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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Farewell to Wilton Felder. Sad news of the Crusaders, Wilton Felder's passing yesterday

I got the news yesterday that Wilton Felder, the sax player from the Crusaders passed away.  The Crusaders were a big part of the soundtrack of my life in the 70s and 80s and still today I listen to their music.   Wilton Felder, saxophonist for the fabled Crusaders. Mr. Felder was 75.

I was lucky to see the Crusaders several times in a time I would call their peak (early to mid 1970s) and something about their music just hit me right.  Jazzy yet still with a melody.  Funky and soulful, yet with a feel of comfort and laid back blues.  Not only did Felder play in the Crusaders but he appeared on albums  by Joni Mitchell, America, Seals and Croft,  Billy Joel, Michael Franks, Tom Scott and The LA Express, Randy Newman, Joan Baez, and John Cale.  And he even collaborated with Bobby Womack and had several solo albums.  So farewell Wilton, you will be missed.  Thanks for adding the soul and cool to so many recordings.  For more about the Crusaders here is a link to some of their live recordings.  http://arizjones.blogspot.com/search/label/Crusaders

Bluegrass Allstars, Etna, Oh, 7-30-94 (SBD)

I felt this one was worth bringing back for an encore, so I refreshed the link.

Here is another great Bluegrass allstar lineup. This one is from 1994. I don't need to say more than, Bela Fleck, Tony Rice, Tim O'Brien, Mark Shatz, and Bobby Hicks.

Acoustic Allstars
Frontier Ranch
Etna, OH

Epic lineup:
Bela Fleck
Tony Rice
Bobby Hicks
Tim O'Brien
Mark Shatz

Blue Night
Big Mon
Darlin' Cory
Sweet Sunny South
Browns Ferry Blues
Home Sweet Home
Cheeseballs In Cowtown
Walk The Way Th Wind Blows
Flora, The Lilly Of The West
Hold To A Dream
I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open From Now On
That's What I like About Her
Untold Stories
Whitewater (a.k.a. Lawnmower)

Lands End
Cheat Steal And Lie

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Golden State Country Bluegrass Festival, San Rafel, CA. April 27th and 28th, 1974 (SBD)

Here is a cool bit of history. This is four CDs of a bluegrass festival from Marin County that has Jerry Garcia, Vassar Clements, David Grisman, Doc Watson, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Emmylou Harris, Taj Mahal, John Hartford and a bunch more. Garcia plays in the five Old And In The Way songs but is also in a buch of others. He is in close to thirty songs of this festival.
Golden State Country Bluegrass Festival
Golden State College, San Rafael, CA
1974-04-27 & 28
Golden State College
San Rafael, CA

01: Old Joe Clark(Cornbread)
02: I Don't Believe You Met My Baby(Cornbread)
03: Fire On The Mountain(Cornbread)
04: I've Been Everywhere(Homestead Act)
05: Take Five(Homestead Act)
06: Way Down In Georgia(Homestead Act)
07: Chime Bells(Homestead Act)
08: Diggy Liggy Lo(Homestead Act)
09: The Foggy Mountain Breakdown(Homestead Act)
10: Jambalaya(Emmylou Harris with Angel Band)
11: Instrumental(Tut Taylor And Norman Blake)
12: Southern Railroad Blues(Tut Taylor and Norman Blake)
13: Footprints Through The Snow(Doc & Merle Watson)
14: Man Walking On The Water > Keep on the Sunny Side(Doc & Merle Watson)
15: Wabash Cannonball(Doc & Merle Watson)
16: Mule's Done Gone Away(Jim And Jesse McReynolds)
17: Are You Missing Me(Jim And Jesse McReynolds)
18: Poor Boy Blues(Doc & Merle Watson)
19: Wabash Cannonball(Doc & Merle Watson)
20: Salt Creek(Doc & Merle Watson)
21: Tennessee Stud(Doc & Merle Watson)
22: My Plastic Banana is Not Stupid(Great American String Band,Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Richard Green, Taj Mahal, David Nichtern)
23: Dawg's Rag(Great American String Band,Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Richard Green, Taj Mahal, David Nichtern)
24: I'll Be The Gambler If You'll Deal The Cards(Great American String Band,Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Richard Green, Taj Mahal, David Nichtern)

