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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band, Maomo, Sweden, 5-11-1999 (FM)

A great show with Steve Earl backed by the Del McCoury band doing songs from the album The Mountain along with many others.  There are also some solo acoustic Steve Earle songs in the mix. 
Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band
Kulturbolaget, Maomo, Sweden
May 11th 1999
Source: FM

01 Texas Eagle
02 Yours Forever Blue
03 My Old Friend The Blues
04 Graveyard Shift
05 Outlaw's Honeymoon
06 Dixieland
07 Connemara Breakdown
08 Harlan Man
09 The Mountain
10 I Still Carry You Around
11 Taneytown
12 I Can Wait
13 Halo 'Round The Moon
14 Carrie Brown
15 Mystery Train Part II
16 Leroy's Dustbowl Blues
17 Hometown Blues
18 Long, Lonesome Highway Blues
19 I'm Looking Through You
20 Ben McCulloch
21 Tom Ames' Prayer
22 A Good Man Like Me
23 Now She's Gone
24 Valentine's Day
25 Another Town
26 South Nashville Blues
27 I Ain't Ever Satisfied
28 Copperhead Road
29 Until The Day I Die
30 Johnny Come Lately


  1. What a fantastic and kind offering, AZ. As you have done so often in the past, my friend, you have made my whole day. Thanks so much and all good wishes to you.


  2. As usual, another great post.
    Thanks very much; I particularly like the 'graveyard shift' track. I bought the original CD with this on it but the live version is great.