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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Grateful Dead and New Riders and Joan Baez, 12-31-1981

This is my favorite New Years concert that I attended. And this is as complete a record of the show as you will find anywhere. I left late at night on the 27th after my work shift and drove alone up to Oakland from Southern Cal. I went alone because some of my friends went ahead and some could only come for the New Years show. I went up without any tickets in hand and I arrived in Oakland very early on the morning of 28th and proceeded to total my car due to brake failure (poor maintenance on my part). I T-boned a Ford Pinto with my 74 Toyota Corolla several blocks away from the Oakland Auditorium. Luckily no one was hurt so left my car in a yellow zone and walk to the Auditorium. When I arrived the people who were cleaning up the Auditorium from the show the night before were coming out of the building. A nice guy named Ray Augustine that I had met through mutual friends came out and proceeded to give me a ticket for that nights show. Things started looking up. Soon I found my friends dog Althea and followed it to my friend Rob's tent in the park. We salvaged what we could from my car and then went to the show that night. I slept in a tent the rest of my stay in the park right in front of the Oakland Auditorium. And it rained and rained. The 29th was a day between shows and I went back to were my car was and it had not been towed. So I had it towed to a junk yard. The 30th I again was able to get a ticket and saw the show (great first set). On the 31st it was raining a lot and I had no tickets and had five friends who came up without tickets. I bought a ticket to the BART train and hung out in the station and found six tickets at face value from Dead Heads as they came off the trains. So I was in and my friends were too. We entered the building as early as we could to get out of the rain. The New Riders were an opening act and as I remember they had some other things to keep us entertained like jugglers and such. When you listen to the new riders show you will hear them state that it was still four hours until midnight. Joan Baez came out and did some solo acoustic tunes and then one by one the Grateful Dead joined her. First the drummers for a Arabic new years song and then Bob Weir on Acoustic guitar. When Jerry came out he picked up and acoustic guitar and started to strum it and nothing came out. He looked upset and proceeded to pick up his electric guitar. So the acoustic set did not appear to turn out as planned. Then there was a long set break and then the real show started with a fantastic first set full of treats like one of the first Big Boss Man's played since 1972, and special guest Matt Kelly on harmonica as well as another appearance of Joan Baez. As new years eave approached Ken Keasy came down on a cable from the ceiling and was hanging above the stage standing on a cable that went off horizontally into the rafters. he talked about the old days and lead the whole crowd in a mass hyperventilation, and then the countdown. At twelve Bill Graham wearing an skeleton mask and dressed as Uncle Sam rode a giant joint down to the stage and the band started their second electric set with Iko Iko. After this there was another set break and then band came out and played the first Dark Star since January of 1979 (and they would only play one more in he next eight years). The show ended with Jerry and Joan Baez singing All Over Baby Blue, and they told us to stick around for breakfast. I left the building as the sun was coming up and started the new years without a car and needing a ride home but still happy as ever. This was not the best performace ever. Sure there are flaws. But it was a great time and one I won't forget. The cover artwork I drew myself back in the day (an Arizona Jones original).

Grateful Dead (with opening acts)
Oakland Auditorium
Oakland, CA

New Riders of the Purple Sage
01: Henry
02: Night For Making Love
03: The Way She Dances
04: Dirty Business
05: Full Moon At Midnight
06: Up Against The Wall Redneck
07: Minglewood Blues
08: Panama Red
09: Last Lonely Eagle

John Dawson - guitar
David Nelson - guitars
Buddy Cage - pedal steel
Allen Kemp - bass
Patrick Shanahan - drums
Total Time 48:51

Joan Baez Solo Set:
01 - Land Of A Thousand Dances
02 - Do Right Woman
03 - The Boxer
04 - Tunisian New Year Song

Acoustic Set (w/ Joan Baez):
05 - Me & Bobby McGee
06 - Bye Bye Love
07 - Lucifer's Eyes
08 - Children Of The 80's
09 - Banks Of The Ohio Electric Set 1:
01 - Shakedown Street
02 - Me And My Uncle >
03 - Mexicali Blues
04 - Cold Rain And Snow
05 - C C Rider*
06 - It Must Have Been The Roses** >
07 - Beat It On Down The Line
08 - Big Boss Man* >
09 - New Minglewood Blues*
10 - Don't Ease Me In Electric Set 2:
01 - Ken Kesey Banter/Midnight Countdown
02 - Iko Iko
03 - Playing In The Band >
04 - Terrapin Station >
05 - Playing In The Band >
06 - Drums > 01 - Space >
02 - The Other One# >
03 - Not Fade Away# >
04 - Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad# >
05 - Morning Dew

Electric Set 3:
06 - Dark Star >
07 - Bertha >
08 - Good Lovin'
09 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue**
* with Matthew Kelly
** with Joan Baez
# with John Cipolina

