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All of the music recordings on this site are recordings of independent origin (ROIOs) Music that has not been officially released. If you are an artist or a legal representative of an artist and you do not want your ROIO shared on my site for free among your fans (and creating new fans), just tell me in the comment area and I will remove them. By the way these recordings exist. They won't go away. All of them can be found at various places on line. Sharing just keeps the fans that support the artists from having to get ripped off by purchasing them on auction sites, and it also introduces music to people who would never have known the artist, creating a stronger fan base.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

STEELY DAN, "Heavy Rollers" in Holland, 7-14-2007, (SBD)

Steely Dan
July 14, 2007
Live at North Sea Jazz Festival
Rotterdam, Holland

01 Jeri (The Price is Right Theme)
02 Time Out Of Mind
03 Godwhacker
04 Hey Nineteen
05 Peg
06 Green Earrings
07 Dirty Work
08 Josie
09 Band Intros (over Josie) 
10 Chain Lightning
11 Aja
12 Kid Charlemagne   
13 Bodhisattva 
14 Carolyn (exit music)
Donald Fagen: Vocals, Fender Rhodes, Melodica
Walter Becker: Guitars, Vocals
along with,
"Heavy Rollers Band"
Carolyn Leonhart: Backing Vocals
Cindy Mizelle: Backing Vocals
Jeff Young: Nord Electro, Hammond B-3, Backing Vocals
Michael Leonhart: Trumpet
Jim Pugh: Tenor Trombone
Roger Rosenberg: Baritone Saxophone
Walt Weiskof: Tenor and Alto Saxophone
Keith Carlock: Drums
“Ready” Freddie Washington: Fender P-Bass
Jon Herington: Guitars

Chester Burnett the "Howlin Wolf", Chicago, 2-23-1969 (SBD)

Here is one more!  I have had several requests for this one.

Chester Burnett the Howlin' Wolf was born in Mississippi but moved to Chicago where he became one of the legends of Chicago Blues, recording for Chess records in the 1950s. This is a pretty good recording for it's time of one of the great blues legends.

Howlin' Wolf
Key Largo's,
Chicago, IL

1. Million Miles Away 13:18
2. Don't Laugh At Nobody 8:15
3. Pretty Baby 5:25
4. Little Bird 11:41
5. Crazy About You Woman 7:42
6. How Much Is That Chicken 1:19

1. If You Don't Love Me 7:30
2. I Had A Dream 10:17
3. Killing Floor 5:38
4. How Many More Years 8:54 *
5. Instrumental 1:50
6. Crosscut Saw 8:29
7. Sock It To Me 4:24

* (Possible microphone connection issue from 0:45 - 1:00)


Monday, March 30, 2015

Blues Day at Arizona Jones

I have had several request to re-upload many of the blues recordings.  So here are a few of them!

Little Charlie and The Nightcats, 7-28-2007

Little Charlie and the Nightcats is a blues band that was founded in 1976 by guitarist Charlie Baty and Vocalist and harmonica player Rick Estrin. They play a mix of Chicago blues, jump blues, swing blues, among other styles. They were started in Berkely CA. I saw them once at a Blues Society show in San Louis Obispo, CA in the early 90s, and it was a real good time! Check this out if you like the blues.  I have had several request to re-upload the link for this.  So here it is. 

Little Charlie and the Nightcats
Piazza Blues
Bellinzona, Switzerland
July 28th 2007

Setlist :
01. Handle With Care
02. Clothes Line
03. New Old Lady
04. I Know She Used To Be Your Woman
05. Eyes Like A Cat
06. That's Big
07. You Win
08. I'm Taking Out My In-Laws
09. My Next Ex-Wife
10. I'll Take You Back
11. Don't Do It
12. Hurry Up and Wait
13. Bayview Jump > Outro

Download Link

Roomful Of Blues, 2-03-1996

Roomful Of Blues is an American blues and swing revival big band based in Rhode Island. With a recording career that spans over 40 years. They play a blend of swing, rock and roll, jump blues, boogie-woogie and soul. They have had many different musicians come and go through out the years. They got their start in Westerly, Rhode Island in 1967. This recording came saying it had Ronnie earl, but listening to the introductions, you will hear them say Chris Vachon on guitar. This is a very enjoyable blues show with a big horn section and some fine blues guitar and harmonica. If you like the blues I recommend this recording. I made the cover based on the album cover of the album that they were promoting at the time of the concert called Turn It On Turn It Up.

