folks home? or maybe just download free music and complain about the state of the world and those stupid Christians.

  5. One more thing. If you feel so strongly about your belief. Start your own blog. Offer what you can and quit being Anonymous. Lets see how you impact the world and who shows up to support or detract. And while your at it pour hours of time into it to give people you don't know and seldom show thanks free music. Probably not. I didn't think so. Easy to spout out you negative vibe on someone elses blog and trash someone else. But where is what you have done? Is the glass half empty or half full? Have you belief in God or not given to any of the causes on my site (Kiva Loans, Charity Water) or are you just a taker and a talker? Notice any adds on this site. I only give and gain nothing.

  6. How do I know..? Because you have yet to come to the awareness that there are some things that can befall a person.... even a believer... that are worse than death. And you don't seem to know this. There are SOME PLACES, AZ… that even Christ cannot get to. I know. He will never leave you or forsake you, you think...? Spoken like a truly ignorant piece of medium rare lamb. But that's not your fault. You just haven’t been 'tempted' enough. Because if you had, you would understand what I am talking about. I understand because I have been experienced. In a place worse than death. In unimaginable torment and unspeakable.... UNSPEAKABLE anguish. And I know FROM EXPERIENCE that Christ CANNOT reach you there. Or what may be even worse… He WILL not. Regardless, I am not the only one. I've heard it spoken a few times before by fellow believers who were also sufferers. He will not come. He cannot hear. He will leave you there. Alone. So terribly alone and hopelessly empty. In a place where your feet are constantly slipping out from under you, down into the black abyss of the PIT. And for why..? Because you were tender enough to believe and to care…
    You have no idea, my friend. That's all I wanted to tell you. You with all of your child-like ramblings. And obviously none of them really all that tried or true. I just wanted to tell you that I can see you. That's all, you know.
    We shall meet on that day in the hereafter, I'm quite sure... Where there will be no more need for anonymity.

  7. Wow again you don't know me or what I have gone through. I don't pretend to know you. I just know my God and my Savior and have found Him to be true to His word. You use the word "fellow believers" yet don't speak like one. Perhaps you had it worse than Job? lost your whole family, lost your entire life's work, had health problems beyond description, yet He never turned his back on his faith in God and what happened? God restored him. Look my friend my experience is when I was in my darkest hours and have had no where to turn, I turned to God and he turned those events into the best things that have ever happened to me. I would not trade those events in my life for any sunny day. But thats just me. I must be crazy and foolish. Oh but the bible says that I will appear that way to people. No surprise to me that detractors come out when I testify of my Lord. Easy for you to call me ignorant and deract. Again I ask how have you really followed my Lord? So my friend again I say what is it you are doing to make this a better place other than just being bitter toward anyone who has a belief in God? Again I say have you fed any homeless people latley, visit any people at the hospital, reach out to those in jail, visit an old folks home? or maybe youre just about what God can do for you as if creating you and the planet you live on and the food you eat isn't enough. like I said maybe you just come here to download free music and complain about the state of the world and those stupid and ignorant Christian "medium rare lambs" . Like I said apparently it is not "whatever man" to you. I guess you have a beef and carry a heart of bitterness. Again I say, if you feel so strongly about your beliefs. Start your own blog. Offer what you can and quit being Anonymous. Lets see how you impact the world and see who shows up to support or detract. Make sure you tell me where it is because otherwise I could never find it and come and get enlightened by your great unequaled wisdom. And again I say this. it's easy to spout out your negative vibe on someone elses blog and trash someone else. But where is what you have done? Is the glass half empty or half full? Have you given to any of the causes on my site (Kiva Loans, Charity Water) or are you just a taker and a talker? If you don't like what I say don't read it. Oh that would just ruin my blog. I'm sure if you (the guy who contributes so much) didn't come here then no one would. Oh and you think you are going to meet me on that day in the hereafter and be concerned about me and this discusion? This won't even matter. You will be on your face in awe of the one who created it all and thats about all you will be focused on. Maybe you really don't know Him. Because if you did you would know that.

  8. You know I'm sorry if I sound harsh. But so many act like they have walked the walk, but when trouble comes they turn on my Lord. He says trouble will come. But if you bless others you will be blessed. Not if you focus on your self and your circumstances you will be blessed. You focus on the storm and you will sink. Focus on Jesus you will be able to walk on the waves. What is focus on Jesus? It means to give and sacrifice like He did. Lay down your life for anyone lately? He does not want you or anyone to go to Hell. In fact he says literally "over my dead body".