01: Sweet Georgia Brown(Great American String Band Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Richard Green, Taj Mahal, David Nichtern)
02: Bear Tracks(The Hired Hands)
03: Standin' On The Mountain(Buck White And The Down Homers)
04: Pick Away(Jim And Jesse McReynolds And The Virginea Boys)
05: Cotton Mill Man(Jim And Jesse McReynolds And The Virginea Boys)
06: The River Of Jordan(Jim And Jesse McReynolds And The Virginea Boys)
07: Mabeline(Great American String Band,Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Richard Green, Taj Mahal, David Nichtern)
08: Johnny B. Goode(Great American String Band,Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Richard Green, Taj Mahal, David Nichtern)
09: Dueling Banjo's(Jim & Jesse McReynolds and The Virginia Boys)
10: Instrumental(Norman Blake)
11: Intrumental(Norman Blake)
12: The Wreck Of The Old 97(Tut Taylor,Norman Blake, & Mac Wiseman)
13: Catfish John(Tut Taylor,Norman Blake, & Mac Wiseman)
14: Love Letters In The Sand(Tut Taylor,Norman Blake, & Mac Wiseman)
15: Shackles And Chains(Tut Taylor,Norman Blake, & Mac Wiseman)
16: Prisoner Song(Tut Taylor,Norman Blake, & Mac Wiseman)
17: Jimmy Brown(Tut Taylor,Norman Blake, & Mac Wiseman)
18: I Wonder How the Old Folks Are At Home(Tut Taylor,Norman Blake, & Mac Wiseman)
19: Man Walkin' On The Water(Tut Taylor,Norman Blake, & Mac Wiseman)
20: Keep On The Sunny Side(Tut Taylor,Norman Blake, & Mac Wiseman)
21: Jesus Loves His Mandolin Player #1(Frank Wakefield with Jerry Garcia)
22: Heartbreak Hotel(Frank Wakefield with Jerry Garcia)
23: Orange Blossom Special(Frank Wakefield with Jerry Garcia)
24: Doc Bog's Country Blues(Doc & Merle Watson)
25: Movin' On(Doc & Merle Watson)
26: Wabash Cannonball(Doc & Merle Watson)
27: Tennessee Stud(Doc & Merle Watson)

Disc 3
01: Talking Fishing Blues(Ramblin' Jack Elliot)
02: Don't Think Twice, It's Alright(Ramblin' Jack Elliot)
03: Down The Line(Ramblin' Jack Elliot)
04: Pretty Boy Floyd(Ramblin' Jack Elliot)
05: Dixie Breakdown(Doug Dillard & Frank Wakefield)
06: Tulane And Johnny(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia
07: Cosmic Cowboy(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia
08: Jambalaya(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia
09: Sally Goodin(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia
10: Battle Of New Orleans(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia
11: Teardrops In My Eyes(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia
12: Bonie Maronie(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia
13: Randy Lynn Rag(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia
14: Flint Hill Special(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia
15: Mr. Bojangles(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia
16: Honky Tonkin'(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia
17: Diggy Liggy Lo(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia
18: Will The Circle Be Unbroken(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia
19: Way Downtown Fooling Around(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia
20: Down Yonder(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jerry Garcia

Disc 4
01: High Lonesome Sound(Old And In The Way)
02: Pig In A Pen(Old And In The Way)
03: Panama Red(Old And In The Way)
04: Wild Horses(Old And In The Way)
05: The Hobo Song(Old And In The Way)
06: Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie(John Hartford & Friends)
07: Turn Your Radio On(John Hartford & Friends)
08: Electric Washing Machine(John Hartford & Friends)
09: Skippin' In The Mississippi Dew(John Hartford & Friends)
10: Boogie > Jelly Bean Psychedelic Song (John Hartford & Friends)
11: Steam Powered Aereo Plane (John Hartford & Friends)
12: Wheel Hoss(John Hartford & Friends)
13: Peacock Rag(John Hartford & Friends)
14: Foggy Mountain Breakdown(John Hartford & Friends)
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Gospel Sunday at Telluride, 6-25-89


Someone requested I bring this back.  So here is a little Gospel Bluegrass. This is from the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in 1989.

Telluride Bluegrass Festival
Telluride CO

Total Time:70:13.22
01 Intro
02 Walkin’ to Jerusalem Just Like John
03 Were You There?
04 In the Garden
05 Jesus on the Mainline
06 Dark as a Dungeon
07 Keep on the Sunny Side
08 All On A Rising Day
09 Motherless Child
10 Man at the Well
11 intros
12 Tears of God
13 Amazing Grace ^
14 Will The Circle Be Unbroken (with Tim and Molly O’Brien)
15 applause
16 I Saw the Light

The Players:
Maura O’Connell
John Cowan
Chris Daniels
Pat Flynn
Jonell Mosser
Peter Rowan
Dan Sadowski
Russell Smith
Randy Saunders
Victor Wooten
^ Tim & Molly O’Brien

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Grateful Dead and New Riders and Joan Baez, 12-31-1981 (SBD)

