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Monday, February 14, 2011

Tony Rice Unit with Jerry Douglas, 6-29-1991

This is another great Tony Rice Unit show but this one has the great Jerry Douglas as a guest along with J.D. Crowe. The filler at the end is an all-star jam with the two best dobro players you will ever hear playing together. I think that it is very rare and worth a listen.

Tony Rice Unit w/ Jerry Douglas & J. D. Crowe
Frontier Ranch
Etna, Ohio
June 29, 1991

Tony Rice - Guitar
Wyatt Rice - Guitar
Jimmy Gaudreau - Mandolin
Ricky Simpkins - Fiddle
Ronny Simpkins – Bass
Jerry Douglas – Dobro
J. D. Crowe - Banjo

1. Tuning
2. Nine Pound Hammer
3. On A Winters Night
4. Dusty Miller
5. Band Intros
6. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
7. Salt Creek
8. Darcy Farrell
9. Little Sadie
10. Blue Railroad Train
11. – Enter J. D. Crowe –
12. Blue Ridge Cabin Home
13. Flint Hill Special
14. Ain’t Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone
15. You Don't Know My Mind
16. Footprints In The Snow
17. Sally Goodin
18. Crowd, Band Intros
19. Shadows
20. Your Love Is Like A Flower
21. Shuckin’ The Corn

Time: 73:55

Late Night Jam Set – Partial

Bluegrass Album Band w/ Guests
J. D. Crowe – Banjo
Tony Rice – Guitar
John Starling – Guitar
Lou Reid - Guitar
Jerry Douglas – Dobro
Mike Aldridge – Dobro
John Duffey - Mandolin

1. Big Spike Hammer
2. - Set Change -
3.Carolina Palms
4. Treasures Untold
5. Mean Mother Blues
6. The Fields Have Turned Brown //

Time: 19:03

The partial late night set was filler after the TRU set.

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  1. Hey AZ. This is ALMOST better than a valentine's smooch from my bride!!! You know how much I love this music, and Mike and Jerry are my two favorite Dobro players as well. Thanks more than I can say,