Bimbo's 365 Club
San Francisco, CA.
FM Broadcast

Blind Love
If You Know It
Say We're Through
Lillie Mae
I Left My Baby
Turn It On, Turn It Up
Marie, Marie
Slam Jam
Walkin' Slow Behind You
...I Smell Trouble
Early In The Morning
Honey, Hush

Payin' The Cost To Be The Boss
Angry Woman
Ain't It A Shame
Gettin' Out
You Win?
She's The Girl That Radiates
Champagne Eyes
That Aint Right
You Don't Know
Last Night
Sent For You Yesterday
I Should Have Known

Chris Vachon: guitar
Sugar Ray Norcia: Harp and vocals
Matt McCabe: piano
Bob Enos: tumpet
Rich Lataille: Tenor and Alto Sax
Doug James a.k.a. "Mr. Low", baritone saxophone
Ken "Doc" Grace, bass
John Rossi, drums

Download Link

Muddy Waters, 1964 and 1972

To continue on with two shows from blues artist. Here are two recordings from the one and only Muddy Waters. If you like the blues he is an original blues legend. One of the greatest blues artists of all time in my opinion.

Muddy Waters
Paris , 1964 (exact date unknown )

Country Boy
Baby Please Don't Go
Hoochie Coochie Man
Tiger In Your Tank
She's 19 Years Old
Counrty Jail
Long Distance Call
Rock Me Baby
Trouble No More
Rollin' and Tumblin'

Download Links

Muddy Waters
Boston Ma
Radio Broadcast

Big Legged Woman
I Need Your Lovin'
intro of Muddy - slow blues instrumental
Muddy intros band - Stormy Monday
Down The Road I Go
Long Distance Call
Got My Mojo Workin'
Instrumental Outro

Muddy Waters - guitar, vocals
Pee Wee Madison - guitar, vocals
Louis Myers guitar
George "Mojo" Buford harmonica
Pinetop Perkins piano
Calvin "Fuzz"Jones bass
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith drums

1&2 Pee Wee Madison-vocal

Jazz Workshop
from WBCN-FM reels

Download Links

Junior Wells, 9-16-1966

Junior Wells was raised in Memphis, Arkansas, and by the age of seven could play the harmonica with surprising skill. Junior moved to Chicago and in the early 1950 was playing with some of Chicago's blues greats including Muddy Waters. This is a good recording of one of the most noted harmonica players of his time.

Junior Wells
Club 47

02-One Mint Julep
03-Reelin' & Rockin'
04-I Feel So Good (I Wanna Boogie)
05-One Way Out
06-Worried Life Blues
07-You Better Come Home
09-Honky Tonk
11-That's Alright
12-Yonder Wall
13-Messin' With The Kid
14-Hoodoo Man Blues
18-You're So Fine
19-Sweet Little Angel
20-If You Leave Me Baby
21-You Don't Love Me
22-Got My Mojo Workin'
23-Tobacco Road


Big Mama Thorton, 1970

Big Mama Thornton - Live 1970 ... Monument of Blues
No venue given.

Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton (December 11, 1926 - July 25, 1984) was an American rhythm and blues singer and songwriter. She was the first to record the hit song "Hound Dog" in 1952. The song was #1 on the Billboard R&B charts for seven weeks.The B-side was "They Call Me Big Mama," and the single sold almost two million copies. Three years later, Elvis Presley recorded his version, based on a version performed by Freddie Bell and the Bellboys. In a similar occurrence, she wrote and recorded "Ball 'n' Chain," which became a hit for her. Janis Joplin later recorded "Ball and Chain," and was a huge success in the late 1960s. She started her recording career in Houston Texas in 1951. Big Mama Thorton's career began to fade in the late 1950s and early 1960s. She left Houston and relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she mostly played local blues clubs. This may be a recording from the San Francisco area.

