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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Grateful Dead, Port Cester, NY 2-18-1971 (SBD)

This is a historic show with the first public performance of Bertha, Loser, Greatest Story, Wharf Rat, and Playin In The Band.  The most notable is Wharf Rat sandwiched in the middle of Dark Star.  This alone would make this a must have, but the show has so much more.  A nice recording as well. 
Grateful Dead
Capitol Theater
Port Chester, NY
Soundboard Source > 7" two track BBD reel
Disc I - Set I
Bertha,  Truckin'
It Hurts Me Too, Loser
Greatest Story Ever Told >
Johnny B. Goode, Mama Tried
Hard To Handle,  Dark Star >
Wharf Rat > "Beautiful Jam" >
Dark Star > Me & My Uncle
Disc II - Set II
Chandelier incident
Casey Jones,  Playin' In The Band
Me And Bobby McGee, Candyman
Big Boss Man,  Sugar Magnolia
Saint Stephen > Not Fade Away >
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad >
Not Fade Away > Uncle John's Band

First public performance of Bertha, Loser, Greatest Story, Wharf Rat, and Playin In The Band

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Steely Dan, Sony Studios, New York, NY, 1-28-2000 (SBD)

Here is the raw audio from the source tapes of the show filmed for PBS back in 2000. It was the band's first show since 1996 and first show since recording their "Two Against Nature" studio album.  The  sound  quality of this is amazing.  This recording contains several songs that didn't make the final cut for the PBS Special and ensuing "Plush TV Party" DVD release.  Yes this is really good!
Steely Dan
January 28, 2000
Sony Studios
New York, NY
"Walking Distance Tour" Night 1
Raw Audio feed for PBS In The Spotlight

01 Green Earrings
02 Janie Runaway
03 Josie
04 Gaslighting Abbie
05 Do It Again
06 << Band Introductions >>
07 Cousin Dupree
08 Babylon Sisters
09 Black Friday
10 << Walter's Remarks"
11 Deacon Blues
12 Bad Sneakers
13 West of Hollywood
14 Home At Last (with false start)
15 Kid Charlemagne
16 Peg
17 FM
18 What a Shame About Me
19 Pretzel Logic
Donald Fagen: Vocals, Fender Rhodes, Lync Keytar
Walter Becker: Guitars, Vocals
Ricky Lawson: Drums
Tom Barney: 5-String Bass
Ted Baker: Grand Piano, Synth
Jon Herington: Guitars
Cornelius Bumpus: Tenor Saxophone
Chris Potter: Tenor and Alto Saxophone
Michael Leonhart: Trumpet
Jim Pugh: Tenor Trombone
Vicky Cave, Carolyn Leonhart, Cynthia Calhoun: Backing Vocals

Friday, February 20, 2015

Kingfish, Hempstead, NY, 3-27-1976 (FM)

Here is a great one from Kingfish.  Robby Hoddinott's guitar on this is smoking hot.  That alone makes it worth a listen. 
Calderone Concert Hall
Hempstead, New York
Early show
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Matthew Kelly - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Dave Torbert - bass, vocals
Robby Hoddinott - lead guitar, slide guitar
Chris Herold - drums, percussion

Seldom Scene, Telluride, CO, 6-23-1985 (Pre-FM)

This is a fine recording of the Seldom Scene with what some call their "second classic" line up.  Some great bluegrass playing along with great vocal harmonies make this one a must. 
Seldom Scene
Telluride Bluegrass Festival
Telluride, CO
Pre-FM Master Reel
01 - Little Georgia Rose
02 - Muddy Waters
03 - Born of the Wind
04 - With the Small Exception of Me
05 - Paradise
06 - Under the Double Eagle
07 - Old Train
08 - A Song for Life
09 - Open Up Your Window, Noah
10 - Lay Down Sally
11 - California Cottonfields
12 - Colorado Turnaround
13 - Wait a Minute
14 - Come Early Morning
15 - House of the Rising Sun
16 - It Turns Me Inside Out
Mike Auldridge - Dobro, vocals
John Duffey - mandolin, vocals
Ben Eldridge - banjo, guitar
Tom Gray - bass
Phil Rosenthal - guitar, vocals