All are Mp3/320k except Joan Baez and acoustic are mp3/vbr
http://www.mediafire.com/?5kr5kkbz8z61btk New Riders,1981-12-31
http://www.mediafire.com/?c9lgbe2giqe8g2b GD 1981-12-31,disc one
http://www.mediafire.com/?52r7748pjyg7inj GD 1881-12-31,disc two
http://www.mediafire.com/?e81l5dj3h2gca64 GD 1881-12-31,disc three
http://www.mediafire.com/?s7p7vuu6qe7jrdv GD 1881-12-31,disc four

Lake Sabrina to Moonlight Lake Backpack Trip

Here is another great Eastern Sierra backpack trip. This one starts at a large lake called Lake Sabrina at 9132 foot elevation. I like this trip because the starting point is so high that there is not very much climbing to get to the good stuff. This trip heads into a lake basin called The Sabrina Basin in the John Muir Wilderness of the Inyo National Forest in California.
When I did this trip it was years ago. So things may have changed a little. When I did this the trail head parking was near the end of Lake Sabrina Road at an intersection with a westbound road that leads to North Lake. You start the hike by walking south up the paved road for about a half mile where you will find a signed trailhead. The trail traverses along open exposed slopes on the east side of Lake Sabrina. Here is a picture of my three female companions and the view as you start out along this ridge. About 1.3 miles from the road there is a trail junction with an east bound trail that leads to George Lake up on Table Mountain. You continue right or south at this junction. You will soon pass the small outlet creek for George Lake and then the trail starts to climb some switch backs. After the switch backs you arrive at Blue Lake at around 10400 foot elevation. This lake is beautiful and if this were the only lake on the trip it would still be worth the short trip. There are great views south across the lake of some dramatic peaks along the Sierra Crest, with a prominent pointed bare spire in the foreground that is close to 12,500 feet tall and Thompson Ridge with Mount Thompson at over 13,400 foot height behind in the back ground. This lake is only a little over 2.5 miles from the road so many day hikers can make this their destination. The trail then crosses the outlet creek of Blue Lake and then heads along the west shore of the lake. After a short way you come to a trail junction. If you head straight it will take you to Donkey Lake and the Baboon Lakes, a worth while side trip if you have the time. I did this on the way back. This is what it looks like up there at one of the lakes. And there is a lot of great stuff to explore using these lakes as a base camp you could go up to Sunset Lake and get a view of the Thompsom Glacier. But our trip takes the right fork and heads west at this junction. After about a mile and a quarter from this trail junction you will get to the largest of the Emerald Lakes about four miles from the road. You pass this lake and continue southwest up over a small rise to Dingleberry Lake at about 10490 foot elevation. You pass this lake along it's east shore and continue up the drainage. Less than a half mile past Dingleberry Lake and about five miles from the road there is a trail junction. If you head south or take the right fork it will take you to beautiful and dramatic Midnight Lake. Midnight Lake is at close to 11,000 foot elevation and is in a bowl surrounded by steep rocky cliffs and ridges and dramatic peaks. I camped here and loved the beautiful play of light off the peaks. I believe that the tall peak reflected in this photo is Mount Darwin at 13,831 feet tall. If you take the left fork of the trail junction below Midnight Lake it takes you to Topsy Turvy Lake where there are some great campsites with fantastic views. If you continue on past Topsey Turvy Lake you will soon reach Hungry Packer Lake at 11,070 foot elevation about 6.3 miles from the road. This lake has a dramatic spire called Picture Peak rising up just south of it making for a beautiful scene. From here it is a short walk west over to Moonlight Lake were the views across the lake to the Jagged Sierra Crest are fantastic. These photos were taken at the outlet of Moonlight Lake and fit together as a panorama. The prominent Peak in the fore ground is Picture Peak with Mount Hackel in the right background and Mount Powell and the Clyde Spires to the Left. Here is a pieced together panorama of the view from this same location as is the one at the start of the post. From here you can continue up the valley to the source of the Middle Fork of Bishop Creek to Echo Lake. If you are really a veteran and experienced back country traveler you could cross the Sierra Crest via this trail less route over Echo Pass and end up in Kings Canyon National Park in the Evolution region. Me I just enjoyed the short walks between the fantastic lakes in this basin and then headed back the way I came. By the way all these lakes have abundant trout if that's your thing. Like all Eastern Sierra trips in wilderness areas permits are required, so plan in advance.
If you want a good map with picture interface this site is great and his photos are real fine http://doors.stanford.edu/~sr/sabrina-2006/map.html

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weather Report, 11-28-78

Here is a pretty sweet radio broadcast of Weather Report from Phoenix Arizona back in 1978. There are two songs missing because they are on an official release. If you have "Live and Unreleased" you could piece it together and have the whole show. Without those songs it is still great.