01 Instrumental
02 Everyday I have The Blues
03 Tell Me Baby
04 Hi-Heeled Sneakers
05 Watermelon Man
06 Ball And Chain
07 Hound Dog
08 Oh Happy Day
09 Swing It On Home

Download Link

Monday, March 23, 2015

Phil Keaggy, Shades Of Green, Weaton College, April 21, 2008

No matter how many times I see Phil Keaggy I am always amazed. WOW!!!

Download the audio of this show

Black Crowes, Beacon Theater, 3-22-1995 (SBD)

This is my favorite Black Crowes recording.  WHAT MAKES THIS SHOW ESSENTIAL: This show almost never happened as Chris and Rich came to blows before the show.  They were ready to cancel the show, the rest of the tour, and were convinced to make this the last show of the band’s career (cooler heads prevailed afterwards and the tour went on).  It has been said that the opening Cursed Diamond, featuring only Chris and Rich, was the song that saved the band.  You can feel the passion through the whole show.  The next three acoustic songs are great and then the Thorn's progress Jam is great.  And the sound quality is real nice.  If you are a Black Crowes fan this is a must, if you are not then you might be after listening to this. 

Black Crowes
Beacon Theater
The Break-Up (almost) show!

disc 1
01. Cursed Diamond (acoustic - Chris & Rich only)
02. She (acoustic)
03. She Talks To Angels (acoustic)
04. Waitin’ Guilty (acoustic)
05. Thorn’s Progress Jam >
06. Thorn In My Pride
07. My Morning Song
08. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye *
09. Sometimes Salvation

disc 2
01. P.25 London
02. She Gave Good Sunflower
03. High Head Blues
04. Sting Me *
05. Twice As Hard *
06. Stare It Cold *
07. Seeing Things
08. Could I’ve Been so Blind
09. Champagne N’ Reefer
10. Remedy

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Little Feat and Derek Trucks, Orlando, FL, 9-19-01 (SBD)

When I first saw this I said, "Are you kidding me? Derek Trucks with Little Feat doing Miles Davis and Grateful Dead covers. And it's a nice soundboard." "This is hot!"  And sure enough it is.  Definitely worth refreshing the links on this one.

Little Feat
House of Blues
Orlando, FL

Disc 1
Two Trains, Drivin' Blind,
Romance Without Finance
44 Blues > Pretty Good Love,
Can't Get Satisfied > Hot Tomales,
Time Loves A Hero > Day or Night,
Spanish Moon* > Skin It Back

Disc 2
Takes A Lot To Laugh, Dixie Chicken**
Bass/Keys > Milestones* > Tennessee Jed**
> Dixie Chicken** > Fat Man In The Bathtub
*w/ Derek Trucks,
**w/ Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi

If you want it in Lossles Shn "shorten" files here is the link.

Download Links

Friday, March 20, 2015

Superpickers (bluegrass allstars) The Birchmere. 3-03-1990 (SBD)

This is one of my favorite bluegrass recordings.  This is one of the best groups of talent you will ever see on one stage at the same time.  All of them could be considered in the discussion for the best at what they do.  Truly an all star line up.   But not only a great group of individuals but they play together as one group so well.  And then we are lucky to have it all in a really great soundboard recording.  It does not get any better than this for bluegrass fans. 
The Birchmere
Alexandria, VA
Sam Bush
Tony Rice
Jerry Douglas
Bill Emerson
Mark Schatz
Vassar Clements

 Disc #1   42:52
 1. Instrumental   8:23
 2. Nine Pound Hammer   5:10
 3. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight   3:56
 4. Cincinnati Rag   3:11
 5. Sunnyside Of The Mountain   5:58 
 6. Gonna Settle Down   4:20
 7. Flinthill Special   4:06
 8. You Don't Know My Mind   3:52
 9. Salt Creek   3:52
 Disc #2   72:01
 1. A New Day Medley   6:21
 2. Sailin' Shoes   7:44
 3. Instrumental   3:13
 4. Pushed To Far   6:06
 5. Wayfaring Stranger   5:38
 6. Blue Railroad Train   4:37
 7. Molly And Tenbrooks   2:49    (cuts off)
 8. Me & My Guitar   14:17
 9. Home Of The Red Fox  5:35
 10. Cold On The Shoulder   3:15
 11. Little Sadie  3:35
 12. Little Maggie  3:01
 13. Instrumental  5:45