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Santana, New York City, NY, 10-16-1978 (FM)

A very good recording of Santana promoting his Inner Secrets album that was released that month.  It mark a move towards a more straight ahead rock sound away from the Latin rock/jazz fusion sounds of his past work. 
The Bottom Line
New York City, NY
October 16th. 1978
Source: FM Broadcast
Broadcast live on American radios WNEW (New York, NY), WMMR (Philadelphia, PA).
01  Well Alright
02  Black Magic Woman-Gypsy Queen
03  Dance Sister Dance
04  Europa
05  Dealer-Spanish Rose-Dealer
06  Incident At Neshabur
07  Victory-Move On
08  Batuka-No One To Depend On
09  One Chain
10  Toussaint L Overture
11  She's Not There
12  Open Invitation
13  Jungle Strut
14  Transcendence
15  Evil Ways

 Carlos Santana (g/perc/vo)
 Raul Rekow (perc/vo)
 Chris Rhyne (kbd)
 Greg Walker (vo)
 Chris Solberg (g/kbd)
 Graham Lear (ds)
 Pete Escovedo (perc)
 David Margen (b)
 Armando Peraza (perc/vo)


Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band, Maomo, Sweden, 5-11-1999 (FM)

A great show with Steve Earl backed by the Del McCoury band doing songs from the album The Mountain along with many others.  There are also some solo acoustic Steve Earle songs in the mix. 
Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band
Kulturbolaget, Maomo, Sweden
May 11th 1999
Source: FM

01 Texas Eagle
02 Yours Forever Blue
03 My Old Friend The Blues
04 Graveyard Shift
05 Outlaw's Honeymoon
06 Dixieland
07 Connemara Breakdown
08 Harlan Man
09 The Mountain
10 I Still Carry You Around
11 Taneytown
12 I Can Wait
13 Halo 'Round The Moon
14 Carrie Brown
15 Mystery Train Part II
16 Leroy's Dustbowl Blues
17 Hometown Blues
18 Long, Lonesome Highway Blues
19 I'm Looking Through You
20 Ben McCulloch
21 Tom Ames' Prayer
22 A Good Man Like Me
23 Now She's Gone
24 Valentine's Day
25 Another Town
26 South Nashville Blues
27 I Ain't Ever Satisfied
28 Copperhead Road
29 Until The Day I Die
30 Johnny Come Lately

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Garcia & Saunders, two shows from the Keystone in 1974 (SBD)

Here are two more Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders shows. These are both from the Keystone in Berkeley CA, early in 1974. Some of the songs I first saw circulated as a bootleg called Dicks Gifts and are smoking hot.

Keystone; Berkeley, CA
Soundboard and some matrix.
This comes from several sources to make the complete show.

Disc One 71:08
Set I
Someday Baby [16:24]
La-La [14:04]
Second That Emotion [15:55]
My Funny Valentine [24:41]

Disc Two 74:41
Set I (con't)
Who's Lovin' You Tonight? [16:40]
Set II
Finders Keepers [11:29]
Think [11:04]
Are You Lonely For Me Baby? [22:34]
Harder They Come [12:49]

Parts of this were found on a CD that circulated called Dicks Gifts, also known as "Legion Of Mary Mystery tape". Supposedly found by Dick Latvala in the vault unlabeled.  You can see that the dead air was cut off some of the songs on the Dicks Gift versions. But this is the complete show. The Dicks Gifts came in this order. The ones that are from this are great soundboard recordings. Finders Keepers is one of my favorites on this.