Weather Report
Phoenix Star Theatre
Phoenix, AZ
november 28, 1978.
radio broadcast

01 River People*
02 Thanks For The Memories
03 Slang
04 Mr. Gone
05 In A Silent Way/Waterfall*
06 Teen Town
07 Birdland
08 Band Introductions
09 Drum Intro/Badia
10 Alfie

* Removed (to be found on 'Live and Unreleased')

Wayne Shorter - soprano and tenor saxophones
Josef Zawinul - keyboards
Jaco Pastorius - electric bass
Peter Erskine - drums

Download Link
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZPMNXQVU Wr 1978-11-28_mp3_320_01.zip
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YOYUKFIX WR 1978-11-28_mp3_320_02.zip

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Little Feat. 6-20-2001

Here is a Little Feat show that is not on the Archive. I have not seen this at any other site so I guess it is an Arizona Jones exclusive. It's a real nice sounding recording and the show has some cool jams so give it a try. I still have a hard time getting my mind around the loss of Richie Hayward who passed away back in August. We will miss you Richie.

Little Feat
Innsbrook Pavilion
Richmond, VA

01 Day At The Dog Races
02 Skin It Back
03 Big Bang Theory >
04 Tripe faced Boogie
05 Down The Road >
06 Just Kissed My Baby
07 Under The Radar >
08 Easy To Slip >
09 I Know You Rider
10 Fat Man
11 Takes a Train To Cry
12 Let It Roll
13 Willin'> Bogart> Willin'

Download Links
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VO7TC7IN LF,2001-06-20, one.rar
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IMCIU99I LF,2001-06-20, two.rar

Delirious?, two shows from 2000 and 2007

I did not think there were Delirious? shows out there to post but I found a few. This is my favorite Christian "worship" band. These shows are not bad but still pale in comparison to the official releases of live material on the CDs, Access D and Now Is The Time. You can stream all the Delirious? CDs at their web site http://www.delirious.co.uk/flash

Flevo Fest
Radio Broadcast

01. Bliss
02. Not Ashamed
03. Did You Feel The Mountain
04. Sanctify
05. Mezzanine Floor
06. Band Introduction
07. Lord You Have My Heart
08. Promise
09. Heaven
10. King of Fools
11. Obsession

Download Link

NEC Arena
Birmingham, UK
Radio Broadcast

Track list:
1. We Give You Praise
2. History Maker/God is Smiling
3. Paint The Town Red
4. Majesty (Here I Am)/Instrumental
5. Our God Reigns
6. Talking (incomplete)
7. God is Smiling
8. Investigate

Download Link

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jerry Garcia Band, Two Shows From 1977

Here are two very nice recordings of the Jerry Garcia Band from the Keystone in Berkeley, Ca in 1977. These are both soundboards. This first one the Jerry site has no record of any recordings of it. so it must have just surfaced. Hope you like.
Jerry Garcia Band
Berkeley, CA
Jul 23, 1977

- Set 1 -
Stop That Train
Mystery Train
Simple Twist Of Fate
The Way You Do The Things You Do

- Set 2 -
They Love Each Other
Sitting In Limbo
Tore Up Over You
My Sisters And Brothers
Stir It Up
Tangled Up In Blue

Jerry Garcia: guitar, vocals
John Kahn: bass
Keith Godchaux: keyboards
Donna Jean Godchaux: backing vocals
Ron Tutt: drums

On my source Mystery Train is corrupted. But this is the best I have found. The Jerry Site says there are no known recordings of this so I'll take what I can get. If any one has the Mystery Train and wants to upload the song for us. That would be nice. Thanks.

Download Links

Jerry Garcia Band - August 7, 1977
Keystone - Berkeley, CA

Set 1:
d1t01 - Tuning
d1t02 - The Way You Do The Things You Do
d1t03 - Catfish John
d1t04 - Stop That Train
d1t05 - Let It Rock
d1t06 - Russian Lullaby
d1t07 - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
d2t01 - Midnight Moonlight

Set 2:
d2t02 - Tuning
d2t03 - They Love Each Other
d2t04 - Tore Up Over You
d2t05 - Simple Twist Of Fate
d2t06 - The Harder They Come

Download Links

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hot Tuna And Friends, 3-04-88

This is a pretty nice Hot Tuna performance at the Fillmore Auditorium. From what I have found, Kaukonen surprised fellow Airplane alumnus Paul Kantner, who was sitting in, with a surprise appearance by his estranged lover Grace Slick; the success of this performance helped to pave the way for a Jefferson Airplane reunion tour and record in 1989. This came from a cassette tape that I have had since the early 90s.

Hot Tuna
The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA

Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning
Candy Man
I See The Light
Embryonic Journey
Ice Age
Carlos Fonseca
San Francisco Bay Blues
Parchman Farm †
Good Shepherd ^
Let Us Get Together Right Down Here *
John’s Other *
Vampire Women *
Have You Seen The Stars Tonight *
Mann’s Fate *†
Put It In My Hands *†
I’m Movin’ *†
Killing Time In The Crystal City *†
Water Song *†
America *†
Volunteers *†^

Jorma Kaukonen - guitar, vocals
Jack Casady - bass
Paul Kantner - guitar, vocals
*w/ Papa John Creach - violin
†w/ Will Scarlett - harmonica
^ w/ Grace Slick - vocals

Total Time 115:11

Download Links

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Old And In The Way, 7-23-73

Here is yet another show featuring Jerry Garcia from the time period between 1973 and 1975. It's another fine soundboard recording of Old And In The Way. In 1973 Jerry played 26 Old And In The Way shows, along with 74 Grateful Dead shows, and 49 Garcia and Saunders shows. Around 150 shows in one year along with whatever time was spent in the studio producing the Wake Of The flood album. Jerry was also very productive during this time creating new songs. That alot of frequent flier miles. This is one of my favorite time periods of the Grateful Dead. I guess Jerry was trying to stay busy while dealing with the loss of his friend and band mate from the Grateful Dead, Pig Pen, who died at age 27 on 3-08-1973.