Seldom Scene, Winterhawk Bluegrass Festival, 7-18-1987 (SBD)

This is a real nice recording of one of my favorite bluegrass bands of all time.  These guys were amazing musicians and had great vocals and harmonies and there is also a sense of humor in their shows.  It all combines for a really enjoyable listen.  This is a must for any bluegrass fan.  Sadly John Duffy and Mike Auldridge have passed away.  Truly a great loss.  At least their music lives on in recordings like this. 
Seldom Scene
Rothvoss Farm
Winterhawk Bluegrass Festival
Ancramdale, New York
July 18, 1987 - Saturday
John Duffey – Mandolin
Lou Reid - Guitar
Mike Auldridge – Dobro
Ben Eldridge – Banjo
T. Michael Coleman – Bass
Disc 1  52:14
Early Set:
1. Intro
2. Only A Hobo
3. Darling Corey
4. Sittin’ On Top Of The World
5. California Cottonfields
6. Two Instrumentals G minor
7. A Small Exception Me
8. Say You Lied
9. Doing My Time
10. Crowd
11. City Of New Orleans

Disc 2  69:29
Late Set:
1. Intro, Tuning
2. Pan American
3. Old Train
4. Wait A Minute
5. Sunshine
6. Sweet Baby James
7. This Morning At Nine
8. Hobo In A Freight Train To Heaven
9. House Of The Rising Sun > Walk Don’t Run
10. White Line
11. I Know You Rider
12. Crowd
13. Blue Ridge
07/19/1987 - Sunday Gospel Show
14. Will You Be Ready To Go Home
15. Working On A Building
16. Pickaway
17. Body & Soul //

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald & Boz Scaggs, Los Angeles, CA 9-29-2010 (SBD)

Three great song writers and performers all together in one show with a great band.  They all do some of their own material and then a great assortment of cover tunes.  And the recording quality is great. 

Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald & Boz Scaggs
The Dukes Of September - "L.A. Night in September"
September 29, 2010
The Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
Stereo Soundboard Recording

01 Sookie Sookie (Grant Green)
02 Heighty Hi (Sam Moore)
03 Don’t Mess Up a Good Thing (Gregg Allman)
04 Shakedown Street (Grateful Dead)
05 You Never Can Tell (Chuck Berry)
06 I’ve Got News for You (Ray Charles)
07 Green Flower Street (Fagen)
08 Miss Sun (Scaggs)
09 I Keep Forgettin’ (McDonald)
10 Rock Steady (Aretha Franklin)
11 Rag Mama Rag (The Band)
12 The Shape I’m In (The Band)

01 Love TKO (Teddy Pendergrass)
02 I Live the Life I Love (Muddy Waters/Willie Dixon)
03 Cadillac Walk (Mink DeVille)
04 What a Fool Believes (The Doobie Brothers)
05 I.G.Y. (International Geophysical Year) (Fagen)
06 Lowdown (Scaggs)
07 Takin’ It to the Streets (The Doobie Brothers)
08 Band Intros
09 Reelin’ in the Years (Steely Dan)
10 Love Train (O’Jays)
11 Help Me Rhonda (The Beach Boys)
12 Peg (Steely Dan)
13 Something in the Air (Thunderclap Newman) / Them Changes (Buddy Miles)
14 Sookie Sookie (Reprise)

Donald Fagen: Keyboards and Vocals
Boz Scaggs: Guitar and Vocals
Michael McDonald: Keyboards and Vocals
Jon Herington: Guitar
Freddie Washington: Bass
Michael White: Drums
Michael Leonhart: Trumpet
Walt Weiskopf: Saxophone
Jay Collins: Horns
Jim Beard: Organ
Carolyn Leonhart-Escoffery: Vocals
Catherine Russell: Vocals


Monday, March 16, 2015

Tom Scott and The LA Express, Boston, MA. 5-05-1975 (FM)

This is a radio broadcast of Tom Scott and The LA Express. This show is promoting an album called "Tom Cat" that I believe was their second album, the first being just a self titled album called Tom Scott and the LA Express.  This band was part of a movement of jazz fusion that eventually turned into what became "smooth Jazz".  But this show actually is pretty cool.  This band went on to back Joni Mitchell on some great albums.  Robben Ford I believe went on to play with Miles Davis.  Three of these songs (Spindrift, LA Expression and Nunya) are from the first album, the rest are from Tom Cat. 
Tom Scott & the L.A. Express
Paul's Mall
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
May 5, 1975
FM broadcast