1. Finders Keepers 10:12
2. Think 9:12
3. Lala 11:34
4. I Second That Emotion 14:31
5. My Funny Valentine 23:59

Download Links

Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders
February 16, 1974
The Keystone, Berkeley, CA

Jerry Garcia: guitar, vocals
Merl Saunders: keyboards, vocals
John Kahn; bass
Bill Kreutzmann: drums
CD #1 (Set #1)
Soul Roach (Fades in)
I Second That Emotion
Are You Lonely For Me, Baby?
The Harder They Come

CD #2 (Set #2)
Money Honey
Wondering Why
Little Bit of Righteousness
How Sweet It Is

Download Links

Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders, San Francisco, 2-05-74 (SBD)

Someone requested I re-post this so here it is.  I don't always do re-posts but this one seemed like a good idea.  So enjoy!

Here is another Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders show. This one is from 1974. 1974 was another busy year for Garcia. During 1974 he played 41 Grateful Dead shows, just over 100 Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders shows, 7 Great American String Band shows, as well as recording his solo album Complements of Garcia, and the Grateful Dead album Mars Hotel (ugly Rumors). Quite a lot of production. This is a Soundboard show from early in the year during the time when he was in the studio recording Complements of Garcia.
Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA

01 Someday Baby [17:03]
02 La-La [16:15]
03 (I'm A) Road Runner [15:51]
04 It's Too Late [16:10]
05 My Problems Got Problems [11:13]
Total time: 76:33

DISC II - Set 1 (cont'd)
01 Night They Drove Old Dixie Down [06:03]
02 Harder They Come [17:13]
03 Think [09:36]
04 Wondering Why [10:13]
Total time: 43:05

DISC III - SET II (con'd)
01 Mystery Train [09:56]
02 My Funny Valentine [23:24]
03 Are You Lonely For Me, Baby? [13:10]
04 How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) [11:54]
Total time: 58:24

Download Links

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pink Floyd, Rainbow Theater, 2-20-1972

This historical recording captures Dark Side Of the
Moon in its earliest stage.  And this is the best recording you can find of the early stages of it.
 The Pink Floyd collectors claim this upgrade is by far the best sounding version
of this recording.  It is an audience recording but sounds very good.  If you like Pink Floyd this is a must listen.

Rainbow Theatre, 2-20-1972
"The Best Of Tour '72 - Restored"
Remastered From Original 1st LP Pressing
01. Speak to me (cuts in, only last 8 secs left) 
02. Breathe   
03. Travel Sequence
04. Time (cut within) 
05. Home again
06. Religious Theme  
07. Money  
08. Us & Them (cut within, misses most)   
09. Dave's Scat Section   
10. The Lunatic Song
11. Eclipse (cuts off)
Time: 40:52:66

Wynton Marsalis Quintet, New York, NY 2-04-1983

This is a wonderful document of this classic quintet at one of the best clubs in the world.   Someone requested I re-post some Wynton Marsalis, so here it is. 
Wynton Marsalis Quintet
Village Vanguard
New York, NY

Wynton Marsalis  : Trumpet
Branford Marsalis : Tenor saxophone
Kenny Kirkland : Acoustic piano
Phil Bowler : Acoustic bass
Jeff “Tain” Watts : Drums
01 my ideal
02 twilight
03 ive never been in love
04 paraphernalia
05 hesitation/cut

Monday, February 9, 2015

Eric Clapton, Dallas, TX, 11-15-1976 (SBD)

Eric Clapton
Convention Center
Dallas, TX
November 15, 1976
Pre-FM Master, Soundboard
Beano - 019

Single Disc:
1. Hello Old Friend
2. Sign Language
3. Badge
4. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
5. One Night
6. Tell The Truth
7. Can't Find My Way Home
8. Blues Power
9. Layla
10 Further On Up the Road (with Feddie King)
The Band:
Eric Clapton   guitar, vocals
George Terry   guitar, vocals
Carl Radle   bass
Dick Sims   keyboards
Jamie Oldaker   drums
Sergio Pastora Rodriguez   percussion
Yvonne Elliman   backing vocals
Marcy Levy   backing vocals, harp