Old And In The Way
Boarding House
San Francisco, CA

Jerry Garcia banjo, vocals
John Kahn bass
David Grisman mandolin, vocals
Peter Rowan guitar, vocals
Vassar Clements fiddle

01 Cheyenne
02 Down Where The River Bends
03 Love Please Come Home
04 Midnight Moonlight
05 Fanny Hill
06 Hard Hearted
07 Lonesome LA Cowboy
08 Pig In A Pen
09 Panama Red
10 Wild Horses
11 The White Dove
12 Wicked Path Of Sin
13 Blue Mule
14 Orange Blossom Special
15 Old & In The Way Breakdown
16 On & On
17 Lonesome Fiddle Blues
18 The Fields Have Turned Brown
19 Muleskinner Blues
20 Catfish John
21 Land Of The Navajo
22 The Hobo Song

Download Link

Townes Van Zandt, 4-18-85

Townes Van Zandt is considered by many to be one of the great american song writers. Steve Earl once said he would stand on Bob Dylans coffee table in his boots and say that Townes Van Zandt is the greates american song writer. Well I don't know about that. I feel Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan) has a little on Townes, but I get the point that Steve thinks Townes deserves a little attention. This is a nice example of Townes on NPR so it is good quality.
Townes Van Zandt
The Down Home – Johnson City, TN

1 NPR Intro
2 Intro
3 Dollar Bill Blues
4 Pancho and Lefty
5 Buckskin Stallion Blues
6 No Place To Fall
7 Talking Thunderbird Blues
8 Mr Gold & Mr Mud
9 If I Needed You
10 Snowing On Raton
11 To Live Is T Fly
12 Don’t You Take It Too Bad
13 Snake Mountain Blues
14 Rake
15 Fraternity Blues
16 Colorado Girl > Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues > Colorado Girl
17 Outro
18 NPR Outro

Download Links

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weather Report, two shows 4-01-76 and 6-28-78

Since I posted Joe Zawinul I guess I should post my two favorite Weather Report bootz. Zawinul's genius is a big part of what makes Weather Report so special. Both these shows also feature Jaco on bass. The first one was Jaco Pastorius' first show with the band

Weather Report
Hill Auditorium
Ann Arbor, MI
Source: SBD

Joe Zawinul: Keyboards
Wayne Shorter: Saxophones
Jaco Pastorius: Bass
Alex Acuna: Drums

01 - Directions
02 - Scarlet Woman
03 - Elegant People > Continuum
04 - Come On, Come Over > Barbary Coast
05 - Dr. Honoris Causa
06 - Badia
07 - Black Market
08 - Piano Intro > Gibraltar

Download Link
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=045X3KFQ Weather report, Ann Arbor.rar

Weather Report
Tokyo, Japan

01 - Elegant People
02 - Scarlet Woman
03 - Teen Town
04 - A Remark You Made
05 - Black Market
06 - Gibraltar
07 - Ponta de Areia Sophisticated Lady
08 - Birdland

Download Links
http://www.mediafire.com/?yyz4blh5nru5rhu Weather Report 1978.rar

Zawinul Syndicate, 1998

Josef Erich Zawinul died on September 11, 2007 at age 75. Joe Zawinul was an Austrian-American jazz keyboardist and composer. His first appearance of note was with saxophonist Cannonball Adderley, Zawinul went on to play with trumpeter Miles Davis, and to become one of the creators of what is called jazz fusion. Later, Zawinul co-founded the groups Weather Report and the world fusion music-oriented Zawinul Syndicate. Zawinul was named "Best Electric Keyboardist" 28 times by the readers of Down Beat magazine. This show is a good example of Zawinul Syndicate and the sound is great. I only wish I could find a good bootleg with Scott Henderson on guitar with this band from around the same time period. The dummer Kirk Covington went on to play with Scott Henderson in Tribal Tech, one of my favorite fusion bands (wish Henderson was more trade friendly).