1; Rock Island Rocket  8:45
2: backfence cattin'  8:48
3: spindrift  9:23
4: band introductions  :38
5: love poem  8:44
6: L.A. expression  9:56
7: refried 8:28 >
8: mondo  10:55
9: band introductions > encore break  1:47
10: nunya  6:28

Runtime: 73:51
Tom Scott: sax
Robben Ford: guitar
Larry Nash: piano
Max Bennett: bass
John Guerin: drums

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Jethro Tull, Tel Aviv, Israel, 11-12-2000, (FM)

This one is a good radio broadcast of Jethro Tull.  It has an unusual set list with some songs that are not all that common.  It is short but sweet, as are many radio broadcasts.
Tel Aviv, Israel
FM Broadcast
01 - For A Thousand Mothers
02 - Nothing Is Easy
03 - Thick As A Brick
04 - Hunt By Numbers
05 - Bourée
06 - Beside Myself
07 - The Water Carrier
08 - The Habanero Reel
09 - Songs From The Wood / Too Old To Rock'N'Roll / Heavy Horses
10 - A New Day Yesterday
11 - Pibroch - instrumental
12 - My God

Van Morrison, Marin, CA. 9-05-1971 (FM)

This one is a must have for any Van the Man fan.  Great recording quality and great versions of Van from a classic time. 
Van Morrison
Pacific High Studios
Marin CA
FM Broadcast

101. Tom Donahue Intro
102. Into the Mystic
103. I've Been Working
104. Friday's Child
105. Hound Dog
106. Ballerina
107. Tupelo Honey
108. Wild Night
109. Just Like a Woman
110. Moonshine Whiskey

201. Dead or Alive
202. You're My Woman
203. These Dreams (Of You)
204. Domino
205. Call Me Up in Dreamland
206. Blue Money
207. Bring it On Home to Me
208. Buena Sera Signorina


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Allman Brothers, Germany, 7-05-1991 (SBD)

A smoking hot Allman Brother show, with very nice sound quality. 
The Allman Brothers Band
Ohne Filter
Baden-Baden, Germany
July 5, 1991
TV Broadcast/Soundboard Recording
01 Intro
02 Don't Want You No More
03 It's Not My Cross to Bear
04 Statesboro Blues
05 Blue Sky
06 Low Down Dirty Mean
07 End of the Line
08 Loaded Dice (Warren Haynes Lead Vocal)
09 In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
10 Gambler's Roll
11 Good Clean Fun
12 One Way Out
13 Kind of Bird
14 Ramblin' Man
15 Jessica
16 Whipping Post
Gregg Allman – organ, piano, guitar, vocals
Dickey Betts – guitar, slide guitar, vocals
Butch Trucks – drums, tympani
Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson – drums, percussion
Warren Haynes – guitar, slide guitar, vocals
Allen Woody – bass, background vocals
Marc Quiñones – drums, percussion, background vocals
MP3 320kbps

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Los Lobos, Two Shows from The Fillmore, San Francisco, 1998 (SBD)

Here are two very hot Los Lobos shows from the Fillmore in San Francisco in 1998. They are both soundboards with a great assortment of Los Lobos songs and some fantastic covers. Some very cool stuff here so check it out.  Back around New Years Eve a guy named Cougar1962 requested I re-post this and it took me this long to get to it.  I think you will find they were worth re-posting. 