This is my favorite New Years concert that I attended. I posted it five years ago but all the links are long since dead, so I felt it was a good one to bring back.  And this is as complete a record of the show as you will find anywhere.
        I left late at night on the 27th after my work shift and drove alone up to Oakland from Southern Cal. I went alone because some of my friends went ahead and some could only come for the New Years show. I went up without any tickets in hand and I arrived in Oakland very early on the morning of 28th and proceeded to total my car due to brake failure (poor maintenance on my part). I T-boned a Ford Pinto with my 74 Toyota Corolla several blocks away from the Oakland Auditorium. Luckily no one was hurt so left my car in a yellow zone and walk to the Auditorium. When I arrived the people who were cleaning up the Auditorium from the show the night before were coming out of the building. A nice guy named Ray Augustine that I had met through mutual friends came out and proceeded to give me a ticket for that nights show. Things started looking up. Soon I found my friends dog Althea and followed it to my friend Rob's tent in the park. We salvaged what we could from my car and then went to the show that night. I slept in a tent the rest of my stay in the park right in front of the Oakland Auditorium. And it rained and rained. The 29th was a day between shows and I went back to were my car was and it had not been towed. So I had it towed to a junk yard. The 30th I again was able to get a ticket and saw the show (great first set). On the 31st it was raining a lot and I had no tickets and had five friends who came up without tickets. I bought a ticket to the BART train and hung out in the station and found six tickets at face value from Dead Heads as they came off the trains. So I was in and my friends were too. We entered the building as early as we could to get out of the rain. The New Riders were an opening act and as I remember they had some other things to keep us entertained like jugglers and such. When you listen to the new riders show you will hear them state that it was still four hours until midnight. Joan Baez came out and did some solo acoustic tunes and then one by one the Grateful Dead joined her. First the drummers for a Arabic new years song and then Bob Weir on Acoustic guitar. When Jerry came out he picked up and acoustic guitar and started to strum it and nothing came out. He looked upset and proceeded to pick up his electric guitar. So the acoustic set did not appear to turn out as planned. Then there was a long set break and then the real show started with a fantastic first set full of treats like one of the first Big Boss Man's played since 1972, and special guest Matt Kelly on harmonica as well as another appearance of Joan Baez. As new years eave approached Ken Kesey came down on a cable from the ceiling and was hanging above the stage standing on a cable that went off horizontally into the rafters. he talked about the old days and lead the whole crowd in a mass hyperventilation, and then the countdown. At twelve Bill Graham wearing an skeleton mask and dressed as Uncle Sam rode a giant joint down to the stage and the band started their second electric set with Iko Iko. After this there was another set break and then band came out and played the first Dark Star since January of 1979 (and they would only play one more in he next eight years). The show ended with Jerry and Joan Baez singing All Over Baby Blue, and they told us to stick around for breakfast. I left the building as the sun was coming up and started the new years without a car and needing a ride home but still happy as ever. This was not the best performance ever.  Sure there are flaws. But it was a great time and one I won't forget. The cover artwork I drew myself back in the day (an Arizona Jones original).
Grateful Dead (with opening acts)
Oakland Auditorium
Oakland, CA
New Riders of the Purple Sage
01: Henry
02: Night For Making Love
03: The Way She Dances
04: Dirty Business
05: Full Moon At Midnight
06: Up Against The Wall Redneck
07: Minglewood Blues
08: Panama Red
09: Last Lonely Eagle

John Dawson - guitar
David Nelson - guitars
Buddy Cage - pedal steel
Allen Kemp - bass
Patrick Shanahan - drums
Total Time 48:51
Joan Baez Solo Set:
01 - Land Of A Thousand Dances
02 - Do Right Woman
03 - The Boxer
04 - Tunisian New Year Song

GD Acoustic Set (w/ Joan Baez):
05 - Me and Bobby McGee
06 - Bye Bye Love
07 - Lucifer's Eyes
08 - Children Of The 80's
09 - Banks Of The Ohio
Electric Set 1:
01 - Shakedown Street
02 - Me And My Uncle
03 - Mexicali Blues
04 - Cold Rain And Snow
05 - C C Rider*
06 - It Must Have Been The Roses**
07 - Beat It On Down The Line
08 - Big Boss Man*
09 - New Minglewood Blues*
10 - Don't Ease Me In
Electric Set 2:
01 - Ken Kesey Banter/Midnight Countdown
02 - Iko Iko
03 - Playing In The Band ->
04 - Terrapin Station ->
05 - Playing In The Band ->
06 - Drums
01 - Space ->
02 - The Other One ->
03 - Not Fade Away#  ->
04 - Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad# ->
05 - Morning Dew

Electric Set 3:
06 - Dark Star ->
07 - Bertha ->
08 - Good Lovin'
09 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue**
* with Matthew Kelly
** with Joan Baez
# with John Cipolina
All are Mp3/320k except Joan Baez and acoustic are mp3/vbr