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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Van Morrison, Montreux 7-10-1980

A very fine show from Van Morrison, and a nice recording.  It sounds like it is a radio broadcast or soundboard. 
Van Morrison
01.Wavelength (7:41)
02.Kingdom Hall (4:22)
03.And It Stoned Me (3:59)
04.Troubadors (5:52)
05.Spirit (9:06)
06.Joyous Sound (2:51)
07.Satisfied (6:57)
08.Ballerina (7:10)
09.Summertime In England (10:03)
10.Moondance (4:03)
11.Haunts Of Ancient Peace (7:48)
12.Wild Night (3:23)

01.Listen To The Lion (7:01)
02.Tupelo Honey (8:17)
03.Angelou (9:11)
Bonus tracks:
Lions Share
San Enselmo, CA
04.Everybody's Talking (6:35)
05.Help Me (6:15)
06.I've Been Working (6:02)
07.Into The Mystic (scat version) (10:48)
08.Caravan (8:47)
09.I Just Want To Make Love To You (8:46)
10.Hard Nose The Highway (7:13)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Jeff Beck, Tokyo 2-09-2009

This is an excellent recording of Jeff Beck.  As usual, just amazing guitar by one of the great guitar players of all time.
Jeff Beck
NHK Hall
Feb 9, 2009
Jeff Beck(guitar)
Tal Wilkenfeld(bass)
Vinnie Colaiuta(drums)
David Sancious(keyboards)

2.Beck's Bolero
3.The Pump
4.Eternity's Breath@
5.You Never Know
6.'Cause We've Ended As Lovers
7.Behind The Veil
8.Blast From The East
11.Led Boots
13.Space Boogie
14.Goodbye Pork Pie Hat / Brush With The Blues
15.A Day In The Life
16.Band Intro
17.Blue Wind
1.Where Were You
2.Big Block
3.Scottish One
4.Peter Gunn Theme

Jethro Tull, Upper Darby, PA, 11-25-1987 (FM)

This is an old favorite of mine.  I had a tape of it back in the day, and listened to it quit a bit.  Great quality and great versions of classic Jethro Tull songs. 
Jethro Tull
Upper Darby, PA
November 25,1987
Improved Version
Disc 1 (59:55)
1-Intro (DJ & IA backstage)
2-Songs From The Wood
3-Thick As A Brick
4-Steel Monkey
5-Farm On The Freeway
6-Heavy Horses
7-Living In The Past
8-Serenade To A Cuckoo
10-Hunting Girl
Disc 2 (57:15)
1-Bach Violin Concerto in E (Third Movement): Peggy & Martin
2-Keyboard/Drum Duet
3-Wond'ring Aloud
4-Skating Away
5-Jump Start
6-Band Intro
7-Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll
9-Locomotive Breath
10-Thick As A Brick (outro)
11-DJ Banter
12-Wind Up

Bluegrass Sessions, with Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, 9-05-1999 (FM)

This show is some of the finest bluegrass playing you will hear.  And the recording is amazing.  These guys are all some of the best of bluegrass.
Bluegrass Sessions, with Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas
Fall Strawberry Music Festival
Camp Mather
Yosemite, California
--- cd 1/2 (79:01) ---
01 blue mountain
02 ginseng sullivan
03 wheel hoss
04 polka on the ol' banjo
05 c medley
06 spanish point
07 whitehouse blues
08 hide and go seek
09 leather britches
10 sailing shoes >
   crossroads >
   sailing shoes
11 brown county breakdown
--- cd 2/2 (79:36) ---
01 waltz
02 [talk - introductions]
03 valley of the roague
04 same old river
05 cincinati rag
06 i know u're married
07 [talk]
08 major honker
09 catmandu
10 salty dog
11 whitewater
12 dallas outro
13 khog outro
Bela Fleck (banjo)
Sam Bush (mandolin)
Jerry Douglas (dobro),
Mark Shatz (bass)
Gabe Witcher (fiddle)
Brian Sutton (guitar)
Witcher replaced Stuart Duncan, Sutton replaced Tony Rice
This is to promote the album, Bela Fleck, Tales From The Acoustic Planet, The Bluegrass Sessions.
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Joe Walsh, Fountain Valley, CA, 7-04-90 (FM Broadcast)