Los Lobos
The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA
01. Someday
02. Cumbia De La Raza
03. Dream In Blue
04. Maricela
05. Revolution
06. Dear Mr. Fantasy
07. That Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore
08. Why Do You Do
09. Down By The River
10. Cuttin’ Out
11. Estoy Sentado AquÌ
12. Anselma
13. I’m Gonna Be A Wheel Somebody
Disc 2
1. Kiko And The Lavender Moon
2. Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’
3. Georgia Slop
4. Marie Marie
5. Big Boss Man > Sweet Home Chicago
6. Don’t Worry, Baby > Rocky Mountain Way Jam *
7. Mas Y Mas
8. Bertha
* with members of Ozomatli & Villains

Los Lobos
The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA
Disc 1
1. Serenata NorteÒa
2. Ay Te Dejo en San Antonio
3. Cumbia Raza
4. Dream in Blue > ^
5. Percussion Jam^
6. Maricela^
7. Everybody Loves a Train
8. Evangeline
9. My Baby’s Gone > *
10. Just a Man *
11. I Walk Alone
12. Peace
Disc 2
1. Carabina 30-30
2. Los Ojos de Pancha
3. Volver, Volver
4. Come On, Let’s Go +
5. I Got Loaded (w/Lovelight verse)
6. Mas y Mas

7. Wicked Rain > No More Trouble > Wicked Rain #
8. Happy Birthday to David Hidalgo Jr. #
9. Voodoo Chile > Are You Experienced? > Tommorrow Never Knows > #
10. Angel Dance #
^ w/ Karl Perazza (Santana Percussionist)
* w/ Ozomatli members on horns
+ w/ Mario Valenzuela (Ritchie Valen’s brother) on harmonica
# w/ Los Villians & Ozomatli members on percussion

West Clear Creek Wilderness, AZ

This is one of the most visited pages on my blog.  I originally posted it back in November of 2010 and it is still popular today.  So I thought I would give it a bump so whoever has not seen it could check it out.  This Canyon is a favorite place of mine and big part of what Arizona Jones is all about.

I started this blog with a small piece about a backpack trip into West Clear Creek Wilderness in Arizona. But that is just a small part of what there is to see in this remarkable place. West Clear Creek Wilderness Area is a deep entrenched canyon with a year round stream flowing through it. This canyon runs east to west from near Happy Jack up on the Mogollon Rim down to near Camp Verde. It is very remote and wild with deep pools of water and red sandstone cliffs. The traveling in this canyon is rugged and difficult with few trails and much of the time you are in the water wading or swimming and the rest of the time boulder hopping. Travel in this canyon should be done with care because there is no easy way to get help. The monsoon season should be avoided due to flash flood danger and the winter it is too cold to swim. The Canyon is more than thirty miles long and some sources say as much as forty.
The canyon has four parts divided by upper, bottom half of the upper, middle and lower.
Upper: The upper part of West Clear Creek is a wide canyon, and very beautiful. There are not the significant narrow parts, but the upper part has large Coconino Sandstone cliffs with a nice forest of large trees.
The pools are often large but not as deep as in the middle section and you can navigate with just getting your feet wet in most cases. Expect to do a little wading in this part of the canyon, but no real swimming is required. There are several access points to the upper section.
You can access from the north side of the canyon at both Maxwell Trail and Tramway Trail that are the ends of FR 81E that forks near the end. These trails switch back down into the canyon from the rim and are steep but are well maintained Forest Service trails. You can also enter from the south at FR 142E which is a little steeper and more rugged trail. There are some pictographs on the north side of the canyon just downstream from the Maxwell trail that are interesting to visit.
This upper part of the canyon is a great day hike destination to get a feel for what this place is like. The travel in this upper section is much easier than the the middle section of the canyon
The bottom half of the upper canyon: This part is accessed by two trails from the south side of the canyon. One is the Calloway Trail at the end of FR 142B and the other is an unnamed trail at the end of FR 142A. the Calloway Trail is a steep switch back decent from the rim down into the canyon but the trail is maintained and well built. The trail at the end of FR 142A is more of a scramble in places and pretty steep. This bottom half of the upper canyon is more difficult to travel. In the canyon between these two entrances are some places you will have to swim to get past. In one place there are two large deep pools right under some power lines that cross over the canyon. These pools have steep white cliffs on both sides.
This is a great place to go for a day hike and swim on a hot day to get a feel for what West Clear Creek is all about.

If you go farther down stream toward FR 142 A there is a place that was hard to get past with another large pool where I just jumped into the water instead of trying to climb around it. Some people make a long loop by going down Calloway trail at FR 142B and then go down the canyon and come out at FR 142A. this could be an overnight trip or a very very long day.
The middle: this part of the canyon is from FR 142A down to where trail #17 comes down off the rim. To my knowledge there are no access point in this whole section (unless you rock climb). For me this is what West Clear Creek is all about. Remote solitude, with deep still pools reflecting canyon walls. This part of the canyon the travel is rugged and difficult and will test even the most fit outdoor enthusiast.