Incomplete show

Friday, February 6, 2015

Grateful Dead, Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA, Acoustic, October 1980 (SBD)

In 1980 the Grateful Dead decided to do an album of live acoustic music.  So they played 25 shows where they played and acoustic first set.  They did fifteen shows at the Warfield in San Francisco two in New Orleans and then eight shows at Radio City Music Hall in New York.  From these shows they produced a double album of acoustic music called Reckoning.  They had not really played acoustic sets for ten years prior to this and they really only played a few acoustic shows after this, so this was a real rare treat.  Every night they closed the acoustic set with Ripple.  Before this they had not played Ripple since 1971.  Along with that these shows brought back Bird Song and to Lay Me Down and several others that had not been played in years.  So here are some live acoustic recordings form the Warfield shows.  I call this the Alternative Reckoning. I personally really love these acoustic shows.  I hope you enjoy them as well.     

Grateful Dead
Warfield Theatre
San Francisco, CA
October 10, 1980
1st Set (Acoustic Set)
On The Road Again
Must Have Been The Roses
Monkey And The Engineer
Jack A Roe
Dark Hollow
To Lay Me Down
Heaven Help The Fool
Bird Song

Grateful Dead
Warfield Theatre
San Francisco, CA
October 13, 1980
1st set (Acoustic Set)
On The Road Again
Bird Song
El Paso
To Lay Me Down
Heaven Help The Fool
Jack A Roe
//The Race Is On
Deep Elem Blues

Grateful Dead
Warfield Theater
San Francisco, CA
Various Acoustic Cuts from The Warfield Theater run in 1980
01 Dire Wolf
02 Rosa Lee McFall
03 Been All Around This World

04 Iko Iko
05 Cassidy
06 Babe It Ain't No Lie
07 China Doll >
08 Ripple

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Allman Brothers Band, Saratoga, NY 6-24-1996 (SBD)

Allman Brothers Band
Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Saratoga, NY
Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Statesboro Blues
3. Midnight Rider
4. Blue Sky
5. You Don't Love Me
6. The Same Thing
7. True Gravity
Disc 2
1. Dreams
2. Hoochie Coochie Man
3. Soulshine
4. End Of The Line
5. Back Where It All Begins
Disc 3
1. No One To Run With
2. Jessica
3. One Way Out

Sunday, February 1, 2015

STEELY DAN, Cincinnati, Ohio, 7-13-2008 (SBD)

This is a real nice soundboard recording of Steely Dan during their "Think Fast" tour in 2008.  As usual Steely Dan shows up with an amazing band and there is some great playing and arrangements of their strong assortment of songs.   
National City Pavilion
Cincinnati, Ohio
July 13th, 2008
Set List
01 Overture: Everyone's Gone to the Movies > The Fez
02 The Royal Scam
03 I Got the News
04 Showbiz Kids
05 Everything You Did
06 Two Against Nature
07 Hey Nineteen
08 Godwhacker
09 Babylon Sisters
10 New Frontier
11 Gaucho*
12 Glamour Profession
13 Parker's Band
14 Josie
15 Aja
16 Love is Like an Itchin' in My Heart
17 Peg
18 FM
19 Kid Charlemagne
20 Last Tango in Paris

Donald Fagen - Lead Vocals, Fender Rhodes Piano, Hohner Melodica
Walter Becker - Guitar, *Lead Vocals
The Think Fast Steely Dan Orchestra '08
Jon Herington [Guitar]
Freddie Washington [Bass]
Jeff Young [Keyboards, Backing Vocals]
Keith Carlock [Drums]
Nelson Foltz [Trombone]
Michael Leonhart [Trumpet, flugelhorn, mellophonium]
Walt Weiskopf [Tenor & Alto Saxophones]
Roger Rosenberg [Baritone Saxophone]
Tawatha Agee [Backing Vocals]
Cindy Mizelle [Backing Vocals]