It's been 24 years now since I taped this free 4th of July concert that was broadcast on KLOS.  There was a fireworks show after the concert.  This is off my master taped from the radio that day live.  Sorry about the abrupt start. 
Joe Walsh, 7-04-90
Mile Square Park
Fountain Valley, CA
Free Concert
KLOS Radio Broadcast
FM Broadcast
01 The Bomber
02 Band Intros
03 Survival In The City
04 Funk #49
05 Bad Joke
06 Rocky Mountain Way
07 DJ Chater
08 If I Was The President Rap
09 Life's Been Good To Me So Far
10 Crowd noise
11 Going Down*
12 Pledge to Drive Safe
13 All Night Long*
14 Crowd noise & DJ chater
15 Star Spangle Banner
16 Station ID
*Special Guest, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter
Mp3 320k

Arizona Jones' daughter's artwork

I shared a bunch of my artwork in the past.  But I guess the apples don't fall too far from the tree.  Here is a thing my seventh grade daughter drew for a class project (some report about a famous person or people).  The most amazing thing is she did it in ONE day!  Sorry for the distorted image due to the camera angle.  This is a poster in size, done in pencil. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jethro Tull, Manchester, England, 2-05-1977 (soundboard)

There is a recording of this show PRRP054 that is around stating it is a soundboard that came from a road crew member.  Well, after comparing I would say this is not that recording.  In fact I believe this sounds far superior to that.  
Jethro Tull
Apollo Theatre
Manchester, England
February 5th 1977
Disc 1
Wondr'ing Aloud 
Skating Away 
Thick As A Brick 
Songs From The Wood
Instrumental-Drum Solo 
To Cry You A Song 
A New Day Yesterday >
Flute Solo >
Living In The Past >
A New Day Yesterday (reprise)
Velvet Green 
Disc 2
Hunting Girl 
Too Old To Rock'N'Roll 
Beethoven's Ninth Symphony 
Minstrel In The Gallery 
Guitar Solo
Wind-Up >
Back Door Angels >
Wind-Up (repise) 
Locomotive Breath >
Land Of Hope and Glory 
Back Door Angels (reprise)

Ian Anderson - vocals, flute, guitar
Martin Barre - guitar
John Glascock - bass guitar
Barriemore Barlow - drums
John Evan - keyboards
David Palmer - keyboards, saxophone

Derek Trucks Band, 10-13-01

Here is another real nice sounding Derek Trucks Band show. This is one of my favorites. What blows my mind is that this has been on the Archive for years (first reviewed in 2003)and has only been downloaded 843 times. This show is a gem so don't miss it!
Oct. 13, 2001
VisuLite Theatre, Charlotte, NC

Disc 1
Preachin' Blues, Kam-Ma-Lay
B-2 Boogaloo, Ruthless
Shorter, Don't Change Horses
Maki Madni > Yield Not to Temptation
Afro Blue
Disc Two:
Like Anyone Else
Ain't That Lovin' You
Crawfish, Big Head Salsa
For My Brother
Soul Serenade > Rastaman Chant
Joyful Noise, Cissy Strut >
Lively Up Yourself
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Ronnie Earl, 11-27-2010

This was sent to me by Laker Crazy. If you go on the chat box at Bootleg Tunz World you will run into him there. This is a very fine recording. I don't usually post audience recordings but this one is great. Laker Crazy made the covers also. Very Cool! Anyway if you like the blues Ronnie Earl is one of the best so give this one a listen. And tell laker Crazy thanks!

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters
Iron Horse Music Hall
Northampton, MA

Audience Source: (FOB, Center, 5' From Stage)
Sounds very nice!


1. Intro
2. Ethan's Song
3. Happy
4. Blues For Bone
5. Moanin'
6. Ronnie Talking
7. Wolf Dance
8. Mardi Gras In New Orleans
9. S.O.S.
10. Spann's Groove
11. Ain't Nobody's Business
12. Blues For Dr. Donna
13. San-Ho-Zay
14. Blues For Henry
15. Blues For The West Side
16. Travelin' Heavy
17. Ronnie Introduces The Band
18. Backstroke
19. Pastorale
20. Eddie's Gospel Groove
21. River Charles Blues
22. Miracle
23. Ronnie Talking
24. Bobby's Bop
25. Chitlins Con Carne
26. I Am With You

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Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters 3-17-1988 and 5-04-1990

Here are two super fine recordings of a great blues band, Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters. If you want to put a smile on your face listen to this. This is how the blues should sound. And the recording quality of these is just top notch.
Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters
OT Price’s
Santa Cruz, Ca.
March 17, 1988

Ronnie Earl- guitar
Steve Gomes- bass
Richard Reed- organ
Per Hanson- drums
Darrel Nulisch- harp, vocals

2nd set Guests
Grady Gaines- sax
Joe “Guitar” Hughes- guitar/vocal
James “Thunderbird” Davis-vocal
Big Robert Smith- vocals
Teddy Reynolds- vocals
And more…Paul-trombone..John Terry-drums, Michael Dorgan-bass….