To travel into this part of the canyon it is pretty much an overnight affair. It took me three long days to get from FR 142A down to Bull Pen Ranch. And in this middle section you are going to get wet. There are many places where you have to swim to get past the large pools where sandstone cliffs come directly out of the water on both sides.

So to do this you must have all your stuff in dry bags and float your pack. From the trail at FR 142A you head down stream and right away you encounter a deep slot with large white cliffs on both sides with the water going from cliff to cliff. This is called The White Box. You must swim this to get further and its a good swim of 40 yards or more. When I did it there were large tree trunks stuck between the cliffs 15 to 20 feet above the water. This tells you of the danger of flash floods in this canyon.
After you negotiate the White Box the canyon opens up again and travel is boulder hopping along the creek. The next major landmark in the middle section is a hanging spring. This is one of the most beautiful spots in the canyon. A spring coming out of the south wall of the canyon drops water like a shower right into the middle of the stream. Often this spring is covered with yellow columbine flowers to add to the effect. There are some good camping sites that can be found near this spring.
Farther down stream the canyon narrows again and this time the cliffs are red and there is a series of tight slots with big pools of water you must swim. This is called the Red Box.
The Red box has more pools than the White Box and is a longer section but none of it's pools are as big or as long as the one big one in the White Box.
This red Box section has beautiful red cliffs and pool after pool of still water. There are pretty much no safe camp sites in this area where you can get up above the creek in case of floods
So camp before this section if you get to it late in the day or you will have to rush through one of the best parts of the canyon in order to set up a safe camp while there is still day light. After the Red Box again the canyon opens up and you are back to boulder hopping and fighting through brush. By now you will be a pro at this type of travel. Then again the canyon closes back in for some more swimming. You will find hopping from boulder to boulder with wet feet and a water logged pack (heavy) will wear you out. and you will sleep well each night from sheer exhaustion.
The next major feature or landmark is the water fall. This is my favorite spot in the whole canyon. It has a big pool at the base of the falls to swim in and it is a great place to stay the night. We camped here on our second night coming down the canyon from FR 142A.
To get past this obstacle (waterfall) you need to climb up and around on the south side. This place has some flat rock benches or ledges up above the creek that are good campsites. I have come in from the rim on trail #17 and stayed here overnight several times now. Often staying two nights just to enjoy this spot and explore and swim for the day without the weight of a pack. Oh and did I tell you this creek is full of trout and many of the pools in the middle section are rarely fished. After a day of fun and rest at the falls I then head back out. Once you are at the falls you can get out in one day. Down stream from the falls there are at least two or three more swims and then the canyon opens back up the rest of the way down to Bull Pen Ranch.
The Lower: This part of the canyon is a wide canyon with a well traveled trail (Trail #17) coming up from Bull Pen Ranch. This is the most visited part of the canyon and also the hottest and most uninteresting in my view. In many cases the trail takes you away from the creek and it only crosses four or five times in five miles.
Items that I feel are essential for completing a backpack of the middle section:
Walking stick - for keeping balance during the frequent stream crossings over slippery rocks
Air mattress or pool float toy - for ferrying your pack through the many deep pools that require swimming. Dry bags - to keep your sleeping bag and other things dry. Very sturdy shoes - don't think some water sandals will cut it. If you bring a tent a free standing type is a must because often you will camp on flat rock.
Some use a wet suit because the water is cool. I never have. I usually go when it's hot so the cold water feels good. Oh yea, you need to be able to swim. And bring some endurance and a high tolerance for pain.
Camp sites are just here and there through this backpack trip, in some places there just aren't any. The two areas with very few spots to pitch a tent are: directly below the entrance point at FR 142A and the section below the first stretch of red sandstone narrows. don't start looking for a camp sight as it gets dark, give yourself time. Oh, and try to camp up away from the creek. A flash flood in this canyon can raise the water level 15 to 20 feet.
To find trail heads I recommend the National Forest Service map of the Coconino National Forest. This map has served me well.
Here is some more on this great canyon if this was not enough for you.