Zawinul Syndicate
Ronnie Scott's
London, England
October 1998

BBC Recording - Excellent

01 Intro/Patriots
02 Lost Tribes
03 Indiscretions/Black Market
04 Gipsy
05 Waraya
06 As’ Trabajamos/Bimoya
07 Two Lines

Joe Zawinul - keyboards
Victor Bailey - bass
Gary Poulson - guitar
Manolo Badrena - percussion
Kirk Covington - drums

Download Link
http://www.mediafire.com/?j84py7xpippph9b Zawinul 98 mp3.rar

Branford Marsalis Quartet, December 1989

I just posted some Wynton Marsalis, so why not something from his brother Branford. Some of the same players as one of the Wynton posts and even the same location just a few years latter. As always Kenny Kirkland is great on piano. It has pretty nice sound but no information was given on it.

Branford Marsalis Quartet
Village Vanguard
New york, NY
dec 1989

Branford Marsalis – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Kenny Kirkland – piano
Robert Leslie Hurst III – bass
Jeff “Tain” Watts – drums

Fantastic session from this fantastic quartet.

First set
1. Mr. J.C. – 10:26
2. Bass Interlude – 3:06
3. Dark Knight – 15:32
4. Drum Interlude – 5:36
5. Wrath of Tain – 11:04
6. Dienda – 8:53
7. Royal Garden Blues – 13:12
8. Ballad of Chet Kincaid – 3:40

Second set
1. No Back Stage Pass – 14:30
2. Steepian Faith – 12:07
3. Lon Jellis – 13:13
4. Revelations – 12:03
5. Mr. Steepee – 9:28
6. The Ballad of Chet Kincaid – 6:52

Download links
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UU9MNBGQ part one
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2C0DW4XF part two

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wynton Marsalis Quintet, 2-04-1983

This is a wonderful document of this classic quintet at one of the best clubs in the world.

Wynton Marsalis Quintet
Village Vanguard
New York, NY

Wynton Marsalis : Trumpet
Branford Marsalis : Tenor saxophone
Kenny Kirkland : Acoustic piano
Phil Bowler : Acoustic bass
Jeff “Tain” Watts : Drums

01 my ideal
02 twilight
03 ive never been in love
04 paraphernalia
05 hesitation/cut

Download Link

Wynton Marsalis and Friends, 11-13-2009

This is a show by Wynton Marsalis that was part of three Wynton Marsalis and Friends Jazz at Lincoln Center concerts in the Rose Theater, Sept. 28-30, featuring Wynton Marsalis and eight other musicians. The concerts were to celebrate Louis Armstrong's Hot Fives and Hot Sevens. As always Wynton gets it right when it comes to accurately preserving the art form. This is a very nice sounding show of some traditional jazz played by some great musicians of today. The piano player is a New Orleans native that is only 19 years old but plays like an old pro.

Wynton Marsalis and Friends
Rose Theater
New York, NY
FM Broadcast
Broadcast date: 2009-11-13

Louis Armstrong's Hot Fives and Hot Sevens were the occasion for three Jazz at Lincoln Center concerts in the Rose Theater, Sept. 28-30, featuring Wynton Marsalis and eight other musicians.

Wycliffe Gordon (trombone)
Victor Goines (clarinet)
Walter Blanding (tenor sax)
Wynton Marsalis (trumpet)
Jonathan Batiste (piano)
Don Vappie (banjo)
and more.

Announcer 2:50
Coronet Chop Suey 3:57
Potato Head Blues 4:35
Announcer 1:22
Jazz Lips 3:56
Weary Blues 4:04
Announcer 1:26
Ory's Creole Trombone 4:03
Melancholy 3:51
Announcer 0:13
Fireworks 4:06
Announcer 1:24
St. James Infirmary 6:15
Announcer 0:52
Heebie Jeebies 4:21
Announcer 0:22
Basin Street Blues 6:51
Voiceover Outro 1:11
Total Time: 55:48

Download Link

Louis Armstrong All Stars, 2-07-1959

This show is a great documentation of the legendary and very influential Louis Armstrong. This was recorded off the radio by someone in 2005 but it appears that it was broadcast on television originally. Nice sound for something this old. This is a nice piece of history and it will make you smile and tap your feet to be sure.

Louis Armstrong All Stars
Amsterdam Concertgebouw
7 February, 1959
FM broadcast

Louis Armstrong (trumpet)
Trummy Young (trombone)
Peanuts Hucko (clarinet)
Billy Kyle (piano)
Mort Herbert (bass)
Danny Barcelona (drums)

01 Announcements (1:01)
02 When It's Sleepy Time Down South (2:26)
03 Back Home Again In Indiana (4:23)
04 Basin Street Blues (7:56)
05 Tiger Rag (6:01)
06 Announcements (1:05)
07 Now You Has Jazz (5:01)
08 That Old Rugged Cross (3:35)
09 Sweet Georgia Brown (3:39)
10 Announcements (0:51)
11 Autumn Leaves (2:40)
12 The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise (4:07)
13 Kiss Of Fire (3:36)
14 I Cover The Waterfront (4:25)
15 Announcements (1:13)
16 Mack The Knife (3:28)

Download Link

Friday, December 10, 2010

Derek Trucks Band with Warren Haynes, 12-19-1998

Here is the Derek Trucks Band with Warren Haynes as a guest. Derek is only 18 or 19 years old at the time and had not yet joined the Allman Brothers Band. Some pretty hot guitar work on this nice soundboard recording.