Disc One (first set)
1. Backstroke
2. Blues For Bone
3. It’s My Soul
4. Ships Passing In the Night
5. I’m Just a Bad Boy
6. Come See Me Early In the Morning
7. T-Bone Boogie
8. Lucky Man (I Want to Shout About It)
9. It Was Never There
10. Tell Me Pretty Baby (Love At First Sight)( title?)
11. I Found Me a New Love (end cut)
12. I Don’t Believe
13. Instrumental set closer / band intros

Disc Two (second set)
1. Instrumental (featuring Grady Gaines-sax)
2. Further On Up the Road (featuring Joe “Guitar” Hughes)
3. Blue Monday (featuring James “Thunderbird” Davis)
4. ??????? (featuring Joe “Guitar” Hughes- vocal)
5. Shake Rattle & Roll (featuring Big Robert Smith)
6. Stormy Monday (featuring Big Robert Smith)
7. She’s Dynamite
8. I Just Play It Cool
9. Stop Your Runnin’ Round On Me
10. Shaggy Dog (featuring Teddy Reynolds) END CUT

Download links

Earl, Ronnie and the Broadcasters

Ronnie Earl: guitar
Darrell Nulisch: vocals
Steve Gomes: Bass
Per Hanson: Drums
Tony Simonni: Organ

Bobby Radcliff guesting on tracks D1,#14 and much of set 2.

Disc 1
01. I Wish You Could See Me Now
02. My Soul
03. Piece Of Mind
04. Got Me Where You Want Me
05. How Long, How Long
06. Wayward Angel
07. Lucky Man
08. The Only Thing I Know To Do
09. T-Bone Boogie Woogie
10. No Use Cryin
11. Just Can't Cry No More (Start Cut)
12. Soul That's Been Abused
13. What Have I Done Wrong
14. I Just Got To Know

Disc 2
01. Guitar Blues 1
02. Guitar Blues 2
03. Love At First Sight
04. You Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone (Encore, start cut)
05. Inst.
06. Regal Park Blues
07. Soul Serenade
08. I Need You So Bad

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Allman Brothers Band, Philadelphia, 8-22-92

Allman Brothers Band
Mann Music Center
Philadelphia,  PA
CD 1: 
1. introduction 
2. Don't Want You No More > 
3. It's Not My Cross To Bear 
4. Statesboro Blues 
5. Blue Sky 
6. Nobody Knows 
7. Don't Keep Me Wonderin' 
8. Black Hearted Woman 
9. Seven Turns (acoustic) 
10. Midnight Rider (acoustic) 
11. Southbound (acoustic) 
12. Melissa (acoustic) 
13. Stage banter 
 CD 2:  
14. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad (acoustic)
15. Acoustic slide 
16. Slide Guitar intro > 
17. Hoochie Coochie Man 
18. Get On With Your Life 
19. Jessica 
20. Revival 
21. band introduction 
22. One Way Out 
23. Dreams 
24. Whipping Post
Mp3 320k

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, 5-31-1991

I have had a lot of requests to refresh the links for Ronnie Earl shows, so I will post a few.  I stopped blogging due to lack of time keeping this stuff up.  I am going to be going at a slow pace because this blog is not a top priority in my life.

Here is what I originally wrote when I posted this back in early 2011.

Well I have had a good response to the Ronnie Earl posts, and I have really gotten into him as of late. So here is another recording of the great but often overlooked blues guitarist. This came with really not much of a set list and I put it together the best I could. If you could help with the set list, well thanks in advance.

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters .... May 31, 1991
Studio KAFE, Santa Rosa, California, U.S.A.
with Sugar Ray Norcia
Lineage: "SBD/FM"

Length: 11 tracks = 96:08 minutes
Set List:
01 - ???> ???
02 - ???
03 - No More Chances
04 - That Ain't It
05 - That's When My Soul Comes Around
06 - Ain't No Need To Go No Further > Thats Alright
07 - Soul Searchin
08 - Never Be Alone
09 - Surrounded By Love
10 - F. Lee Bailey
11 - ???

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