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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Old And In The Way, 7-23-73

Here is yet another show featuring Jerry Garcia from the time period between 1973 and 1975. It's another fine soundboard recording of Old And In The Way. In 1973 Jerry played 26 Old And In The Way shows, along with 74 Grateful Dead shows, and 49 Garcia and Saunders shows. Around 150 shows in one year along with whatever time was spent in the studio producing the Wake Of The flood album. Jerry was also very productive during this time creating new songs. That alot of frequent flier miles. This is one of my favorite time periods of the Grateful Dead. I guess Jerry was trying to stay busy while dealing with the loss of his friend and band mate from the Grateful Dead, Pig Pen, who died at age 27 on 3-08-1973.

Old And In The Way
Boarding House
San Francisco, CA

Jerry Garcia banjo, vocals
John Kahn bass
David Grisman mandolin, vocals
Peter Rowan guitar, vocals
Vassar Clements fiddle

01 Cheyenne
02 Down Where The River Bends
03 Love Please Come Home
04 Midnight Moonlight
05 Fanny Hill
06 Hard Hearted
07 Lonesome LA Cowboy
08 Pig In A Pen
09 Panama Red
10 Wild Horses
11 The White Dove
12 Wicked Path Of Sin
13 Blue Mule
14 Orange Blossom Special
15 Old & In The Way Breakdown
16 On & On
17 Lonesome Fiddle Blues
18 The Fields Have Turned Brown
19 Muleskinner Blues
20 Catfish John
21 Land Of The Navajo
22 The Hobo Song

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