Derek Trucks Band
Warren Haynes Christmas Jam
Be Here Now
Asheville, NC

1. Otto
2. Preachin' Blues
3. Kickin' Bach
4. Look-Ka PyPy
5. Yield Not
6. Bock To Bock
7. 555 Lake
8. Forty-Four >#
9. Good Morning Little School Girl 1#
10. Afro Blue %
11. Traveling South
12. Will The Circle Be Unbroken jam> Egg 15> drums> Egg 15

# Derek Trucks Band & Warren on guitar & vocals
% Derek Trucks Band & Warren on guitar

Download Link

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mr. Blotto Christmas

This one is a compilation of Christmas songs that was played as a radio broadcast. The Band is called Mr. Blotto, and they are a Chicago based jam band that plays lots of Grateful Dead covers.

Mr. Blotto
Snapping Apple Radio Show
Chicago, Illinois

FM Broadcast, SBD

Radio Broadcast Edited Collection from the 12-24-1997 WCBR, Snapping Apple Radio Show*, Sound Boards from Durty Nellies 12-25-2004#, Abbey Pub 12-19-2009% and more.

1 - XMas Is Here#
2 - Silver Bells*
3 - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer*
4 - Father Christmas*
5 - Felice Navidad > Let It Snow*
6 - Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire*
7 - Silent Night*
8 - Standing In The House*
9 - Hark The Heralds Angels Sing*
10- Intro > Trackalacka*
11 - Trackalacka*
12 - Little Drummer Boy*
13 - Intro > Any Kind Of Lover*
14 - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
15 - Winter Wonderland
16 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
17 - The Grinch Message
18 - The 12 Days Of Christmas
19 - Santa's A Hippy%


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, 12-08-1991

It was nineteen years ago today that this show was played. Time sure goes by fast. This is a good soundboard of some great music.

Jerry Garcia and David Grisman
The Warfield Theater
San Francisco, CA

- Set 1 -
Shady Grove
Sitting In Limbo
Rosalie McFall
So What?
I Ain't Never Seen Nobody Like You
Thrill Is Gone
Dawg's Waltz
Oh The Wind And Rain

- Set 2 -
Red Rocking Chair
Trouble In Mind
Take Me Back
Walkin' Boss
Friend Of The Devil
Louis Collins
Grateful Dawg
Russian Lullaby
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
- Encore -

Download links

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Wynton Marsalis Quintet with special guest Dave Brubeck, 8-08-10

Today was Dave Brubeck's birthday. He turned 90 years old. He has been doing his thing since the 40s and has been a special part of the jazz history of the last 70 years. This show is just this year where he appeared with Winton Marsalis. Brubeck may have been 89 at the time of this recording but he can still play with some zest. Happy Birthday Dave!

The Wynton Marsalis Quintet with special guest Dave Brubeck
Live at The Newport Jazz Festival
Fort Stage
Newport, Rhode Island USA
Radio broadcast, WBGO-FM, Newark, NJ USA.

01 - Intro (0:32)
02 - Doing Our Thing (14:50)
03 - Blues For Newport (6:23)
04 - These Foolish Things (8:33)
05 - Thank You (5:05)
06 - Take The A Train (6:36)
07 - Happy Birthday to Dave (2:04)
08 - The Razor Rim (20:54)

Total Running Time: 65:00

The Wynton Marsalis Quintet:
Wynton Marsalis - trumpet
Dan Nimmer - piano
Carlos Henriquez - bass
Ali Jackson - drums
Walter Blanding - tenor and soprano saxophones
Dave Brubeck - piano

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Dave Brubeck's "Hope" 11-01-04

It's Dave Brubeck's birthday so I'm posting a couple of his shows to show his wide diversity. We all know his jazz side, but this classical composition is another side of Dave.

Mass “To Hope” Live
Live at “Salzburger Jazzherbst”
Grosses Festspielhaus
Salzburg, Austria
Ex FM stereo.

Dave Brubeck performing his 1980 composition, To Hope! A Celebration, at the Salzburg festival. Composed at the request of Ed Murray, then editor of the Catholic Weekly, Our Sunday Visitor, To Hope! was possibly Brubeck’s first Christian work.

But Brubeck is no stranger to long compositional pieces, marrying jazz to other forms of music. He had already written the critically acclaimed The Gates Of Justice in 1969. Brubeck has a long history of involvement in social and political side projects.

Said music fan Steve Seim on Amazon.com: “To Hope!” is Dave Brubeck’s attempt at composing a mass, or Christian liturgy. The result is mixed. Unlike Vince Guaraldi’s masterpiece Grace Cathedral Concert, this is not a jazz piano mass. Instead, it is largely a contemporary-classical work, focused on vocals and traditional arrangements. It does, however, include several jazz passages, including one that swings almost like a ’50s surf-rock record. Not everyone will like this recording, but every fan of jazz or contemporary sacred music should listen to it.”

