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Monday, March 30, 2015

Roomful Of Blues, 2-03-1996

Roomful Of Blues is an American blues and swing revival big band based in Rhode Island. With a recording career that spans over 40 years. They play a blend of swing, rock and roll, jump blues, boogie-woogie and soul. They have had many different musicians come and go through out the years. They got their start in Westerly, Rhode Island in 1967. This recording came saying it had Ronnie earl, but listening to the introductions, you will hear them say Chris Vachon on guitar. This is a very enjoyable blues show with a big horn section and some fine blues guitar and harmonica. If you like the blues I recommend this recording. I made the cover based on the album cover of the album that they were promoting at the time of the concert called Turn It On Turn It Up.

Bimbo's 365 Club
San Francisco, CA.
FM Broadcast

Blind Love
If You Know It
Say We're Through
Lillie Mae
I Left My Baby
Turn It On, Turn It Up
Marie, Marie
Slam Jam
Walkin' Slow Behind You
...I Smell Trouble
Early In The Morning
Honey, Hush

Payin' The Cost To Be The Boss
Angry Woman
Ain't It A Shame
Gettin' Out
You Win?
She's The Girl That Radiates
Champagne Eyes
That Aint Right
You Don't Know
Last Night
Sent For You Yesterday
I Should Have Known

Chris Vachon: guitar
Sugar Ray Norcia: Harp and vocals
Matt McCabe: piano
Bob Enos: tumpet
Rich Lataille: Tenor and Alto Sax
Doug James a.k.a. "Mr. Low", baritone saxophone
Ken "Doc" Grace, bass
John Rossi, drums

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  1. Sorry, Where's the disc two? Thanks

  2. do you have the gd the 6/28/74 set 1? I lost mine and cant get the rest since it is a Dicks Picks (Set II that is)

  3. AikoAiko. I will not post an official release (Dicks Picks) sorry.

  4. Anonoymous. I don't understand. Second link is disc two and it appears to work fine?

  5. Not the released part. I own the DP. I mean the first set from half step till the set closer. the stuff that is not on it

  6. Sorry I can't find it. I tried but only found audience versions. I only have the second set SBD in my old tape collection.