  9. "Thou shalt not steal"
    Why are you stealing from artists
    who don't want their music bootlegged?
    All of the music you are giving away
    violates copyright law. Maybe 10%
    of the artists you feature have said its OK.
    Do the the wishes of most of the artists
    & American or Biblical laws not apply to you?

  10. I don't see it that way. But if any one wants me to remore a post I will and have in the past. Many of the artist featured here I would not know of if people had not shared with me. And then I have bought their albums and gone to their concerts. So anonymous. Are you still the same one with a problem that commented above? And how did you find my blog? Music sites? Coming here to download? Yea I thought so.

  11. Anonymous. If you don't like the Christian content. Don't read it. If you don't like the sharing of music don't come here. 99% of the people who come here come from other music sharing sites. I have tools to see where referals and links are from. Many of the people like the alternative that I offer. If you don't like my site go to one of the ones that has naked girls instead.

  12. "I don't see it that way"
    Of course you don't.
    Its all relative.
    Like with the Bible.
    Righteous folks pick and
    choose what they want to believe,
    and try not to think about how,
    unbelievable and immoral the
    rest of it is.
    The guy above seems to have been
    abused in his attempts to find peace
    through religion.
    Its too bad, but unfortunately is common.
    That's why I hate religious self-righteousness,
    and the tendency to judge the non-religious.
    Its the thing conservative Christians share
    with conservative Muslims. A nasty business.

    Yes, I got sidetracked here in my search for
    naked girls. Thanks for your concern.

  13. Oh please. Who said I'm religious or righteous? Do you know what Christianity is? It is not a religion. Religion is created by man to get to God, and is about what I do. Christianity is Gods way to restore relationship and has nothing to do with what I do, because its all about what He did. Admiting I'm flawed and need a savior is not "self-righteous". It is sayng I'm not righteous and being humble enough to see it. I'm not judging you. You make up your own mind. This was aimed at those who already belive. You are the one who is making judgment and being a hypocrite. You are talking about not sharing music yet you are here to get it. I know you did not come to read Christian stuff just so you could bash it. Or did you? by the way if you knbew anything about Christianity you would know that as Paul said "all things are lawful for me, just all things are not profitable for the cause." We no longer come under the law. Read Colosians the whole book is about staying free of bondage to rules and regulations. Sure I run stop signs too. If I get busted thats my choice to take the risk. all of the Apostles broke the law by spreading christianity and all were jailed and most put to death. So breaking mans laws is certainly not against my faith. so if you are going to condem and judge at least know what you are talking about. oh and one more thing the Bible is not relative. It is clear and does not contradict. It says their is one truth, one way, one God. You don't have to believe it but you don't know what you are talking about when you say it is relative.

  14. Oh and as far as "unbelivable and un-moral" Wow. where do you get this stuff. The beliefs in the bible are the most moral thing that has ever hit this earth. And as far as unbelievable. That you exist is what is unbeliveable, that this planet spins in it's perfect speed at it's perfect distance from the sun, and that it has a perfect balance of oxygen and CO2. And that the symbyotic relationships between creatures helps keep the balance. One could not have evolved without the other. That is unbelievable. Unbelievable that it just happened on it's own without a creator.
    fact is the creation speaks of a creator and he created with a purpose. You can choose to not follow the purpose for you but it is foolishness. Live for just this life and then die with no reason for being. or live for eternal life with the purpose of the creator in mind. One has nor reason or purpose and is thus immoral (after all we are just evolved animals so why not act like an animal). Or follow Gods plan to eternity in which case you have a calling to love your neighbor, enemy, brother, and sacrifice for others. Man you too must have been hurt by some "religious types" to have so much anti Christian bitterness. Sorry but I'm not the one who hurt you. In fact I love you enough to tell you the truth and take the heat that comes with it. Sorry you see it as something else. Anyway, why do you come here. Just to put down? If so, what a shallow thing. Have you really looked at this blog? Giving free music with no adds for self gain. Sites to reach out to those in need http://arizjones.blogspot.com/search/label/A%20Place%20To%20Give and sharing cool places to hike and mountain bike. And so you disagree with my theology, why all the hate brother? As John Lennon said "Let it be" if you don't agree don't read it anymore. If you don't like trading free music don't come here anymore. I will miss the insults but thats OK.

  15. One more thing. Immoral Christians? Oh don't do that Immoral thing by feeding the homeless you naughty Christians. Don't do that immoral thing by helping those in need. Last I looked at the food bank and mission in my town the Christians were the only ones there helping people who are homless and hungry because of this economy and I did not hear the ones getting help calling them immoral. That in a nut shell is Christianity. Love your fellow man by giving up some of your time and money with nothing expected in return. Sacraficial love. How Immoral!