That sums it up accurately. This is not a blend of musical styles but rather classical music sitting next to Brubeck’s stinging piano-led jazz. As one form ends, the other begins. The two styles never weave into each other. The best example of Brubeck’s inspired writing here is the track Alleluia. It is an almost nine-minute uplifting choral piece that segues into a contemporary jazz workout that swings.

Track 01. Processional> Lord, Have Mercy - 5:34 (7.6MB)
Track 02. The Desert And The Parched Land > The Peace Of Jerusalem - 8:57 (12.3MB)
Track 03. Alleluia - 8:48 (12.1MB)
Track 04. Father All Powerful > Holy, Holy, Holy - 6:00 (8.2MB)
Track 05. While He Was At Supper - 3:32 (4.8MB)
Track 06. When We Eat His Bread > Though Him, With Him > Great Amen - 6:37 (9.0MB)
Track 07. Our Father - 3:08 (4.3MB)
Track 08. Lamb Of God - 1:50 (2.5MB)
Track 09. All My Hope - 10:37 (14.9MB - visit the html page to download the track)
Track 10. Gloria - 2:49 (3.8MB)

TT: 57:58m

Jazz Quintet
Dave Brubeck (p)
Bobby Militello (as)
Michael Moore (b)
Randy Jones (dr)

plus Salzburger Bach-Chor
with Russell Gloyd (cond)
Andrineh Simonian (soprano)
Jeremy Pick (tenor)
Kevin Deas (baritone)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IE1B759T Dave Brubek, Hope.rar

Aimee Mann, Christmas Show, 12-11-06

This is a Christmas show recorded in a radio station studio. It has some nice Christmas song covers and the sound quality is very good.
Aimee Mann
KCRW Studios
Santa Monica, CA
Radio Broadcast

Morning Becomes Eclectic

01 – Intro
02 – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
03 – Christmas Time
04 – Little Bombs
05 – Whatever Happened To Christmas
06 – Interview
07 – Calling On Mary
08 – Clean Up For Christmas
09 – Way Back Home
10 – I’ll Be Home For Christmas
11 – Outro

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bill Monroe, four shows from 1954 to 1969

William Smith Monroe (September 13, 1911 – September 9, 1996) Bill Monroe was one of the most influential persons in the development of bluegrass music, which takes its name from his band, the "Blue Grass Boys," named for Monroe's home state of Kentucky. Monroe's performing career spanned 60 years as a singer, instrumentalist, composer and bandleader. He is often referred to as The Father of Bluegrass. Here are some great recordings of this more than legendary artist. These are historical documents of the most influential musician of bluegrass music. These have Doc Watson on one and Del McCoury on another
Bill Monroe & The Bluegrass Boys
Brown County Jamboree
Beanblossom, IN
Unknown radio source rebroadcast

1. Watermelon Hanging on the Vine
2. Band Intros
3. Bile Them Cabbage Down
4. I Ain't Broke, but Brother I'm Badly Bent
5. I Hope You'll Learn
6. Bugle Call Rag
7. Cry, Cry Darling
8. Ya'll Come
9. Changing Partners
10. Blue Moon of Kentucky
11. Get Up John
12. Down Yonder
13. Just a Little Talk with Jesus
14. Boat of Love
15. I Hear a Sweet Voice Calling
16. The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band
17. White House Blues
18. Rose of Old Kentucky
19. Uncle Pen
20. Rocky Road Blues
21. Muleskinner Blues
22. The First Whipperwill
23. The Little Girl & the Dreadful Snake
24. I'm Knocking on Your Door
25. He'll Set Your Fields on Fire
Considering the age of this show, the sound is very clean.
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Bill Monroe
Oak Leaf Park
Luray, VA 7/4/61

Watermelon On The Vine
Panhandle Country
I Gotta Travel On
Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Put My Rubber Doll Away
Linda Lou
Carter Intro
Carter Ripping off Flatt and Scruggs
Sugar Coated Love (1)
What Would You Give (1)
Mac Weisman Intro
Can't You Hear Me Callin (2)
Travel That Lonesome Road (2)
Whitehouse Blues
Yall Come

Bill Monroe
Bessie Lee Mauldin
Billy Baker
Bobby Smith

1 w/ Carter Stanley
2 w/ Mac Wiseman

This show was the first event that used the words, "Bluegrass Festival," and was promoted by the legendary singer and recording artist, Bill Clifton. The location was Oak Leaf Park in Luray, Virginia, and the date was July 4, 1961. This was also the first time that more than two well-known Bluegrass acts were booked on the same show. Prior to that occasion, one or two Bluegrass bands would be booked on a country show of that period. The festival was a one day event that featured Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers, The Country Gentlemen, Jim and Jesse, Mac Wiseman and Bill Clifton. This was also the first time that Bill Monroe called former members of The Blue Grass Boys to the stage to play and sing. When 2,200 people attended the show, it opened up a new venue for Bluegrass music.
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Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys
Mechanics Hall
Worcester, MA

Watermelon Hanging On The Vine
Panhandle Country
Dark Hollow
On And On
Devil’s Dream
Love’s Gonna Live Here*
I’m Dreaming Of A Little Cabin*
Muleskinner Blues
Footprints In The Snow
Blue Moon Of Kentucky
John Henry
I Saw The Light
What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul **
Uncle Pen
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
Y’all Come

* With Melissa Monroe On Vocals
** With Bea Lilly (of The Lilly Brother) On Guitar And Vocal
Bill Monroe - Mandolin and Vocals
Bessie Lee Mauldin - Bass
Joe Stuart - Fiddle
Bill “Brad” Keith - Banjo
Del McCoury - Guitar and Vocals
Link is deleted. Someone claims this is official.
David Grisman appearently is selling it. Why it is his to sell I have no idea.
I guess because he claimed he taped it. So tapers if you tape it you can sell it?

Bill Monroe & Doc Watson
Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival
Bean Blossom, IN

Deep River Blues
Peach Pickin’ Time In Georgia
Watson Blues
Midnight On The Stormy Deep
Paddy On The Turnpike
Feast Here Tonight
East Tennessee Blues

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Arizona Jones Christmas CDs

Here are two very full CDs of bootleg Christmas music. Most is good quality. This has Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen, Jethro Tull, Chris Isaak, Los Lobos, Shawn Colvin, Dave Matthews, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, The Radiators, David Nelson, and a few more. Hope you like it. Disc One:
01. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Jam
Jerry Garcia and David Grisman
(w/Jim Kerwin and Joe Craven)
Dec. 8 1991
Warfield Theater San Francisco, CA

02. Go Tell It on the Mountain
03. Angels We Have Heard on High
Christmas Heritage Band
Nov. 24,1998
Maryland Hall Annapolis MD

04. Greensleeves
James Taylor, Oakland, CA 1972

05. Christmas Song
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
Feb. 21 1994
The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA

06. Little Road to Bethlehem
07. Mary *
08.Love Came Down at Christmas*
09.Merry Little Christmas
Shawn Colvin
Dec. 24 1998
KGSR Studios Austin TX
* Guest vocals: Patti Griffin

11. Early On One Christmas Morn
12. Cry of a Tiny Babe
Bruce Cockburn
Dec. 20 1992
Sony Music Studio New York City NY
Columbia Records Radio Hour broadcast, billed as "Christmas
with Cockburn
Guests: Roseanne Cash, Rob Wasserman, & Lou Reed

13. Crystal Ball
14. All I Want For Christmas Is World Peace
Jackson Browne With Bruce Cockburn
Dec. 12 1993
Sony Studios, NYC

15. Christmas Must Be Tonight
Rick Danko
Dec. 8 1987
Dylan's Cafe Washington DC

16. A Christmas Song
Jethro Tull
Oct. 10 2002
The Kalamazoo Theater, Kalamazoo, Michigan

17. Another Chirstmas Song
18. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Jethro Tull,
BBC Radio
19. Oh Come All Ye Grateful

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Disc Two:
01. Run Rudolph Run
The Grateful Dead
Dec. 10 1971
Fox Theater St Louis Mo

02.White Christmas
03.Dradle, Dradle
04.Pretty Paper
05.Blue Christmas
Chris Isaak
Dec. 1998
Christmas Radio Special LA. CA
Chris Isaak, guitars & vocals
Kenny Dale Johnson, drums & vocals
Hershel Yatovitz, guitars & vocals
Rowland Salley, bass & vocal

06. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Chris Isaak Jay Leno Show 1998

07. Christmas Twist #
08. Happy Christmas (War is Over)%
09. The Christmas Song
Los Lobos
Dec. 25 1992
Capital Recording Studios Hollywood CA. # with Syd Straw, % with John Hiatt
10. I'll Be Home For Christmas
Dave Alvin & Rick Solem
Dec 25, 1992
Capital Recording Studios Hollywood CA

11. Feliz Navidad
The Radiators
Dec. 11 1999
Orlando, FL

12. Christmas Day
13. Jingle Bell Rock
14. Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)
Bruce Springsteen
Dec. 8 2001
Convention Hall, Asbury Park , New Jersey

15. Merry Little Christmas
Billy Joel,
Dec. 11 1977
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Uniondale, NY

16. River
Joni Mitchell
Oct. 28 1970
Royal Albert Hall London England
Aircheck Tape (not aired)

17. Christmas Time is Here
Stone Temple Pilots
Dec. 19 1994
Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA

18. Winter Wonderland
The Warren Zevon Trio
Warren Zevon, Dan Dugmore, Gurk Morlix
Nov. 20 1990 Kansas City Missouri

19. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Elton John
Dec. 22 1973
Hammersmith Odeon

20. Blue Christmas
David Nelson Band
Dec. 19, 2009
Arena Theater, Point Arena, CA

21. We Four Kings
The Blue Hawaiians

22. Green Christmas
Stan Freeberg

23. The Holy Birth
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore

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